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Patterns by
Colleen Babcock

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Dive Into A Book Bookmark

With a flat upper body this little 12" fairy looks like she's taken a dive into a book and been accidentally sandwiched between the pages until she was squashed flat. You'll learn the basics of stuffing and needle-sculpting tiny toes on her 3D legs and how to print onto fabric.

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$8.00 - Qty: 

Give Us A Kiss

This wonderful 15" doll suspended from a grapevine ball with mistletoe
combines simple shapes with lots of character. Blanket stitch detailing
adorns her festive costume. A delightful project for dollmakers of all
skill levels.

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$12.00 - Qty: 

Treasures of the Deep

There's much to learn while making this 15" siren of the sea including drawing and sculpting the face, inserting the wire armature, wefting hair, fulling a sweater to create your own felt for the base, dying cheesecloth and beading the sequin bodice. The pattern also includes a FREE alternate fabric bodice pattern for those people who struggle with hand beading. Best of all this beauty can be used to store and display your jewelry.

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$12.00 - Qty: 

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