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Patterns and Booklets by
Maggie Baggett and
Jeannie Rigby

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by Maggie Baggett

Outrageous 11" Caribbean Surf Rat with colorful dreadlocks

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$8.00 - Qty: 

Ellie, Allie & Ollie
by Maggie Baggett

Elephants have never been more fun to make than the three fantastic
creatures in this pattern that can be made 9" or 11" high.  Let your imagination run wild!
$12.00 - Qty: 

Booklets by
Maggie Baggett
Jeannie Rigby

Draw & Cut & Pin & Tuck
Chock full of color photographs, this delightful 54 page book guides you through the exciting adventure of devising wonderful costumes (clothing - shoes and accessories) for your dolls. Another MUST HAVE for every doll maker's reference library. 

$15.00 - Qty: 



Creating Depth
How to Apply Face "Paint" to Soft Dolls and Animals

Learn to use a variety of coloring agents from paint to applique fabrics to give your dolls and animals depth and believability. (12 pages). 
$9.00 - Qty: 
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