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The Beaded Lady
Pattern by Julie McCullough
Learn to make your own absolutely fabulous beads with Fusible Film (see below), vinyl, Tyvek and other meltable materials and then fashion them into delightful dolls.
$9.00  - Qty: 

Fusible Film Sampler Packs

Rubber stamp it, foil it, scrunch it, iron it, heat it, layer it… these colorful fusible film sampler packs offer endless possibilities for mixed media projects, artist trading cards, greeting cards, fairy wings and more! Available in 4 different color combinations.

Select Sample Pack Below:
$7.00 - Qty:

Confetti Sampler
4in x 3ft of 3 colors
Raspberry, Mint, & Sugar Plum

Sedona Sampler
4in x 3ft of 3 colors
Aurora, Forest Blaze, & Watermelon

Mardi Gras Sampler
4in x 3ft of 3 colors
Lemon, Ultraviolet, & Peacock

Between the Sheets
By Alysn Midgelow-Marsden
Extraordinary exploration of the wonders of working with Angelina Fibers.  Detailed explanations, inspirational ideas, step-by-step projects and an artists' gallery of fabulous photos will lead you on exciting adventure with this amazing fiber that can be spun, woven, layered, trapped, bonded etc.  Its applications in textile art, embroidery, paper making, papier mache, modeling, card and candle making are endless. 

Ttemporarily Unavailable

$24.95 - Qty: 

Angelina® Heatbondable Fiber

This unique, new, very fine fiber is light reflective as well as light refractive. Angelina is incredibly luminescent, while it has an extremely soft hand. All of the colors below can be bonded together with the application of heat to form a remarkable cloth.

Simply place a small amount of fiber between two sheets of tissue paper. Heat iron to silk temperature setting. Gently, with little pressure, move the iron back and forth, checking frequently on the bonding progress. Be careful not to "fry" the Angelina fiber with too much heat or pressure and a too long dwell time.

Generally, Angelina heat bondable fiber will only adhere to itself and not to other fibers, tissue paper or fabrics, but you can sandwich some other materials between them such as glitter. You can also take tufts of the fiber and fuse just the ends together to use the fiber for hair and other costuming applications.

½ package - .25 oz – of Enchanted Forest was used to make both the wings and the front panel of the dress in the photo to the right.

Example of Wings and Front Panel of
Dress Made from Fiber.

Adrianna - Springtime Fairy
Costume for The Doll for All Seasons

Click HERE to Order Costume and/or Doll Pattern!

Select Color Below:
$5.00 per .5 oz bag -
Qty Bags:

Rusty Nail


Almost Black

Holly Berry


Silver Iris Mix

Aurora Crystalina
Green, red and gold flashes on a clear base

Crystal Green Lightning

Green and gold on a clear base.

Crystal Mother-of-Pearl
Blue-violet sparkles on a clear base
Angelina® Heatbondable Fiber

Mint Sparkle
Gold, red and green sparkles

Raspberry Sparkle
Gold, red and green sparkles

Cobalt Sparkle
Green, gold and red sparkles on an ice blue base
Angelina® Heatbondable Fiber

Lemon Sparkle
Gold, Red and Green sparkles

Enchanted Forest Flash
Green, gold, fire-like sparkles; brown base

Peacock Green Flash
The name says it all! The base is a dark grey

Blue/teal sparkles of color on a dark grey base

Purple Flash
on a medium grey base

Gold Iris Mix
Gold with iris sparkles - Wow

Citronella Fluorescent
Green and orange on a fluorescent yellow base

Cotton Candy Fluorescent
Pink, Purple and Blue on a hot pink base

Sugar Plum Fluorescent
Purple and pink sparkles on a fluorescent plum base

Watermelon Fluorescent
Green and orange on a fluorescent orange-pink base



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