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Patterns by
Jan Horrox

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Making Fantasy Cloth Dolls
by Jan Horrox

Using clear step-by-step instructions and gorgeous photographs, Jan shows you how to make exquisitely crafted fantasy cloth dolls, including magical fairies, mermaids, a witch and steampunk doll. Detailed instructions are provided on how to needle sculpt and color the face, form hands, feet, wings and mermaids tails; and create fabulous costumes using a variety of fabrics, paints and embellishments. Full size patterns for the body parts are provided.

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Introduction to Making Cloth Dolls
by Jan Horrox

Full of character and fun to make Jan’s dolls are ideal for using up your favorite scraps of fabrics, yarns, trims, ribbons and beads. You are going to love her innovative embellishment techniques! Three step-by-step projects with superb color photos and clear directions for constructing beautiful faces, hands and feet will provide all you need to know to make your own gorgeous doll, whatever your ability, and give ideas and inspiration for many more.


$19.95 - Qty:   

Rachel Raggs

The costume for this wonderful 15”wire wrapped doll can either be knitted or sewn from old knitwear. You’ll need 1/4 yard of a knit fabric for the head and hands. Clear photos and diagrams teach you this fabulous method of dollmaking.

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Miss Fantastic

This 18 inch button tab jointed doll made with wild silk and woven cotton has sculpted face and wired hands, beading and some embroidery.

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This magical 12" seated mermaid with needle sculpted face and wired hands has a tail that is a wonderful medley of embroidery, applique and beading.

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Enchanting 15" doll with simple sculpting, butoon and sewn joints.

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