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Patterns, Stamps and Books by
Barb and Doug Keeling



These whimsical 12" flat dolls resting their chins on their wrists can lie on top of your computer, sewing machine, on a shelf, window ledge or dashboard - any place you want a comical companion. Filled with things like buckwheat, sand, pellets and/or stuffing they are comfortable to use as a
resting place for your own wrist while you spend hours holding on to a computer mouse. So quick and easy to make they are wonderful gifts!


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$8.95 - Qty: 


The Body Shop Collection
Mix and match the 12 arms, 10 legs, 6 bodies and a mermaid tail to create a zillion different dolls! All of the pieces are printed on card stock so you can cut them out and have sturdy templates to go right to work. A variety of head shapes are also included. 

15.00 - Qty: 

Delightful, easy-to-make 8" seated fairy with lovely crystal wings embellished with beads and confetti. 

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$8.95 - Qty: 

A Really Nice Chair
Made from just 4 easy pieces, this great chair can be reduced or enlarged on a copy machine to make any size you need. 

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$8.95 - Qty: 


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