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Patterns by
Madeleine Sara Maddocks

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Fiddly Little Fingers & Tricky Toes CD
By Madeleine Maddocks

The excellent tips and useful step-by-step information on this fantastic CD will have you making those wired finger hands and toed feet easily and effectively. You'll also find a wealth of background information on preparation, suitable fabrics, tools and illustrated do's and don'ts. As a BONUS you'll receive complete instructions for the blissful "Pampered Polly" (Pictured Below) with her perfectly manicured fingers and toes.

$20.00 - Qty: 

Pampered Polly

Ruby Fruiticosa

Beaded blackberries, textile leaves, silk blackberry flowers and fringed eyelashes embellish this lovely 22” woodland nymph that takes her name from Rubus Fruiticosa - the Latin phrase for blackberry.

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$13.00 - Qty: 


A crocheted and beaded "seaweed" necklace  and a tail embellished with stumpwork, beads and embroidery adorn this voluptuous 14" mermaid with needlesculpted features.

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$13.00 - Qty: 

The body of the imaginative 22" doll resembles a pile of beautiful cushions!

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$13.00 - Qty: 

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