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Patterns by
Mimi's Patterns
By Gloria J. "Mimi" Winer

Mimi, A Gifted Doll Designer, will be missed by dollmakers worldwide.

Mimi passed on February 19, 2017 after a five year battle with cancer.
Please visit her site for more information -> Go HERE.

Mimi's Designs Update

Jim Winer, Mimi's husband, is continuing her legacy by keeping her DVDs and CDs available to the doll community. We now have all her items back in stock.

Thank You Jim!

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Needle Model a Pretty Face DVD
By Gloria “Mimi” Winer

Every dollmaking reference library needs this phenomenal DVD!

  • 2-disc DVD set with 4 hours 48 minutes of over-the-shoulder video.
  • 31 easy to navigate chapters covering every aspect of head construction
  • 2 copies of the pattern sheet printed on heavy card stock.
  • Standard 2-disc DVD plastic case for storage.

Full-sized, cut-out patterns and 4 hour 48 minute over-the-shoulder DVD video filled with the complete contents of Mimi's 2-day dollmaking workshop.

Suitable for all levels. If you can do basic machine sewing to make the seams on the skull and the darts on the face overlay, you will learn everything else you need from watching the step-by-step video.

Back In Stock!

$30.00 - Qty: 

Mimi's Mannequins and Pattern Draping DVD

Mimi's Mannequins and Pattern Draping DVD

Mimi's Mannequins and Pattern Draping is finally finished and it is spectacular! We have condensed the 4-day dollmaking workshop and the 2-day pattern draping workshop into almost 6 hours of classroom video full of techniques for dollmaking. We began this project almost 5 years ago, and we got interrupted by cancer. Now we're back on track with the best dollmaking workshop ever.

Mimi's Mannequins presents quarter-scale male and female mannequins as separate patterns with a single set of instructions for both. The Mannequins workshop is all about techniques and the similarity of the human form. Mimi's Pattern Draping shows you how to create patterns for clothing that will fit your own dolls. It uses the mannequins as tailor's dummies for draping the clothing patterns.

In addition to the video, Mimi's Mannequins includes:

  • A Shopping List e-book that you can copy to your phone or tablet (or print out) to take to the crafts store with you.
  • The pattern sheets can be printed on your own printer, or you can take them to an office supply store or copy center.
  • After watching the videos, you can use the included step-by-step, photo-by-photo storyboards on your phone, tablet, or computer to make the dolls and clothing. You can refer back to the video anytime you need it.

Who is it For?

The go-at-your-own-pace, step-by-step, picture-by-picture storyboards make Mimi's Mannequins & Pattern Draping suitable for all levels of doll makers from beginner to advanced. You need some hand sewing and machine sewing experience, and it's not really for first time (novice) dollmakers. It is particularly good for those who have trouble fitting clothes on dolls.

Back In Stock!

Mannequins DVD  $40.00 - Qty:
Mannequins DVD by MIMI

Mimi Winer's Storyboard Workshop CDs

Techniques You Can Apply to All of Your Dollmaking

Each workshop has complete step-by-step construction photos
with written instruction for each photo.

You will LEARN HOW to make beautifully constructed dolls and get a treasure trove of Mimi's TIPS and HINTS for making it easier.

Universal Toddler CD

Learn how to needle sculpt beautiful facial and body features with this updated classic pattern that comes with complete instructions for 9 different sizes from 12" - 36" along with Mimi's Tubtime Toddler Clothing, a variety of hairstyle options and much more.

Back In Stock!

$20.00 - Qty:

Earth Angels CD

This updated CD provides a comprehensive doll making course for a beautiful, full figured fashion doll that comes in both 17" and 24" sizes. A complete wardrobe is included along with instructions for ethnic variations.

Back In Stock!

$25.00 - Qty: 

Needle Modeling Knit Dolls CD

Get BOTH the Universal Toddler and Earth Angel on one CD along with a third BONUS pattern – Adam & Eva – 14" and 16" baby dolls with optional sexing and complete layette that includes clothing, a bunting and beautiful crocheted sweater set and blanket.
$45.00  - Qty: 

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Mimi's Modular Mermaid DVD
By Gloria “Mimi” Winer

Now you can take a private, 6-Day Dollmaking Workshop with Mimi with no travel required!

6 DVDs — 20 Lessons — 163 Chapters

12 Hours 58 Minutes of Classroom Video!

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Here are just a few of the many HOW TOs included in the instruction:

  • Precision machine sewing.
  • Stuffing smoothly and firmly using the right tools.
  • Make your seams beautiful so that they are part of the design
  • Make hands that can grasp objects.
  • Make webbed hands without having to turn fingers
  • Make and needle model a lovely female torso.
  • Make 3 types of poseable hands and arms.
  • Make 4 different poseable tails.
  • Make 3 different types of flukes.
  • Create many different poses using modular arms, tails, and flukes.
  • Needle model a female face.
  • Use dyes and watercolor effects to paint mermaids.
  • Bead a stuffed figure.
  • Weft mohair and other fibers for wigging a doll.

Suitable for all skill levels, this classroom on a DVD
will take your dollmaking skills to new heights!

Mimi's Modular Mermaid DVD:

Back In Stock!
$50.00  - Qty: 

DVD Trailer Below:

DVD Sample
Wefting Fibers for Doll Hair

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Victoria Rose CD
Free-standing 16" armatured fashion doll with complete 19th Century costuming (including undergarments & bustle) and fantastic hat.

Temporarily Unavailable

$10.00 - Qty: 

Happy Birthday Honey CD
The pattern for this award winning 16” doll with mature female body has been reformatted on a CD. Pattern includes face, hand, leg and armature variations.

$10.00 - Qty: 
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