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Uncommon Folk
Patterns by
Mary Tressler
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" Body Basic - 2nd Edition "
This revised and expanded edition of Mary's classic 18" body pattern has new templates and more options for posing. 

$15.00 - Qty: 

"Plus Size Body Basic"
Well proportioned 18" body of a mature woman. No clothing included. 

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$15.00 - Qty: 

Body Basic 3

All new 16" body design - the most buxom of all!

Back in Stock!

$15.00- - Qty: 

Real Women Have Bellies
17" of pure pulchritude!

Back in Stock!

$10.00 - Qty: 

Basic Male

Pattern includes two different straight leg styles and 2 different faces for this 16" body. Great instruction for sculpting and painting male features.

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$12.00- - Qty: 

It’s All About Position!

Bring your dolls to life with this fabulous collection of body parts and superb instruction for creating 16” dolls in natural, life-like positions.

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$17.50- - Qty: 

Fabulous beaded 16" scale wall doll without legs dressed in yards and yards
of narrow ribbon.
$12.00 - Qty: 

Another 16" ethnic angel with unique costuming. 
$12.00 - Qty: 


"Mardi Gras Mystique"
It’s all about the costuming on this 13” armless stump doll. 
$15.00 - Qty: 

"Elf Bride"
Beautifully revamped 16” version of one of Mary’s earlier patterns. 
$15.00 - Qty: 


" A Woman of Character "
The features of this 15" seated doll are somewhat exaggerated for a very regal look. 
$15.00 - Qty: 

Limited Edition #4
Buxom Beauty, The Goodwife and Mikweh.

$17.50 - Qty: 


The Klondike Chronicles
A wonderful collection of Gold Rush characters originally designed for Doll U 2005.

$25.00 - Qty: 


Exotic 15” character with the body of an Emu.
$15.00- - Qty: 

Murray Christmas
14" of holiday fun!

$10.00 - Qty: 



Showcase Dolls!

Snow Queen

"Snow Queen"
Made by Natalie Hamade

Two Friends
Made by Natalie Hamade


Garbed in a backless dress and holding her prayer cord this exotic 13” character is a wonder of color and style.

$10.00 - Qty: 

The Raggedys

The Raggedys are all grown up! Get ready to take your doll making outside the box and explore the use of non-standard body fabrics for fabulous effects. All Raggedy patterns come with body fabric and hand crocheted wigs.

Raggedy Rita

A lovely calico dress and rusty red wig look great on the 15” blue-striped body of this grown up Raggedy.

$15.00 - Qty: 

Raggedy Rae

This modern 15” gal sports a multi-red wig and her painted on boots look like patent leather.

$15.00 - Qty: 

Raggedy Rae

Relaxing in her slacks and slides, this lovely 15” doll has a pink-striped body and rusty red wig.

$15.00 - Qty: 

Raggedy Ralph

This dashing blue-striped fellow is 16” tall to compliment the Raggedy ladies and wears a rusty red wig.

$15.00 - Qty: 


14" temptress with wondrous long legs.

$15.00 - Qty: 



An exercise in color combination - give yourself permission to use other
than standard body color to create a fabulous look for this 15" doll!

$15.00 - Qty: 


Fabulous 15” mermaid with several design options.

$10.00 - Qty: 

"Woman with a Basket"

The costuming is simple, but the look of the 14” beauty is quite exotic.

$10.00 - Qty: 

"Dragon Dance"

Sporting an elaborate headdress, this heavily beaded 15” dancer carries a magic ball.

$10.00 - Qty: 



From Mary's Jewel Doll Series this flashy 14" showgirl is bedecked in ruffles and train.

$10.00 - Qty: 


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