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Ute Vasina

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Newest Pattern!

This grizzled old 11" fella with his cat features opposable thumbs, button jointed arms, wired ears, needle sculpted features and full male anatomy. 

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$9.00 - Qty: 

This charming 8.5" fellow with expressive needle sculpted features is wired to stand alone and has opposable thumbs to help him hold a special item. His shoes are actually made from an old T-Shirt! Pattern calls for ¼ yard deersuede and 6mm black animal eyes. 

$9.00 - Qty: 

Peter the Pack Rat Troll CD
Superb photos will guide you expertly through each phase of constructing this wonderful 13” deersuede troll. Wait until you see how the shoes are made from an old T-shirt! As a bonus 20 hotel stickers sized to fit his 3”x4” suitcase are included for you to print out. CD includes paper pattern pieces and supply list. 

$24.00 - Qty: 

Uses ¼ yard deersuede and 6mm black animal eyes.

Little Folk
Not only will you learn the finer points of needle sculpting, but you'll
learn how to make wrinkles and warts on these lively 12.5" characters all
made from the same pattern. The clothing is made from recycled fabrics and
the pattern for the shoes is included. 

$9.00 - Qty: 

This lovely 13" seated troll girl is made of bucksuede with beaded joints
and has opposable thumbs. 

$9.00 - Qty: 

You’ll fall in love with this 8.5” wobble head troll while learning the finer points of needle sculpting and attaching opposable thumbs. 

$8.00 - Qty: 

Troll Baby
This delightful little 2.5” troll fits perfectly into the palm of the hand. You’ll learn the finer points of needlesculpting while creating this tiny bundle of joy. You won’t be able to stop at one! 

$8.00 - Qty: 

Not only will you learn the finer points of needle sculpting using fish line on this charming 10" troll pincushion but you'll experience a new way to create lips, attach ears, make toes, knees and elbows and last but not least add opposable thumbs. 

$8.00 - Qty: 

Watchful Eye CD
With a CD full of color step-by-step photos you learn the finer points of needlesculpting, create a felted bag, make a walking stick and much more for this enchanting 13-1/2" trolla. A full size pattern and a detailed supply list are included with each CD. 

$26.00 - Qty: 

Shape a whimsical troll head using the finer points of needle sculpting adding inset eyes, eyelids and more.  Instructions will guide you through construction of the 13" x 7.5" wall pocket using free motion machine embroidery. 

$8.00 - Qty: 


Hipster Fanny Bag
Sculpted troll fanny bag (13" x 6") is worn around the waist and has several zippered pockets to hold all your treasures. 
$8.00 - Qty: 

This delightfully playful 10" troll on its tummy is button jointed with needlesculpted features and opposable thumbs. 
$8.00 - Qty: 

13" Cloth Troll with needle-sculpted face and gypsy bag full of goodies.
$8.00 - Qty: 

Joy and Bubbles
These 12-1/2" and 9-1/2" Cloth Troll sisters with needle-sculpted faces are having a wonderful time together.
$8.00 - Qty: 
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