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An unusual art treasure, At Aunt Eleanor's Farm After Chagall, museum quality art.
Inspired by Marc Chagall's artwork, this is a modern collectible art piece.
Chagalls use of unside down head here in this piece of authentic one of a kind art.
One of Jane Darin's masterpieces of finely crafted fabric sculptures.
An art colectors treasure, this fine art piece designed and finely crafted by Jane Darin.
At Aunt Eleanor's Farm After Chagall detail; a contemporary art piece. A one of a kind art form sculpted in cloth giving a great emotional impact. Needle sculpted horses head as part of the collectible artwork by Jane darin. A professional quality piece of art by woman fiber artist Jane Darin.
It's interesting to watch people's reaction to "At Aunt Eleanorís Farm - After Chagall"  First they walk around it and start to walk away and then they realize that one of the heads is on upside down. They usually laugh. They step closer to the piece and as they examine this head they realize that another head protrudes from the spilled milk on the base of the piece. Now is when they begin to take the piece seriously; it must be the expression of sadness and distress on that face. 

This piece sold for $5,940.00


  • Size: 13" tall figures; 25" overall

  • Face: needle sculpted Swiss pima cotton knit hand painted  

  • Base: 14" x 17.5" x 1 Ĺ" wood, fabric

  • Accessories: metal washtub, metal milk pail, Styrofoam and wood rooster, silk cloth, broom fibers, Swiss pima cotton knit horse's head

  • Hair: wool yarn


This piece originated with a challenge entitled "An Eventful Day." I drew July 7th, the birth date of the painter, Marc Chagall. Chagall called his paintings "fanciful arrangements of my personal symbols and images." Often he painted himself holding his wife floating in the air above his head. He also painted figures with their heads on upside down.
     I created this piece in the manner of Chagall using my own childhood experiences. I chose a rooster, a chair, a washtub, a milk pail, a broom, a horseís head and a piece of kimono silk as my symbols. I chose red as the overriding color because it brought to mind his paintings and red reminds me of farms and the excitement I felt going to visit my Aunt Eleanor. I also chose a specific salon chair from one of Chagallís early paintings as the center piece of the sculpture. 
     My mother had two sisters, Eleanor and Louise. Mother and Louise married professional men; Eleanor married a farmer, (the rooster). After the Second World War, he opened a chain of Laundromats (the washtub and washboard) and became wealthy  allowing Aunt Eleanor to wear silks (the kimono fabric).
     Aunt Eleanor sits on the chair with her head on upside down. She always saw things from a different perspective. I'm the figure Aunt Eleanor holds aloft. As a child I loved horses; a broom horse always slept at the bottom of my bed. Aunt Eleanor let me ice skate and ride horses at her farm. Motherís face is in the spilled milk. Mother always worried that I would be injured during a visit to my Aunt Eleanorís farm which was always an eventful day.