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Garden Tea Fairies individually hand crafted by Jane Darin.
Three Garden Tea Fairies, each one of a kind, individual collectible fabric sculptures.
Orange Tea Fairy, contemporary figurative fabric sculpture collectible.
Facial Expression on  an orange Tea fairy. Hand painted and needle sculpted by Jane Darin.
Yallow-green Garden Tea Fairy playing hte lute.
Nature scene with figures in cloth costumed in natural materials. Soft sculpted figurative art forms showing different facial expressions. Red Garden Tea Fairy  in Jane Darin's online gallery of fine art. One of a kind individually hand sculpted fabric art.
Imagine relaxing in your garden, sipping tea under an overhanging tree limb while listening to the quiet sounds of nature. These garden tea fairies do just that. They bring memories of the freshness of nature to one's spirit. 

These sold 1,200.00 each

  • Size: 13" tall

  • Face: needle sculpted Swiss pima cotton knit, hand painted

  • Seat of Chair: cloth, wire mesh, batting

  • Base of Chair: WIre, batting, nylons, gesso, acrylic paint, lichen, hand painted wood flower pot, silk flowers

  • Series: Garden Tea Fairies

  • Jointing: waxen linen thread, buttons

  • Hair: hand dyed mohair yarn

  • Body: cotton fabrics 


The changing colors of the leaves on the ornamental pear tree in our front yard inspired the palette for this collection of figures in the nature series. Some leaves turn a bright green, others yellow and still others orange and red. When my husband Joe went on a business trip to Minneapolis, he stopped at a quilt store to buy some fabric for me. The fabric packet he picked was what I used for these fairies.

The Garden Tea Fairies were part of the IDEX art installation. To see photos of that FOLLOW ME HERE.