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The Initiate's Dance represnting  initiates in all cultures, a one of a kind sculpture.
A symbol of initiations every captured in a cloth three dimensional sculpture.
A one of a kind collectible figurative sculpture by Jane Darin.
Art collectors will want to have this contemporary art piece.
This museum qualitymagical whimsical fabric sculpture is one of a kind - an original
Initiate's Dance is a fine art piece crafted with textiles.
Here is one of my favorite pieces. I included signs and symbols from multiple cultures including the three stripes of Shiva across his forehead, African trade beads on waxed thread and esoteric designs in the fire. The words of the poem are printed on the fabric stripes which accumulate in groups around his body and in the fire. 

 To me he represents the spirit within that guides us through life. Currently, he is on a pedestal beside my computer desk where he adds drama, depth and excitement.

An admirer of my works posted this:
"Oh, dear Friends, you must check out Jane Darin's web site. Her cloth sculptures will just blow you away! I got to see one 
of them in person when I visited Austin. 
It is truly outstanding.
                        Carolyn Englert

He is sold.  $5000.00


  • Size: 20" tall figure; 22" overall

  • Face: needle sculpted imported Swiss pima cotton knit, hand painted  

  • Base: 17" x 17" x 2" wood, fabric

  • Accessories: silk & cellophane fire, seashells, duck parts, leather, feathers, African trade beads, duck’s wings, crania and feet

  • Hair: mohair yarn



This shaman dances around an open fire. He represents that magical part we all have that knows we are all connected and appears when we go through major changes in our lives just before a transformation. Those times when we seem to lose our sense of direction. 

This figure is also a tribute to a brave female duck who survived an attack by a coyote and although mortally wounded, escaped, and who died shortly afterward of a broken back. My friend Donna was raising the four ducks. During the coyote attack, the three male ducks got carried away by the pack of coyotes. The fourth, a small female, escaped. When she died, Donna gave the duck to me and I prepared the body parts. 

Joe and I airbrushed the wings in colors to enhance the overall effect since female duck wings are pretty bland and lack iridescence. I want you to know this whole story because I'm aware of the restrictions about using feathers unless they are from domestic fowl or I am an American Indian with a tradition. I would never break those rules. Many of the feathers I have used on various pieces have been collected at the Del Mar fairgrounds in the bird barns or from feathers left as "presents" of nature in my back yard near the bird feeder or from my own and friends parrots.

One Saturday morning shortly before this piece was finished, I woke at 5:30 AM with the a poem in my head. You see, it was a period of great transformation in my life as well.


The Initiate's Dance
         © Jane Darin 1998

What is this great dance You would have me do, Lord?
Migration. Yet ever do I long for home.
Integration. Yet, blown apart by every wind.
You say You are teaching love to my empty heart.
And faith to my wavering mind.
Shaking loose my duck’s direction.
Teaching me quietness with every storm.

I seek You in the farthest lakes of the North.
Only to hear You are far away in the South.
I think to capture You in the nearest fields of the East.
Yet You are nearer to me than even I expect in the West.

Every morning do I greet You with a great fuss.
Every evening I mourn Your departure as I fold my head beneath my wings.
I am lost and You say it is all just part of my role.
Teaching me ever to look no further than my duck’s nose.
Learning that truly, You are everywhere and everything
To dance and smile and quack out my heart to You.

Long is the flight and I am unprepared.
Yet, ever do You drive me forward, inward.
Just as I think I am lost forever, You light my way.
You provide for all my needs, but never early, testing always my faith in You.

How am I to understand this initiation of Yours?
Come... kiss away my fears and still my trembling heart.
Come... show me how we are one and bring me home safely to You, forever.