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The Lady with a Parrot, a needled sculpted hand painted face on this piece of art.
Maybe you recognize her face. The close-up of her face appears on the cover of the book, "Anatomy of a Doll," by Susanna Oroyan. In my early work, this was one of the largest pieces I did, having a three inch face.

I always thought she looked a bit like "Eliza Doolittle" in My Fair Lady. I designed this piece around a wonderful event in my life. As a child I had a canary. In those days, too long ago to speak about dates, canaries were about the only readily available bird as pets. 

I had raised collies and many cats while the children were young. I had lost my last two cats to cat leukemia and couldn't have another cat for at least a year according to the vet. So I began to "hang out" at the bird store. I chose and hand-raised a love bird and that was the genesis of this piece.    

She sold for $1,000.00  

  • Size: 18" tall figure

  • Face: needle sculpted Swiss pima cotton knit, hand painted 

  • Base: 8" x 8" x 2 " oak

  • Accessories: Styrofoam, parrot feathers, peacock feathers, lovebird feathers, antique lace handkerchief, straw hat, silk ribbon

  • Hair: wool  yarn


I was just beginning my investigation into developing multiple piece patterns.  It was my fantasy that the patterns which I had developed were three dimensional for the trunk of the body, but pretty much two dimensional or pancake for the arms, legs, hands, feet and heads. 

I thought a lot about this problem and began to experiment with what these types of patterns might look like. I spent a lot of time making the new patterns, checking the scale, fitting them all together. I thought the body was wonderful and then I designed the clothes and dressed it and wondered why I had worked so hard on the patterns and nothing of the work really showed.

It was a good experiment because from thinking in this way, I began to work more on developing a pose for the figure and its environments that was three dimensional. So sometimes the birth of an idea leads you in a new direction you don't expect.. 


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