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Reflections: Balboa Park sparkles like a purple lotus in her green watery world. Her face is arresting and you forget that it is green.  She will brighten and enliven any room in your home or office. 

She was inspired by the lily pads and flowers in the reflecting pool at Balboa Park in San Diego. But her lily pads never need to be watered and can be rotated into many positions. Plus she is jointed and able to be posed so you can can have fun moving her around.


This Doll is available to purchase! If interested, please email us at


  • Size: 12" tall figure; 13" overall

  • Face: needle sculpted cotton fabric, hand painted with D'UVA paints

  • Base: 12" x 12" x  ½" wood, fabric, plastic

  • Accessories: Lily pads made from aluminum wire, aluminum mesh, paper clay and paint; hand-dyed silk ribbon and cotton fabric, beads

  • Hair: hand dyed cheesecloth



I had gathered together frog fabrics as they became available and dreamed some day of making a frog who would be a princess. In my mind if I were to be a princess it would be like being a beautiful lotus, unaffected by the muddy world that nurtured my creation. And the song, "It's not easy being green" gathered itself into my thoughts as well.

One typical Southern California Sunday morning while the marine layer of wet fog still hanging over downtown, Joe and I drove to Balboa Park to examine closely the reflection pools. They have recently been renovated and have lovely groupings of many lily and lotus plants. We photographed and I drew the shapes in my notebook. I was surprised to see that the stems curved gracefully to the surface of the water.

Sometimes the leaves overlapped. The underside was peach to mauve in color. Then I knew how to make a throne for my frog princess.