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Self Portrait; Feeling all Untied was one of my early works that has been very popular. I think it is primarily for her facial expression. I also think that many can relate to having your arms and legs still packed in boxes and the feeling of confusion and fear change often brings.   


This Doll is available to purchase! If interested, please email us at


  • Size: 12" tall figure

  • Face: needle sculpted Swiss pima cotton knit fabric, hand painted

  • Base: 8" x 9" x  " oak

  • Accessories: cardboard boxes, silk cushion, muslin letter

  • Hair: string from fabrics



This piece resulted from an ugly tie challenge at my quilt guild. I used the tie for the body of the figure and the fringe around her neck came from fabric inside the tie. This piece came at a time when we had just moved and my studio was not yet unpacked. I was definitely feeling all untied.

She won the first prize at the guild, first prize at Road to California and first prize at Santa Fe Doll Art Symposium all in that same.


Self Portrait: Feeling All Untied
                  Jane Darin 1996

You! You started this whole transition
And You alone know when and where it will end!
You fill these two boxes with time and space
And shake them over my head according to Your plan.
You give me time like a never-ending piece of string
You spread space around me like a great ocean.
Ever do I search for that single moment when I can be 
Fully concentrated in Your presence, spaceless and timeless.

In July, You took away Eugenia.
Jack joined You in August, Victoria left for Los Angeles,
And You ended Joes job.
You brought me Chelsea Jane in September
But took away my house.
In October You took Peg away.
Now its 1996 and still I sit between these two boxes,
In transition and feeling all untied.
Still waiting for that single moment in Your presence.