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Below are three options to print the pattern.

Option 1 uses a standard web graphic and may or may not print the correct size (depends on your computer system). We recommend you print the first page and check the size using the 1" scale mark found on the pattern.  If the size is not correct please try one of the other options. If it is correct you can easily print the other pages.

The PDF and MS Word options should print the correct size for everyone and resizing of the pattern will not be needed.

Option 1 - Web Graphic (.gif format)  - Size Depends on Your Computer System - Scanned to Print Full Size for Most Common Users:
Click on the links below to view the pattern and print directly from the web. 

Callista Pattern - Page 1
Callista Pattern - Page 2
Callista Pattern - Page 3
Callista Pattern - Page 4

Printing Hint: To keep the graphic from running off the side or bottom of your page first select PAGE SETUP under you FILE menu and set all margins to "0" or lowest available value.

Option 2 - PDF Format - Full Size Pattern:
Below is a link to download the pattern in a PDF format. 

Callista Pattern - PDF (68KB)

Printing Note: When printing with Acrobat do not select the "Fit To Page" option.  It will cause the pattern to print the wrong size.

You will need the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the pattern.  If your computer does not have this free software you can download it from the Adobe website - Click HERE for Free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Option 3 - MS Word 97 Format - Full Size Patterns:
Below is a  link to download the pattern in MS Word 97 format.  The pattern will print the correct size with this option. 

Callista Pattern - MS Word (85KB)

Depending on your browser you can either save it to a disk and open it with MS Word (MS WordPad, or other compatible word processor) or open it directly from the browser.

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