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Phoebe Costuming

Coordinated for Dollmakers Journey by


The body and face of this beautiful 16" doll designed by SHERRY are the perfect forms for imaginative costuming!

What speaks to you?

It could be anyone from a witch to a queen, from a goddess to a princess, from a super hero to a bag lady, maybe she isn't even from this world….

The RULES are simple and easy.

1. You must use Phoebe pattern and mold/mask as is…no altering the pattern or face except that you may make clay hands since she is 16" and for some that is too small to sew fingers.

2. The instructions for mold/mask are to make a full head…you can alter the back of the head anyway you like…horns, spikes sculpted hair…where ever your vision takes you.

The Phoebe Body Pattern can be purchased with a PRESSMOLD for you to make your own faces for $20, or with a ready-made resin MASK for $15. /goshon.html

There are TWO CATEGORIES that you can choose to enter.

Category 1: Is open to anyone who just wants to design/create a costume for Phoebe.

Category 2: Is for those who want to design and PATTERN the costume for Phoebe. The winning costume pattern design will be purchased to sell at
to go with the Phoebe pattern/pressmold.

More prizes will be revealed soon.


Entries are to be submitted by Midnight (Pacific Time) Wednesday October 1, 2014 .

Send 3 photos (front, back and close up) and the category you selected to:


No late entries are accepted. Winners will be selected by a panel of Doll Artists. All judges decisions are final.

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