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Krystal Christmas Ornament
 © 2000,  Sherry Goshon

Free Instructions!

Supplies needed

  • Krystal mold (Available Online - Click HERE)
  • polymer clay (2 oz)
  • 6" X 6" cotton knit
  • paints
  • 4" X  9" wool
  • 2" X 8"  sweater knit
  • 1" X 6" piece of Tibetan lamb (or bits of other fiber for hair)
  • tacky glue
  • 4" X 4" piece of felt
  • 8" piece of metallic embroidery thread (for hanger)

  • Thank you for purchasing my mold....this is a quick project using it...

    Complete mask face as in directions with mold....instead of putting back of head on follow these directions...


Back of head:

Apply tacky glue around edge of mask with fabric tucked neatly in side mask....lay mask on felt  face, let dry and trim off excess felt...
Using metallic embroidery thread run thread thru top of head fabric and felt...tie knot ...then tie loop to make hanger...


Cut hair from skin (or use other fiber) ...Glue hair around edge of mask from point A to B see diagram.....remember sides of hair glue down front of hair glues forward....


Cut strip  4" X 9"...fold in half stitch up forming  circle...turn...and make running stitch about 1" from top....  slip hat over hanger then drawstring tightly and secure thread...this makes the pom pom with hanger coming out the turn under bottom edge of hat and drawstring around head...put a bit of glue to hold in pull hair to the side and tie with thread or ribbon... 


fold 1/2" of sweater toward the middle length wise (see diagram) repeat other side...fold in half and twist...tuck end in loop...this makes a rosette....glue to chin and back area of mask...

I hope you enjoy this project....

Sherry Goshon

Please CLICK HERE ( to purchase Krystal's mold and see cloth doll patterns by Sherry Goshon.

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