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A Free Pattern
by Judy Skeel
Completed Pin Doll
3 1/2 Inches


Supplies needed:

  • Scrap of cotton fabric for body and head
  • Freezer paper
  • Fray Check
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Assorted fabric and ribbon scraps
  • White felt scraps for blending
  • Createx or Workable Fixative spray
  • Face painting supplies such as: Pigma Pens - size 005 or 01, Red, Black, and Brown, Berol Prismacolor Pencils such as: Cream 914, Violet Blue 933, Crimson 924, Terra Cotta 944, Pink 929, Olive Green 911, Mulberry 995, Peach 939, Lt. Peach 927, assorted gel pens, assorted fabric markers like Y&C, and white acrylic paint, if desired. Add any additional colors or supplies that you like.
  • Doll Hair of your choice
  • Matching thread
  • 3" doll sculpting needle
  • Extra tacky glue
  • Beads, trims and embellishments of your choice
  • One copper penny

I love to make dolls and hope you do, too! If you would like to make and sell dolls from my pattern, please show me the courtesy of including on your tag: "Pattern designed by Judy L. Skeel." Thank you, and happy doll making,

With Love from Skeelhaven,

Judy L. Skeel
6881 Tussic Street Road
Westerville, Ohio 43082 or


Click HERE for pattern.


1. Trace the body and head patterns on to freezer paper using a peach colored gel pen or marker.

2. Cut a section of fabric for the body and head so you have 2 pieces slightly larger than the pattern and lay them on the ironing board RST.

3. Using a warm iron, lightly press the freezer paper shiny side down to the fabric. It will stick to the wrong side of the top piece of fabric. Use a few pins to secure both layers of fabric to avoid slipping.

4. Set your sewing machine for a small stitch length, approximately 20 stitches per inch. Stitch through the freezer paper and both layers of fabric. Leave the dotted line area open for turning.

5. Peel away the excess freezer paper. If it does not peel easily, you may have not used a small enough stitch size. Re-stitch, if needed.

6. Trim to 1/4inch around the head and body pieces, and clip curves. Peel away the rest of the freezer paper. Save this piece and reuse it for another Pin Doll Friend!

7. Apply Fray Check to the curved areas outside the stitching at the nose, and turn RSO (right side out) while still damp. (If allowed to dry, Fray Check stiffens and makes turning small items more difficult.) Finish by turning the body the rest of the way RSO.

8. Fold under 1/4" at the opening of the body. With a strong thread, like button and carpet thread, hand sew a running stitch to gather the bottom, but do not tighten the thread or tie a knot. Firmly stuff the body with poly-fil being sure to pack the neck solid enough to "screw on" the head, and tighten the opening as needed to keep the stuffing in place. When no more stuffing will fit, pull the gathering stitch to almost close the hole and insert 1 copper penny. Pull the gathering tight enough to hold the penny in place, and stitch it closed. You may wish to add a touch of white glue to secure the penny and the knot.

9. Stuff the head firmly. Make an indentation in the poly-fil with your finger and insert the neck in the head. Turn under the raw edges of the head fabric. Attach the head with small, nearly invisible stitches.

The Face:

1. Draw with a Terra Cotta pencil and a light hand. Any mistakes can be blended out to look like shading. Draw 2 almond shapes for the eyes just above the center of the face. Add two dots for nostrils 1/3 of the way to the chin and a small line for the center of the lips 2/3's of the way to the chin from the eyes. Detail the upper lip to include a small "M" shape, the center lip line to look like a wave of water, and the lower lip to curve down slightly, as shown.

2. Once the face is drawn in with the pencil, use a brown .005-micron pen to define the features, the iris's for the eyes, and a light sketch of eyebrows.

3. Draw the lip line in with red or pink .005 micron pens. The corners of the mouth never extend past the center of each eye. Color the top lip slightly darker than the bottom lip with your favorite color marker or gel pen. Be sure to keep the centerline visible so the lips do not become a blob on the face. If the centerline disappears, you may draw it back in after the ink has dried, using a .005 micron brown pen.

4. Draw and fill in the pupil of both eyes with a black pen.

5. Add the iris color to both eyes using a light gel pen. A dark color will be overpowering, and the pupil will get lost. Add tiny flecks of a darker color to the iris to add depth and detail to each eye with a fine point pen.

6. Add tiny eyelashes with a brown .005-micron pen. If they don't show well come back after the shading to do more, or use a brown .01 micron pen. I often make two layers of lashes with curves that cross to add depth. It looks like more lashes without being too bulky.

7. Lightly shade the areas around the eyes, and nose as drawn with a terra cotta pencil. Blend all these areas softly with a felt square. Be sure to avoid blending the shadows into the detailed eyes.

8. Add a light color of pencil as blush on the area shown. You may choose from pink to peach, depending on the tone of your flesh fabric. Add a touch of the same color on the chin, tip of the nose and forehead, for a sun-kissed look. Blend all of these areas slightly with a small felt square.

9. Use a white gel pen, white acrylic paint to make the whites of the eyes. If the white covers any eye details wait until dry, then add back in the lost details.

10. Use a straight pen to add 1 tiny dot to each eye for a spark of light. The dot needs to be at the same location for each eye. If you think of each eye as the face of a clock, the dot would be at the number 2 on each eye. The gel pen will be transparent and need repeated to be several coats of ink, so place a dot, do a little highlighting, then place another dot, etc. until done if you prefer not to use paint.

11. Highlights should be transparent over color. Highlight the following places using a white gel pen or a white water color pencil.

a) The upper eyelid just above the center of the eye on the lid, below the eyebrow. Be sure the eyes match!
b) Draw one thin line up the center of the nose to the height of the eyebrow.
c) A downward curve on the top of the cheeks.
d) A slight upward curve on the lower lip.

Look over the face and repeat any detail that may look washed out from the layers of color and blending, and adjust details as needed. Add eye make-up as desired. Brush on a thin coat of Createx sealer, or lightly spray with workable fixative.


There is no set way to dress Penny, so be free and creative! No two should ever look alike ~~ remember, this girl is lucky! Try draping her with wide ribbons and fabric scraps. Pin them in place as you like them, and lay various trims across her for embellishing touches. You may choose to create a faerie and dress her with silk flower pieces, feathers, ribbons, moss, lichen, cheesecloth, a small section of fur and other "found" objects, Penny doesn't require a full outfit so all those scraps you've been saving will be perfect to dress her in! Be creative! When you like what you've pinned on, stitch it in place with small hidden stitches, or use tacky glue to secure items. Try adding yo-yo's made from coordinating fabric or pompoms to create shapely breasts.


Hair can be anything that strikes your fancy, (or the fancy of Penny!). Hair can be tacked on by sewing a few stitches, or by painting the scalp area with extra tacky glue and pressing the hair into the glue. It will be easier to style the hair and keep it styled on a doll this size. Keep in mind how you are dressing Penny, and coordinate the hair. Ladies can have hair of any natural color or texture, but remember it's okay to go wild and give her punk colors, as well! Hair suggestions include yarn, wool, mohair, feathers, pom-poms, colored Easter grass, frayed fabric, embroidery floss, pearl cotton, polyester fiberfill (dyed or plain), silk flower pieces, buttons, trinkets, ribbons, fur, and just about anything that will conform to the shape of the head.

If you use yarn you can wrap some around the width of your fingers several times in to a wide loop. This yarn as well as wool roving can then be laid in place around the head at the hairline and twisted up into an elegant bun. Don't forget to embellish her hairstyle with jewels, feathers or whatever Penny says she needs.

Finishing details:

By now, Penny is looking pretty good. All she needs is the final pizzazz. You may add a few beads to the costume, or even a bit of glitter paint on her eye makeup or cheeks to give her that "elegant lady" look. Jewelry is a must, and can be simple gemstones stitched or glued in place or detailed beaded drop earrings and ornate necklaces. She may require a hat or a turban, which can be easily added by wrapping ribbon and folding it randomly. I prefer to use wired ribbon for head wraps, as they stay where I place them. If you add a hat or head wrap be sure to add embellishments there as well, such as feathers or decorative buttons.

Finally, when Penny is completely thrilled with herself, stitch a pin back high enough on the back of her that she doesn't wobble and fall over when you wear her. Then pin her on your shoulder and begin working on her friend. Everyone needs a Pin Doll Friend!

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Copyright © Judy Skeel 2002

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