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All-Star Doll Olympics

A Dollmaker's Journey Challenge

And the Winners are.....

The Dollmaker's Name, Placement and Prize are listed under each picture.

Grand Prize Winners:

Gold Medal - #2 Chere Fleischer's "Merrow"
Silver Medal - #14 Nancy Laverick's "Maude"
Bronze Medal - #1 Kathy Nelson's "Stanley"

Fantasy Events Winners:

Gold Medal - #3 Michelle Havenga's "Forget-Me-Not & Lily"
Silver Medal - #9 Bonnie Morgan's "Navajo Sister"
Bronze Medal - #11 Claire-Ellen's "Moondoo"

Racing Events Winners:

Gold Medal - #4 Catherine Scott's "Annie"
Silver Medal - #12 Annette Swafford's "Ava Marie"
Bronze Medal - #5 Cathy Montgomery's "Cassandra"

Miscellaneous Events Winners:

Gold Medal - #7 Doris Talbot's "Shell-Sea"
Silver Medal - #13 Sandra Juneby's "Jorja"
Bronze Medal - #15 Edward Winslow's "Big Mary"

Non-Competing Events Winners:

Gold Medal - #10 Jeannette Nelson's "French Judge"
Silver Medal - #6 Judy Colpack's "Black & White in Harmony"
Bronze Medal - #8 Jody Kieffers's"Jennie Rose"

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Dollmaker: Kathy Nelson
3rd Place - Overall Category
$20 Gift Certificate

Entry #1

Contender: Stanley

Event: Opening Event "Lighting the Torch"

Pattern: Stanley From Down Under by Kathryn S. Nelson

Stanley from downunder is dressed in his finest wind suit jogging proudly carrying the Olympic torch to the opening ceremonies.

Dollmaker: Chere Fleischer
1st Place - Overall Category
$50 Gift Certificate

Entry #2

Contender: Merrow

Event: Long Distance Swimmer

Pattern: Pearl Nymph by Kathy Hays

I changed a few things on the pattern. I made her tail 2 1/2 inches longer and placed it lower on her body, because she has such a cute tush. I also don't like mitt fingered hands so I gave her regular hands. Her upper body is made from doesuede and her face is painted with acrylics. She is also adorned with real eye lashes. She is named Merrow which means Mermaid in Irish. Merrow swam all the way from Ireland to compete.

Dollmaker: Michelle Havenga
1st Place -Fantasy Category
$15 Gift Certificate

Entry #3

Contender: Forget-Me-Not and Lily

Event: Synchronized Daydreaming

Pattern: Wattle Nymph by Ann Clemens

This has been an official Faery Olympic event for many years. Synchronized Daydreaming requires two faeries who can tune into each other. If one faery falls asleep, the competition ends. The gold goes to the team that can stay awake and smiling for the longest time. Four years ago, the winning time was four days, four hours, four minutes, and three seconds. It looks like the record will fall this year!

Dollmaker: Catherine Scott
1st Place - Racing Category
$15 Gift Certificate

Entry #4

Contender: "Annie"

Event: Egg and Spoon Race

Pattern: Little Miss Columbia by Shari Lutz

She is totally gessoed and hand painted - but she looks so old and lovely!! The outfit is "heirloom" style as befitting such an old fashioned beauty!! She is the third cloth doll I've ever made so I am kind of proud of this one!!

Dollmaker: Cathy Montgomery
3rd Place - Racing Category
$5 Gift Certificate

Entry #5

Contender: Cassandra

Event: Dragonfly Race

Pattern: Callista by Donna Schramek

Dollmaker: Judy Colpack
2nd Place - Non-Competing Category
$10 Gift Certificate

Entry #6

Contender: Black and White in Harmony

Event: 5-Woman After Hours Events Entertainment Team

Pattern: Knobbies by Annie Hesse

This 5 woman team competed each evening after the day time events for the gold medal in the After Hours Entertainment Event. It was a demanding event because they had to keep their energy levels at a peak so the athletes could relax and unwind.

Dollmaker: Doris Talbot
1st Place - Other Category
$15 Gift Certificate

Entry #7

Contender: Shell-sea (as in Chelsea)

Event: Sailor-teasing

Pattern: Splash by Kathy Hays

Dollmaker: Jody Kieffer
3rd Place - Non-Competing Category
$5 Gift Certificate

Entry #8

Contender: Jennie Rose

Event: Opening Ceremony (a homesteader)

Pattern: Serenity Rose by Shari Lutz

This doll is entirely hand-sewn. I changed her costume somewhat but I think she is fairly true to the period she is representing.

Dollmaker: Bonnie Morgan
2nd Place - Fantasy Category
$10 Gift Certificate

Entry #9

Contender: Navajo Sister

Event: Fairy Dancing Contest at the Tribal Ceremonial Dancing

Pattern: Snow Fairy by Leta Benedict

She is very proud of her bear claw necklace and turquoise ring.

Dollmaker: Jeanette Nelson
1st Place - Non-Competing Category
$15 Gift Certificate

Entry #10

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