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Threadbare Dolls
by Heather Gailey

Jump Start My Heart
5" Valentines Day Doll Pin

Pattern - Click HERE to download/print.

List of materials

  • .25m gold shimmer tulle from Joanne's
  • Scrap of Red tulle
  • 1 small zip top bag of recycled thread ends (flesh tones- from beige to rust)
  • 7- 8mm small-holed gold beads
  • 1 skein of Red embroidery floss spool matching polyester thread for stitching
  • 11/2" brooch pin back
  • Print off the pattern and copy it by hand onto tracing paper with a permanent black marker.
  • Layer 4 pieces of gold tulle approx. 2" bigger than the doll pattern and place the tracing paper over top and pin all layers together.
  • Stitch through all five layers using a very small stitch, starting at one dot and ending at the other (stuffing opening). Clip the threads.
  • Trim around the pattern with a 1/8" seam allowance (cut through all layers).
  • Rip the paper off starting at the stuffing opening, making sure that it is all removed.
  • Clip at the neck, under the arm, and in between the legs. Don't go through the stitching!
  • Use hemostats to turn the doll skin right sides out.
  • Start to stuff with small bunches of mixed recycled thread or just pull it off from the spool.
  • Stuff the body and arms firmly especially the neck
  • Start by stuffing the arms, legs, head, and then work your way into the middle.
  • Be careful to not poke through the tulle with the hemostats.
  • When finished stuffing, use a ladder stitch to close up the stuffing hole.
  • Run a bead of Fray check along the stuffing hole seam to seal it.
  • Follow the same directions for the heart. (Use red tulle or gold tulle with red thread inside)
  • Thread one full strand of floss onto your needle. (John James Darning needle)
  • Thread on one bead, go through and under the seam at the tips of the arms and legs
  • Thread the bead on the needle again and pull it tight to the body
  • Tie the two strands of floss that are sticking out of the same bead hole into three over hand knots. Dab the knot with fray check to hold in place. Fluff out the strands. Let dry
  • Stitch the heart onto the tummy using small pick stitches underneath so they don't show.
  • Tack the arms around the front of the heart so that it looks as if doll is hugging it.
  • Sew on the pin on the back and prepare to wear!!!
Ó Heather Gailey

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