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Cloth Dollmaking
Tips and Techniques!

~ Frequently Asked Questions ~
~ Doll Making Tools ~ Stuffing Techniques ~ Selecting Fabrics ~

~ Doll Hair Tips ~ Invisible Jointing ~ Customizing Patterns ~
~ Making Faces ~ Sewing Tips ~ Pressmold Demo ~

Frequently Asked Questions

Dollmaker's Journey: FAQs
by Mary Ann Kaahanui


Tricks of the Trade: Episode 3: The Ladder Stitch
by Mary Ann Kaahanui

Double Loop Knot
by Leslie Molen
Click HERE to order check out Leslie's patterns!

Doll Hair Tips

Making Doll Wigs with Eyelash Yarn
by Mary Ann Kaahanui
Click HERE to order Martha Stewart Glitter Eyelash Yarn!

(Click HERE for handout described in video)

Doll Making Tools

Let's Talk About Cloth Doll Making Tools
by Mary Ann Kaahanui
Click HERE to Check Out Available Doll Making Tools and Supplies!


Stuffing Cloth Dolls
by Mary Ann Kaahanui



Let's Talk About Fabrics for Cloth Doll Bodies
by Mary Ann Kaahanui
Click HERE to Check Out Available Fabrics!


Invisible Jointing
by Judi Ward
Click HERE for Covered Buttons for Doll Jointing!

Customizing Pattern!

The Bent Arm: An Excerpt from
"Customizing Doll Patterns" DVD
by Antonette Cely
Click HERE for Cely's Complete DVD!


Making Faces!

Excerpt from the award-winning
"Making Faces" DVD
by Antonette Cely 
Click HERE for Cely's Complete DVD!

Pressmold Demo

by Sherry Goshon 
Click HERE for Sherry's Molds and Patterns!


More Tips and
Techniques to Come!



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