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Wish, a Butterfly, a soft sculptured cloth art doll by Jane Darin.
An original gift idea, a posable butterfly made of textiles, a one of a kind collectible.
Wish, a Butterfly - a finely crafted original artwork by Jane Darin
Wish, a Butterfly captures the spirit of adventure - a museum quality cloth art sculpture.
Wish, a Butterfly - hand crafted theatrical art doll, sculpted from cloth.
Whisper, a Butterfly, a one of a kind fiely crafted art doll. Whisper, a Butterfly, a unique, custom made, art doll by professional doll artist Jane Darin. Whisper, a Butterfly - a unique gift idea for an art collector. a finely crafted cloth figurative sculpture. Whisper, a Butterfly - a colledtible art gift and member of Jane Darin's online art gallery.
Lucky for you, two butterflies and a bat remain from my art installation, "Butterfly Experience" from which to select your favorite. Which one will you pick for your personal collection, "Wish" in her royal purple hues, "Whisper" in her rich peaches and browns or perhaps "FLUTTER" for her boldness and candor? (FLUTTER is on another page.)
Maybe you want all three. These ladies add warmth and beauty to any area of a room whether in your home or at your office. Any one could be yours just because they make you smile or because they touch you in some way. You deserve to have one. So why not? . . .EMAIL me and we can discuss the process of investing in one.

Any one of them can give you hours of pleasure just looking at her and best of all, you can change her positions. You can play with line, shape and balance as I do. You could set her with a bouquet of flowers or some candles and create a centerpiece for your table. 

Jane, I just had to write and let you know 
what an inspiration you are! I have to admit 
this is the first time I have heard of you. 
Well, I just had to write you. Thank you for 
all that you do, for you do more 
than you realize.
                                          Paula Johnson 

  • Size: 13" tall 

  • Face: needle sculpted imported Swiss Pima cotton knit, painted

  • Base:fabric,  wired armature, 6" round wood base, metal flower

  • Series: Butterfly Experience

  • Jointing: waxed linen thread, buttons

  • Wings: cloth, each a different genus

  • Hair: mohair, yarn, a sea shell, a bauble


When I went to the Butterfly Encounter at the San Diego Wild Animal Park, I was excited to have a butterfly land on my hand for a period of time giving me the chance to see it up close, to watch the wings slowly unfold, to feel the soft touch of the feet. They are such incredible creatures.

Then when I was invited to do an art installation at IDEX in San Francisco, it came to me to recreate this feeling for everyone. In a 12’ by 12’ x 8’ high space, I created an aviary as a green healing space with art dolls representing butterflies, a bat and garden fairies

People were able to first experience this from outside the space because of the translucent hand painted gauze covering. As they came closer to the installation and entered the space, they heard the soft sounds of a water fountain and meditative piano music.

Best of all for me, it was the weekend of my sixtieth birthday. My present was to enjoy people's responses to the space I created for them. Now you still have a change to imagine that space and feeling in your own home or office. It will transport you into a meditation and away from your stresses. What else but ice cream can do this?
To see photos of the IDEX art installation FOLLOW ME HERE. 


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