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Paperback Book and CD


General Supplies:

  • Small Post-It pad
  • Index card
  • Glue stick
  • Laminate sheet
  • Book and CD covers cut out of book catalog (free at any Borders Book)
  • Small piece of balsa wood for CD
  • Black acrylic paint, paint brush

    1. Measure around the Post-It pad and make a template for your cover out of an index card.

    2. Select a cover from a book catalog and look for a large enough section of colored glossy paper in the catalog to be used for the spine and back cover.
    3. Overlap and glue cover to right side of colored paper.

    4. Use a glue stick to glue full cover onto another index card, then use template to cut to exact size.
    5. If you wish to write on back cover or spine, do it now.
    6. Cut a sheet of laminate slightly larger than cover. Laminate cover and trim laminate.
    7. Arrange cover over Post-It pad and crease spine.
    8. Use glue stick to attach cover to Post-It pad.


  1. Select the photo for a CD cover from a catalog or magazine. Trim the photo and laminate.
  2. Cut a square of balsa wood the size you need for the photo. Sand if necessary.
  3. Paint the wood black or the color of choice. When dry, apply several coats of an acrylic gloss sealer. When completely dry, glue laminated photo to wood.

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