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Adaptation by Bonnie B. Lewis of pattern by Meo Feroy


Directions for Doll:

1. Enlarge Meo's pattern 250%. Make doll as instructed in pattern.

2. Using Proportional Scale Wheel or chart below, line up 4" (size of Baby Bobble) on inner wheel with 10" (size of Captain Underpants) on outer wheel find. Now find measurements on Meo's sculpting diagram on inner wheel, and outer wheel will tell you what they should be to sculpt your doll. For example:

3. Instead of dot 6 for the mouth, make the mouth at least 1-3/4" wide. Go from one ear to same side of mouth, bring thread on outside of face to other side of mouth, and go to other ear. Tack center of mouth toward chin to create smile. Bring thread back to an ear, secure thread and bury it.

4. Use blush or carnation pink Crayola crayon the blush cheeks and outline mouth.

Directions for Underpants:

1. Cut one underpants from white knit fabric. Draw appliqué lines on front of fabric.

2. Sew double folded bias tape to appliqué lines on both edges of bias tape as shown. This is easier to do using edge stitch foot on your sewing machine.

3. Sew bias tape to both leg openings encasing knit fabric.

4. Sew one side seam.

5. Zigzag 9" elastic to waist, stretching as you sew.

6. Sew other side seam.

Directions for Cape:

1. Captain Underpants grabs a red drape off the wall that has tiny black dots on it. If you can't find this type of fabric, choose red with a black tiny pattern, or create dots on red fabric using a permanent Sharpie marker. Cut out cape on fold. Cut tie 12" x 1".

2. Narrow hem sides and bottom of cape.

3. Match CF of cape neck to center of tie. RST, sew tie to cape with 1/4" seam.

4. Fold tie RST and sew from end to cape on both sides. Turn tie right sides out. Hand stitch tie to back of cape neck turning under seam allowance.
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