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Dollmaker's Journey

January 2008 Issue 74

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Dollmaker’s Journeys
January 2008 Issue 74
Dream ~ Imagine ~ Create ~ Grow ~ Believe ~ Magic
At we help your creative dreams come true.

January 2008 Issue 74

Copyright 2008 by Dollmaker’s Journey

Dollmaker’s Journey Customer Connection newsletter is a free e-mail newsletter. Tell your friends, family and fellow dollmakers about us, and feel free to forward this newsletter to those who might be interested. You can visit our companion website at:

You can read all the past issues online. Go to:
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Dear Dollmaking Friends,

A New Year has begun, full of exciting possibilities. To help you fulfill your creative dreams, all general dollmaking supplies are 20% off in January.

Bonnie really enjoys reading your responses to the Question of the Month, and appreciates all the time and effort you put into your answers. She prints out all of your replies, fans them out face down, and lets her husband pick one each month. Sometimes we wish we could just throw all the letters up toward the ceiling, and the one that sticks wins. (Actually Bonnie tried this once, but they all fell back to the floor!)

In January Bonnie discovered a yarn shop that opened nearby, and the lady is donating free wool yarn to anyone who will knit helmet liners (they look sort of like ski caps) for the Army. The troops call them "woolie pullies". She has already made two and is working on a third. She is using the pattern from
You can see pictures of completed hat and optional pattern at:
You MUST use size 6 and 8 circular needles that are only 16" long to complete this project. Size 8 double pointed needles are also useful for completing the top. (Just what you need – another project! However, it is lots of fun, IF you know how to knit.)

We pray this year is filled with friends, hugs, laughter, and lots of dolls.

Mary Ann and Bonnie


Now that the holidays are over we know that many of you are dreaming of new projects. We’d like to help you gear up for them so for our JANUARY SALE all general dollmaking supplies are 20% off! Be sure to stock up!


One of Bonnie's favorite Christmas stories is "The Littlest Angel" by Charles Tazewell. First published in 1946, it has become a holiday classic. In 1969 it became a movie starring Johnny Whitaker.

Question: What gift did the littlest angel give the Christ child? What was inside? What happened to that gift?

Answer: A small, rough, unsightly box contained a butterfly with golden wings, sky-blue egg from a bird's nest in an olive tree outside his mother's kitchen, two white stones from the creek where he played with his friends, and a broken chewed leather strap that belonged to his dog that died. It became the Star of Bethlehem. (Note: In the movie version the butterfly was orange and black, there were 3 blue eggs, and there was also a starling feather. I guess it made it easier to put into a song.)

Congratulations to Pat Winter from Chesterton, Indiana. Your name was selected at random from all of the correct quiz entries, and you will receive a $10 gift certificate from Dollmaker’s Journey. Watch for your name in a coming month!


Question: Every February here in the United States we celebrate Presidents' Day. Here are three presidential questions for you to ponder:

1. Which president owned a pet alligator and kept it in the East Room of the White House?
2. Who was the only president to have a Ph.D.?
3. Which president's son was present for the assassination of three presidents?

Everyone who emails in the correct answers by February 10th will be entered into a drawing for a $10 gift certificate to Dollmaker’s Journey. The winner will be announced in the next newsletter. Email your answers to Bonnie at Put January Quiz in subject box. Please include your full name and where you live (state/country) in your email.

By Judi Ward

Freezer Paper is a boon to many cloth dollmakers. Many doll patterns have parts that are Templates - meaning you sew around them, before cutting them out. Now, many will say to draw around the pattern part onto the doubled fabric, and then sew on the drawn lines. This does work....EXCEPT....not with the accuracy needed for many parts, especially tiny parts like fingers.

With the Freezer Paper, you cut the template parts from the Freezer Paper, cutting off the lines you drew when you traced the pattern part. (This is especially important around fingers, or you will lose the "between the fingers" space needed for clipping and turning.)

With your parts cut from Freezer Paper, you simply IRON (wool setting) the Freezer Paper Template to your doubled fabric, and then sew right along the edge of the paper. For larger pieces, you may have to place a few pins within the pattern part to keep it intact while sewing and turning the fabric around the sewing machine. Small parts usually stay ironed on very well. (Editor's Note: This step is easier if you use an open toe sewing machine foot. It makes seeing the edge of the freezer paper pattern a snap!)

Once you have sewn around the part (be sure to leave the turning and stuffing place open!) remove the Freezer Paper and cut the part out 1/8" to 1/4" from your sewing. You can use these Freezer Paper patterns over and over again. You need to retrace only once, onto the Freezer Paper....not every time you want to make the doll.

I use the Freezer Paper even for parts that are cut out before sewing. I iron it to my fabric and then place a few pins here and there within the pattern, and cut the part out right along the paper.

The Freezer Paper gives a nice, continuous line to cut along. When you pin little doll and doll clothes parts all around the edges, you get little buckles and bumps that make the cut out part irregular. For bigger things...not a problem....for very small things, it can make the difference between a neat, smooth face, body, bodice, etc. and a not so neat finished part.

Another little hint that I give in my online dollmaking classes....If your eyesight makes it hard to see the edge of the Freezer Paper against light fabric, simply color the edges with Colored Pencil, in a pleasant color, like pink or peach (In case you sew into the paper a bit the pleasant color will not look ugly if a bit gets on the fabric)

You have the desire and the sewing machine, some patterns, fabric, and matching thread. Time for your first doll creation!!!

You can order freezer paper from, and best of all, it is 20% off this month!
Visit Judi's website at For patterns and dolls. For dolls and mini lessons.
You can also buy her patterns at The Doll Net


Seaside Doll Club 2007 Challenge
The Seaside Doll Club in Long Beach, California, had a challenge using Julie McCullough's Pop Top pattern. You can see the results here: (Requires Window Media Player Software)
Buy this pattern or others by Julie here:

Treasures of the Gypsy Challenge - Journey of the Gypsy
Kits available now for $20.00 US
For information on 2008 challenge contact: Pamela Armas
P. O. Box 748, Mountainair, New Mexico 87036, USA.
Email address:

2007 All Dolled Up: Beaded Art Doll Competition Winners
Winners: Teresa Hon and Connie Davis, Platte City, Missouri
Runner-Up: Ralonda Patterson, Decatur, Texas
View the winners at:

2009 All Dolled Up: Beaded Art Doll Competition
Due date: August 31, 2009
Theme: Earthen Mother
Official rules posted here:


April 10-13, 2008 – Creations in Fiber
For more information go to or

April 18-20, 2008 - Magic, Mischief, and Mayhem: Art Gone Wild, American Style
Richmond, Kentucky (near Lexington)
Visit for all the specific information.
Any questions - email Annie Hesse at: or call: 859-623-2455

April 24-27, 2008 – CDAA (Canadian Doll Artist Association)
Ajax, Ontario, Canada
For more information go to

April 26, 2008 – Calgary Doll Club Doll, Teddy and Toy Sale
10 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Admission $3.00
Acadia Recreation Center, 240 – 90 Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
For more information call Betty at (403) 243-3575 or
email Carolyn at

April 26 – May 10, 2008 – Doll and Teddy Bear Tour in Germany
The tour begins in Frankfurt and travels down the German Toy Road to visit the International Doll Festival in Coburg and the Doll and Teddy Festival. Visit doll and teddy bear designers, manufacturers, museums, shoppes, a doll & teddy bear doctor, etc. German sights and sounds are included as well as a day spent in Salzburg, Austria on a “Sound of Music” tour. Return to Frankfurt up the German Romantic Road.
For more information contact Sharon Ellis at or call 763-241-8733

May 13-20, 2008 – WOW New York
New York
More information will be forthcoming

May 16-18, 2008 – Think Pink! Conference from the Doll Gatherers
Aurora, Ohio
For more information email Joan Stephens at

July 17-20, 2008 – Enchanted Doll Artist Conference (EDAC)
Embassy Suites, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Visit: or contact Rae Sook , 9827 N. 151st E. Ave., Owasso, OK 74055 for more information

July 26-30, 2008 – National Doll Festival (21st annual)
Tuscany Suites and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
Same time and town as UFDC, ODACA and NIADA National Conventions
Contact information: National Doll Festival, P.O. Box 66823, Scotts Valley, CA 95067
E-mail: or
(831) 438-5349 phone (831) 439-9142 fax number

To save yourself time and energy, get all the details on upcoming doll related events at CLOTH DOLL CONNECTION:


Make sachet and tassel dolls by Helen Gibb,,HGTV_3266_1383350,00.html
We mentioned this in December but now we have the project link. As a bonus holiday treat SHERRY has very generously given us a unique FREE project called “Button Butterfly Doll” that uses the “Shaya” face or you can substitute one of your own.


We’re thrilled to start off the year with a fantastic new project from ARLEY BERRYHILL. “Faith the Fairy” comes with a resin press mold for making her face mask and thorough instruction for much more. ARLEY sets the standard for well written patterns. Check it out!

MARY TRESSLERS’S “Basic Male Body” pattern will make the perfect companion for her vast collection of female dolls. Also check out her homage to the full-figured woman “Goddess of Abundance” and the jaunty “Kiki.” Take a look and treat yourself to any one of MARY’S imaginative patterns.

SHERRY GOSHON has a lovely new mold called “Shaya” that will fit both the “Fern” and “Cinnamon” bodies.


Q: I am looking for the braided hair that is about the size of a straw or a pencil, or maybe just a bit smaller. I make fairy dolls and they are extremely small. The picture of the wavy hair on your website looks bigger. Do you have some that small?

A: I have had success going to Sally Beauty Supply.
Click on products, hair, hair extensions. They have packages of very tiny pre-braided hair extensions that are used for humans, but work well with dolls also. Usually I find them in black, but you can inquire and see if they have other colors.

Otherwise you are stuck braiding your own. The curly crepe mohair we carry at Dollmaker's Journey is carded wool which is crimped into a braid. When unraveled, it creates lovely wavy hair. These fibers are blended together and you separate them by pulling apart. Individual hairs are about 3" - 4" long.

However, if you are looking for long fibers that can be braided and look like hair, try the wavy hair. This synthetic fiber has long strands that can be separated, braided, etc. We have even used permanent Sharpie markers to change colors on the white hair.
I have also used embroidery floss with great success. Braid 3 6-strand pieces together by tying them together at one end. Use a T-pin in the knot and pin it to the arm of an upholstered couch or chair. Then sit and braid while you watch TV. That way you can get many different colors suitable for small fairies.


CALENDAR - Renowned Canadian doll artist ADELE SCIORTINO has produced the magnificent “Figurative Art Calendar 2008” featuring the work of some of the world’s most talented dollmakers. Now you can be delighted and inspired all year long! You’d better hurry because we only have a few left!

MINI CRAFTING IRON will fit easily in your tool box and can be kept nearby as you work or taken to class.


Kat Lees wrote: "I decided to move my studio across the hall. What a job! The good thing is it made me go through everything...........and reorganize. I also came up with a new item I want to share with everyone. Please go to my blog spot and check out the studio (May 11, 2007) and the picture (there are 2) of the HATBOX full of tools. I got very tired of trying to find my tools in drawers. I took toilet paper holders, and paper towel holders and fit them snuggly in a round hat box..........added all my tools as you can see, and put this all on a's a cheap plastic turntable under the box. I can now get anything I need at anytime. Click on the picture and it will get larger."
Editor's Note: Someone suggested you can do the same thing using PVC pipes cut different heights for a more permanent organizer. See pictures at


What an event-filled month we have had at Dollmaker's Journey. Bonnie was at the hospital Christmas Day to see her newest granddaughter born Christmas Eve at 11:10 p.m. She wasn't due until the middle of January, but decided to surprise everyone. She weighed 5 lbs. 10 oz. and is named Autumn Naomi Lewis. (I thought she should be called Christina Noelle but was outvoted.) This brings the total number of grandchildren to 19, with another due in June. Her husband surprised her with tickets to the Kennedy Center on Christmas Day to see a who-done-it mystery called "Sheer Madness" where the audience decides who the murderer is. (They apparently have four different endings, depending on how the audience votes.) He planned to also take her to dinner afterwards, but discovered that there is NOTHING open on Christmas Day except a few gas stations. They ended up settling for a sub sandwich at a local Sheetz Service Station.

For Christmas Jim surprised Mary Ann with orchestra seats at the Kennedy Center Opera House to see a fantastic production of My Fair Lady on January 10th. They both loved every minute of it. On the 30th they’re going to see the “Dancing with the Stars Tour” which should also be a lot of fun. Mak worked like a demon to finish a quilt for her son Mike and DIL Kyah. She finally got it in the mail on Saturday the 22nd and some wonderful person at the Murrieta, CA Post Office actually delivered it on Christmas Day! All five of Jim’s children were home the weekend before Christmas which made for lots of fine food and family time along with Mary Ann’s daughter Ana and SIL Nik. The timing was such that Jim was then able to accompany Mary Ann to New Jersey to be with her family for Christmas Eve and Day. It really was a perfect holiday all the way around.


Fun ideas and tips for beginning dollmakers from elinor peace bailey

Learn to make realistic water
Click on technical data sheet

Mott's Miniatures (est. 1949) are now available through
Get dollhouse kits, miniature furniture, accessories, miniature dolls, and supplies

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(By the way, you might want to print this out and put it into a binder to keep for reference….)

Copyright © 2008 Dollmaker’s Journey

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