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Dollmaker's Journey
Customer Connection News - Catch-Up Edition!

March 4th, 2017

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Customer Connection News

This is our 3rd Catch Up News... Short News and Updates as we catch up (Catch Up News.) form the backlog built up during the changes at Dollmaker's Journey. If you missed an update they are online at .

3/04/17 - Catch Up News (Announcements and Home News at the Bottom)

March 2017 Sale!

20%  Off Patterns in our
Children/Babies and Raggedys Categories!

Over 170 Patterns On-Sale - Go HERE!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Baby Doll Sale coincides with the
9th Annual Cloth Baby Doll (and Animal Doll) Challenge.  

Dollmaker's Journey has been a proud sponsor for All 9 Years so please help us continue the tradition and Join in the FUN! - Info HERE

NEW this year! 
There are 2 Challenges..  Baby Doll and Animal Doll (any age animal)
 Panel of Professional Doll Designer Judges
 "Adopt a Newbie" Option - Help Spread the Love of Dollmaking!
Great Prizes and the Thrill of Fun Competition  
For more info Click HERE!

 New Designer

Dollmaker's Journey Welcomes

Norma Inkster
Art Dolls by norma 
Cloth Doll Designer Raewyn Parker

Norma's first design is this 
dashing french chef, Bon Appetit!
Click HERE!

Also Something Different!

Cloth Doll Designer Raewyn Parker
Victorian, Jester and Granny Boot, 
Christmas Stocking Patterns
by Norma Inkster 
Click HERE!

Cloth Doll Designer Raewyn Parker
Small & Medium Size Gift Bags Pattern
by Norma Inkster 
Click HERE!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Highlights of Back in Stock...
Check out our What's New Page for a Full List.

2  Dragon Patterns
by Melinda Small Paterson - Click HERE!

Angler, Fisher of Men  Mixed-Media Cloth Doll by Patti LaValley
Angler, Fisher of Men  & Molly and her Button Doll 
by Patti LaValley - Go HERE!

 by Deanna Hogan - Go HERE!
Verity Cloth Doll Pattern by Deanna Hogan

More Hot CDs Back In Stock!

The Divas CD

by Stephanie Novatski - Go HERE!


Year of the Witch CD - Cloth Doll Pattern 
Year of the Witch CD  

by Stephanie Novatski - Go HERE!

News and Reminders...

Join the Doll Net's Baby Doll and Animal Doll Challenges!

Full information on how to register, rules and prizes click HERE!

Check out the last 8 years of Baby Dolls at

Get your Dollmaker's Journey Gift Bag at AFICC - Not too late to go!

Artistic Figures in Cloth & Clay (AFICC)
April 20-23, 2017- Columbus, Ohio
For more information go to...

Albuquerque art Doll Conference
Road to Enchantment ​with Art Dolls & Mixed Media
Wednesday, July 19th through Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

Windy City Doll Workshops
a fun experience in doll making
September 27-30, 2018
dream – imagine – create – grow– believe - magic


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