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Dollmaker's Journey

February 2009 Issue 87

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February 2009 Issue 87

Copyright 2009 by Dollmakers Journey

Dollmakers Journey Customer Connection newsletter is a free e-mail newsletter.  Tell your friends, family and fellow dollmakers about us, and feel free to forward this newsletter to those who might be interested.  You can visit our companion website at:


You can read all the past issues online.  Go to:
The archives include an easy to follow index to all the past issues.

Dear Dollmaking Friends,
Make a fun Bunny Speedster for Easter, learn what to do with Dryer Lint, and see what you can knit on needles the size of a hair. Also lots of free patterns for knit and crochet for charity. These are just a few of the fun things you will find in this month's newsletter. Enjoy!
Bonnie and Mary Ann


Our FEBRUARY SALE continues with 20% off all the patterns in our general MALE category.  Surely you have some dollies than need a suitable mate!


Q: What famous duo's early stage names were Cleo and Caesar?
A:  Sonny and Cher Bono

Congratulations to Bunny Goode from Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Your name was selected at random from all of the correct quiz entries, and you will receive a $10 gift certificate from Dollmakers Journey. Watch for your name in a coming month!


Q: What is the only continent that doesn't have an ACTIVE volcano?

Everyone who emails in the correct answers by March 15th will be entered into a drawing for a $10 gift certificate to Dollmakers Journey. The winner will be announced in the next newsletter. Email your answers to Bonnie at  Put February Quiz in subject box. Please include your full name and where you live (state/country) in your email. NOTE: Several times in the past a winner was
drawn with no name or state/country included. When that happens we have to draw again. So please, make sure you include this information with your answer.

A customer wrote: "I just finished reading the January Dollmaker's Journey newsletter and am
interested in knowing the links mentioned for knitting items.  I am involved with a small group in my church called the Needlers.  It includes anyone who does any handiwork with a needle.  We have a retreat coming up the end of February where we will be teaching knitting and crocheting.  I'd love to
have some patterns and organizations to recommend at the time so would appreciate any information you can give me."
I have several original patterns and basic guidelines that I would be happy to send anyone who asks (email Bonnie at  Put charity knit/crochet in subject box.) In addition, here are some other resources.
Wheelchair/Bedside/Walker Tote
Guidepost International gives sweaters to children overseas. They have four free knit/crochet patterns for simple sweaters with no shaping.
My favorite pattern for hats that fit preemies to adult men, using any type yarn. This pattern is from Coats and Clark. The pattern is LW1268. You might want to enlarge the directions for those older knitters.
Coats and Clark also has many other free patterns for knit and crochet.
One ball really easy instant chemo cap for patients undergoing chemotherapy
Just a hint - I knit loose, so I cast on 55 stitches using Homespun Yarn.
Helmet liners for the Armed Services
There are many other free patterns out there, but this will give you a start.

Q: Where could I get a mannequin dress form pattern?
A:  Sherry Goshon has several mannequin dress form patterns at
You can also take any basic torso pattern, stuff it, and put it on a stand.
If you go to and click on the free Victorian dress form for 24" dolls, you can print out a great pattern. You may have to subscribe to their free newsletter first, but it is easy to unsubscribe once you print out the pattern. They also sell dress form patterns to fit other dolls, such as the American Girl doll.
With the MALE patterns on sale this month wed love for you to meet one of our favorite male customers.
Little did he know as he approached the magazine rack in the Borders Books Store looking for an architecture publication that his life was about to change forever.  So drastically that he now likens it to being possessed by aliens!  Something else caught his eye on that day not long ago the cover of an Art Doll Quarterly Magazine.  As he casually thumbed through it a photo of a doll made by Susanna Oroyan reached out and captured his imagination and thats when it happenedmuch like being shot out of a cannon, 61 year old Chicago area hairdresser Wayne Skipp Poulton began his dollmaking journey.  The orders starting coming fast and furiously as he began to amass a reference library to help him learn how to create the creatures flowing from his brain.
I know its all about the JOURNEY, he writes, but is there a bus that gets you there faster?  I found out there is an alien being inside me from Dendrobia that wants to come out and create all manner of creatures.  The labyrinth in my mind is constantly changing with thoughts and ideas to conceive and create.  Thank God for Pepto Bismol and Immodium!
In just a few weeks time the bodies began to take form and inhabit his workspace Marya Toeshoeskaya - a Russian ballerina in an amazing costume that looks like shes arrayed in flames Madame Orientale, Angel La Teal and a wealthy nomad are emerging from the fabulous fabrics he is collecting.  He figures he must be a frustrated fashion designer because its the costumes that seem to come first.  Now these characters are clamoring for him to provide them with decent heads and hes doing all he can to learn how to make them.  How extraordinary to discover a talent you never knew you had!  Skipp feels he is living proof that it is never too late to learn something new.  We think hes sitting on a powder keg of talent and were delighted hes invited us to join him on his journey. We can only begin to imagine what an exciting trip it will be!
There is a group of remarkable ladies of a vintage age living in the northern reaches of California that has adopted the students of a local elementary school.  Each week they devise wonderful art projects for the children that often have meaningful life lessons tucked between the scraps of fabric and embellishments.  Were so happy that weve gotten to know Dr. Evelyn Waselus (an MD. and a Ph.D in her 80s!) through many fascinating phone conversations when she calls to order supplies.  Bound and determined to find a meaningful use for dryer lint she very kindly offered to share the following method she devised for creating felt.
By Dr. Evelyn Waselus
I predate the clothes dryer. Thus, you could say, I already distrusted the machine before I ever used one. Then, that fateful day came when my clothes had been put into the contraption without my consentandthe first thing I heard about it was: "Grams, please don't forget to remove the fuzz in the front, ok?" Fuzz in the front? Front of what? What fuzz? Too late, I rescued my poor hot garments from the machineand the sheet of fuzz from the screen. I remember putting that first sheet of fuzz on my bureau top, to look at and wonder about there lay a part of my clothing. I could no longer wear it, yet it seemed to be a perfectly usable sheet of fuzz to be used somehow. Thus was born my sincere intent to find a use for that portion of my clothes that this new fangled machine seemed just as intent upon turning into a mat of lint.
Over the years I experimented with fuzz paper, fuzz clay, fuzz papier mache, and other crafty uses for the inevitable sheets of dryer fuzz. All seemed clever, but did not put the attributes of the material to its best display they tended to hide or disguise the lint. When I asked other artists and crafters for their ideas, their strange looks as a response told the full story drop it. Let's face it, a dryer fuzz book was not headed for the best seller list. Finally, it dawned upon me that dryer fuzz looked like a loose mat of felt; so, why not enhance what it already looked like. Trial and error has resulted in the following: Fuzz Felt.
The final use of the Fuzz Felt determines the procedure used to make it. All of the following items are miniature or doll size and are intended for display purposes only, not intended for normal daily use.
Doll House 'Wool' Carpet #1
Foundation fabric a bit larger than the finished size wanted and in a complimentary color
Dryer fuzz sorted according to color
Colorful embellishments thread clippings, fuzzy sweater 'pills'
Bo Nash sprinkle on adhesive (available from
Using a Teflon ironing sheet (available in the Bo Nash starter kit -, lay the foundation fabric right side up. Place the dryer fuzz in the desired pattern on the fabric be sure to use enough layers of dryer fuzz so that it looks like a felted wool rug (3 4 layers). Sprinkle on the Bo Nash adhesive; cover the piece with a Teflon ironing sheet and iron according to the directions on the Bo Nash container. When the piece has cooled, check the thickness and texture of the fuzz felt repeat the process until the piece is even in thickness and of the desired texture.
Now the fun begins use colorful 'pills' from old fuzzy sweaters as flowers, snippets of thread, make tiny embroidery patterns, highlight stitch between the center area and the border, etc. When you get done designing the finished pattern use one more application of Bo Nash adhesive to hold it all together. When the carpet has cooled, trim it to size.
Doll House Sculpted 'Wool' Carpet #2
Thin crafter's felt the size of the finished project
Dryer fuzz
Yarn (2 ply) in a complimentary color to the fuzz
Felting needles (available from
Dampen the felt and lay it on a padded area. (Editor's note: a large sponge works well.) Lay the dryer fuzz on the felt covering it completely spritz water on the dryer fuzz to dampen it. Using a small felting needle (size 36 or 38), lightly felt the dryer fuzz into the foundation felt to hold it in place. Thread up a needle with the yarn and using tightly spaced stitches, leaving tiny loops on the right side (where the fuzz is felted), stitch the areas of the carpet that you want to sculpt is it the border, a running design through the center, a free form? When you have finished the looped stitched design, clip each loop so that it looks like a shag carpet in that area.
Get the entire piece wet, add soap and hand scrub it, rubbing it back and forth between your hands until the dryer fuzz completely felts into the foundation crafter's felt. Rinse. Lay it flat to dry. Fluff up the sculpted carpet pile and put the carpet in place.
Either one of these methods creates a wonderful piece of Fuzz Felt that can also be used to make a doll's carpet bag, suitcase, hat, costume component, or shoes. Using appropriate colors of foundation felt and/or yarns or other embellishments, a wonderful woodlands scene can be created, a front yard to a doll house or even a wall hanging. One person even made a tic-tac-toe board and book covers for a doll house using method #1.
Have fun.
Editor's Note: Dr. E wanted us to tell you that they used these pieces of fuzz felt (dyed with Kool Aid) to make valentine greeting cards with the children.  Adorable!  A quick spray of matt finish polyurethane seals the pieces.  We would love to hear if you try this method. Send pictures and comments to Bonnie Lewis at


Celebrating World BABY DOLL Month - March 2009!
    *** Cloth Baby Doll Challenge! ***  TBA March 1st.
Includes Special Release of  Patterns by Kezi Matthews and Baby Doll Patterns Sale by Judi's Dolls and Dollmakers Journey!
Sponsored by Dollmakers Journey, Judi's Dolls and Doll Net Market.
For more information go to...

2009 All Dolled Up: Beaded Art Doll Competition
Due date: August 31, 2009
Theme: Earthen Mother
Official rules posted here:


April 25, 2009 Calgary Doll Club Doll Teddy and Toy Sale
Acadia Recreation Centre, 240-90 Ave. S. E., Calgary Alberta, Canada
Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
April 30 - May 3, 2009 - Artistic Figures in Cloth
Columbus, Ohio
For information go to

April 30 - May 3, 2009 - Canadian Doll Artists Association 10th Anniversary Conference
Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
For information email
OR visit their website at
May 28-30, 2009 Creations in Fiber
Albuquerque, New Mexico

June 11 - 14, 2009 - Figurative Artists Consortium Conference
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Check out their website at

July 11-15, 2009 - National Doll Festival
Atlanta, Georgia
Holiday Inn Select Capitol Conference Center
Free shuttle bus to Marriott Marquis
Email for further information

July 2009 - UFDC (United Federation of Doll Clubs) National Convention
Atlanta, Georgia
Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta

July 2009 - ODACA (Original Doll Artists Council of America) National Convention
Atlanta, Georgia
Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta

September 8-13, 2009 - NIADA (National Institute of American Doll Artists) National Convention
Arromont, Tennessee
For more information go to
September 25-26, 2009 California Regional Doll Festival
Millbrae, California (by San Francisco Airport)
For more information contact the Lowmans at or call (831) 438-5349
October 8-12, 2009 The East Coast Art Retreat
Crowne Plaza, Cromwell, Connecticut
To save yourself time and energy, get all the details on upcoming doll related events at

Just in time for Easter - Free Bunny Speedsters pattern from Judi Ward
Judi adds these following hints: "For those who are going to make them be sure to use THIN felt or Doesuede for ease in turning the little curved arms especially. I use my stuffing fork to get the stuffing down into the paws and feet too."
DEANNA HOGAN has graciously given us her wonderful tutorial for creating perfect finger and toenails.  Be sure to download these FREE instructions for your reference library.

4 free dragon patterns and a bat at

"Dress Rehearsal" is a truly grand new pattern from CHRISTINE SHIVELY loaded with exquisite costuming techniques and so much more.  Do stop by and take a look

Wait until you see SUZETTE RUGOLO'S version of Humpty Dumpty - he's quite the elegant gentleman!

MARY TRESSLER has released another basic body pattern for those of you who just want to do your own thing.  "Body Basic 3" is her most buxom yet.  What do you envision her to be? We also have her charming "How I spent my Summer Vacation."  Stop by and check them out.

PATTI CULEA'S "Karen" has a lovely costume using a beautiful old hankie and lace.

Come meet the ever cheerful Pansy, Petunia, Sunflower and Fern otherwise known as "Florabunda" by BARBARA WILLIS.  We also have her "Fancy Flat Fold Chair" that any doll would love to sit in!
SHERRY GOSHON'S eagerly anticipated "Jelly Bean" had finally broken free of all that bad weather they've been having in Iowa and should be here any day. She's a real sweetie in more ways than one!

We have two of SHELLY HAWKEY'S newest designs - the very graceful "Mother Earth" and a cute shelf sitting fairy named "Gradle May."  As a bonus, SHELLY puts extra photos of the construction process on her own website to help you along.

Jean Bernard is having a "new Beginnings" Celebration April 30, 2009. It will feature classes by qualified artists, supplies/suppliers, free classes/tutorials/information etc. For more information go to
Gloria J. 'Mimi' Winer was thrilled to see her latest art doll "Michael Dances Spartacus" in the current issue of Art Doll Quarterly. The version in ADQ is reduced in size to 90% of the class sized doll and has a head made using Lisa Lichtenfels technique. Although instead of carving Styrofoam for a skull she modeled one in clay and her husband Him made a mold and cast it in silicon, because you can sew through silicon. That head and face took five full days to make. She is teaching a slightly larger version of this doll at AFIC this spring. This one will have a cloth skull with dimensional eyes of cloth and an open mouth. Also the hands are made from copper wire and modeled with floral tape and then covered with a cloth glove to make very nice masculine hands. You can learn more about this class at

"Paige" - the newest face stamp from BARB AND DOUG KEELING - has a terrific open-mouthed smile.

Bonnie has spent the last month speaking and training leaders in various congregations for her church. She also attended the G Street Doll Club where she learned to make a Japanese Emperor (Prince) and Empress (Princess) for Hinamatsuri Japan's Doll Festival celebrating Girl's Day on March 3rd. They were made from clothespins with the silk glued to cardboard cutouts to create the clothing. One note of caution feel free to display the Japanese court through March 3rd. Then put them away until next year. Tradition says if you keep the dolls on display after March 3rd your daughters will never marry. Several of you have asked to see a picture of Nambi, mentioned in the January Customer Connection. As soon as Bonnie has time, she will take pictures and the links will be in the March newsletter.
Mary Ann, Jim and daughter Ana absolutely loved the Dancing with the Stars Show!  The incredibly talented dancers performed 37 numbers and of course, the costumes were out of this world.  If you enjoy the TV program, treat yourself to this memorable show if it comes to a city near you.  It was so much fun seeing all their favorite dancers in person.  Ana and her husband Nikhil have gone off to visit his parents in India where they winter each year.  The have many extraordinary adventures planned for their three week stay.  Mak is keeping her fingers crossed that theyll return with some interesting fabrics.


For those who have seen the new Coraline movie, check out this website to see a short video on how the miniatures sweaters were created. Amazing!  Some of the knitting needles are the size of a human hair.

We'd love to hear your thoughts about our Customer Connection newsletter.

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