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Dollmaker's Journey

September 2002 Issue Fifteen

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September 2002 Issue Fifteen


Copyright 2002 by Dollmaker's Journey

Dollmaker's Journey Customer Connection newsletter is a free e-mail newsletter. Tell your friends, family and fellow dollmakers about us, and feel free to forward this newsletter to those who might be interested.
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Dear dollmaker friends,

Our second hat making class "From the Inside Out - Creating Hats with Structure" began on September 19th. We're teaching classic millinery techniques of flat pattern design through the construction of buckram and wire forms for the desired hat shapes. Students will create a pillbox, gaucho, fez, pilgrim, outback cowboy, musketeer, elaborate ladies hats, top hats, summer satin wedding hat, and much more. It's not too late to join the fun by registering for the class at
Future classes in the series include:
"Molded Hat Magic"
"Sensational Soft Hats"
"Bevy of Beautiful Bonnets"
For more information on the classes please go to

Mary Ann and Bonnie



A Beginning 

I touched a life today..........
Not with a pen as a writer does
Not with words as a teacher might
Not with a hand like a doctor
Nor with a marvelous invention
Nor with a discovery or a cure
Not with a way to make more money
I didn't create a new industry
I didn't give birth to a child
I didn't save a race, religion, or breed of bird
I wasn't on the front page nor did I make the evening news 

But I touched a life today..............
I made a cloth doll and I gave it away and someone smiled
and someone felt joy and someone felt love and someone,
if just for a moment, was gently touched and soothed. 

I dare you, if you might, to touch a life today, to give a cloth
doll to someone out there that needs to be gently touched.
You may not end the wars, you may not solve the world's
dilemmas but you will touch a life and that's a beginning. 

May all your doll dreams some true
Meo Feroy
Stuffed Magic 1999

You can see some of the delightful patterns Meo has created at



It is always a joy for us to bring you the patterns of talented new designers. LINDA MURPHY proudly debuts the first two patterns in her LKM Originals pattern collection. "Catherine Ann" is a lovely young woman who is constructed to stand alone. The charming "Noella" has a moveable head with mohair wig. You can view these two beautiful new dolls at



To save yourself time and energy, get all the details on upcoming doll related events such as We Folk of Cloth in October and many other events by regularly visiting Karen Samuelson's CLOTH DOLL CONNECTION website. For the most comprehensive news on designers, events, challenges and activities be sure to check out and bookmark


Designer KERRY SEYMOUR has designed a delightful Scarecrow doll pin just in time for the Fall holiday season. Check out this newest project in our FREE PATTERN section at

Many of you have asked how to make and sculpt a cloth doll head. Mary Tressler has created a free tutorial on her Uncommon Folk website.

To create the rest of the doll go to



Sometimes you find ideas that are so wonderful you wonder, Why didn't I think of this? I am referring to a tip in the Soft Dolls and Animals magazine (August/September 2002 p. 13). It came from Vanita Barnet of Davenport, Iowa. She wrote, Each time my magazine comes I photocopy the contents page and keep it in a loose-leaf binder. I can highlight and make notes on this copy. I then have a quick reference for articles if I'm in a hurry. When I'm not in a hurry, I love leafing through every issue! Of course, I rushed out to the store, bought several 3" wide binders, and started copying all the table of contents of my many magazines. I put them in clear plastic sheets and punched holes in file folders to create dividers for different magazines. I now have four binders, two for dolls and two for craft and sewing magazines. I use a different colored highlighters to mark articles we have written, or dolls I want to make someday. My magazines can be stored in magazine boxes by year in the basement, and I always have a handy reference in the office I can refer to. It also makes it easy to see if I am missing any magazines, so I can order back issues.


Help for Beginning Dollmakers and Teachers/Time-out Dolls

By Bonnie B. Lewis

I often get letters requesting information. Here are several of them and the response I gave.

Q: I have never made a doll but did sew when my children were little, 30+ yr ago. I'm looking for 1-piece dolls (before embellishments), and I believe the only ones you carry are: "Jump for Joy" (black dancer) and the 5-inch pin dolls with buttons for breasts, "Jezebel" by Mary Thomas. Also, the statue of liberty face states it is for beginners but I don't know needle sculpturing-is this beyond me?

A: A two-piece pattern (or pancake pattern) is indeed a great place to start if you have never made a doll before. I am also going to suggest some designers you might want to check out that have easier patterns. Go to our DESIGNER search engine and check out:

Julie Booth (easy patterns for mothers and children)
Bonnie Lewis (for ethnic face painting - includes fabric)
Andrea Perkins
Valarie Garber
Cynthia Sieving (check our her pindolls)
Heather Gailey
Lisa Hertzi
Mary Thomas

Also under CATEGORIES check out Wall Dolls and Pindolls

If you go to our website, go down to the bottom of the home page ( and check our free patterns.

Some that might meet your needs are:

Auntie Stressy Anna (this is a neck warmer filled with rice)
Lil Christmas Ornament
Infant earrings (VERY tiny!)
Jump start my heart
Origami angel (not one piece, but lots of fun to make)
Wall Angel
Surf Side Suz

These last seven patterns you can just print out and try.

When you find a designer you like, you might want to try some of their more advanced patterns after you master the easy ones. Have fun. The world of dollmaking is wonderful and big, and is only limited by your imagination.

Hugs, Bonnie B. Lewis (

Q: I too have agreed to teach a beginners class at our local art centre. My problem... what pattern would be best to teach from? My first doll was a Santa from a Thimbleberries book 14 years ago. I still have the book, but I don't want to teach a Santa. Can you recommend a doll pattern--patterns? Thanks.

A: Check out some of the patterns by Judi Ward. They range from simple to complex. Also check out Andrea Perkins. She has used some of her patterns for new dollmakers at Hilton Head where she teaches for Ginny Beyer. Of course, we also have other designers on our site that carry wonderful patterns. Decide what kind of doll you want to teach (lady, Santa, witch, elf, etc.) and then use our search engine to see what we have in that category. Feel free to ask about the complexity of each doll, and we will check out the pattern for you. We do offer a class discount if you order a lot of patterns, so let us know what you decide. We usually carry at least 6 patterns of each design in stock, so if you need more than that let us know and we will special order from the designer. Hugs, Bonnie B. Lewis (

Q: I am looking for a pattern to make a crybaby, also known as time-out babies. Do you have them or something similar? These are dolls that stand in a corner or lean against a chair. Only the back of the head is seen, no face. Thanks.

A: Gail Kellison teaches a class at Crafty College on how to make these dolls. You can see them at:

Carolee Creations of Sew Sweet Dolls also has a pattern for them called "Hide and Seek Kids" which you can see at:

Hope this helps you in your search, and thank you for visiting Dollmaker's Journey.



Designer BARBARA SCHOENOFF treats us to another extraordinary set of patterns based on Biblical characters - "Baby Moses, Miriam and the Pharaoh's Daughter". These three separate patterns are sold only as a set. Be sure to view them at

Well, she's at it again! The very prolific and talented SHERRY GOSHON has released the 4th in her pressmold series - "Ricki" - a wonderful child's face. The versatile 22" body pattern can be made up as a child in a jumpsuit or as a child elf. Stop by and take a peek at

We are tickled pink to bring you an exciting new pattern from the amazing BARBARA GRAFF. "Fine Equinery" is an incredibly versatile pattern for a 13" horse that can be standing, running or jumping, made as an exquisite Carousel Horse or as a unicorn, with mane and tail made from fiber or quilted and wired. This pattern is guaranteed to delight any horse lover as well as present creative opportunities for your dolls. Pattern Exclusive to Dollmaker's Journey!



When Mary Ann and I get together to create a new doll, hat, or just work on our Dollmaker's Journey business, one of our favorite meals is a Tuna Tortilla Rollup. Fast and easy, it also looks good enough to please any guests.

Tuna Tortilla Rollup (Serves 2)


1 can water pack chunk light tuna fish, drained


Pickle relish (optional)

Chopped up tomato

Grated cheese (your favorite)

Four soft flour tortillas

Prepare tuna salad as you would to make a sandwich by mixing first three ingredients together. Spread of mix down center of each tortilla. Sprinkle with tomatoes and cheese. Roll up and place on baking sheet. Bake at 450 degrees F for 4-5 minutes until cheese melts and tortilla is slightly brown. Serve with chips and beverage of your choice.



Doll designer Marcia Acker-Missall is in the news. Her doll Water Goddess appears in the Somerset Studio Magazine Sept/Oct issue. You can see a picture at

The magazine can be purchased in most local scrapbook stores, beading shops, and at some book stores. You can also get it online at:

You can see Marcia's other patterns at



While searching for the perfect belt buckles for our accessory class we are teaching at We Folk of Cloth in October, I found Kathy's Kreations for Dolls. Kathy told me the following: “BKL1, BKL6, Bkl8-P, BKL9-P, BKL14, BKL12 are the larger sizes - closer to 1/3" post. The others are 1/4".” (Jeffery & Kathy Roy)

Get doll size musical instruments at this site:

Lots of accessories and clothes designed to fit 18” dolls (such as American Girl)

Dylite balls to make Lynne Butcher type doll boobs are available from:

Zim's Inc.
PO Box 57620
4370 South 3rd Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84157-0620
Phone 801-268-2505

Cleo needs 1-inch balls. Mary Ann and I both made her several years ago at Doll U, and she is a lot of fun. We also sell ethnic fabric dyed to match the lycra Lynn includes with her pattern.



Make cloth doll finger turning easier with this great tip from Mary Ann which she got from Wendy Trommer: “After sewing around all the fingers on a hand, take a small paintbrush and paint Createx between all of the fingers on both sides of the fabric. It helps to seal the fibers, but doesn't stain like Fraychek can. This process has dramatically reduced my blown out fingers. I have turned the fingers both wet and dry and there doesn't seem to be much difference.”

You can buy Createx from Diane Lewis at

It is also available from Dick Blick at 1-800-933-2542

It is called “pure pigment medium/textile medium” and can be used the same as Acrylic Gel Medium. Use it full strength to seal fabric before painting faces (especially useful on velour and felt), you can mix it 50/50 with water-based acrylic paints for blush and skin shading, and use it undiluted to seal finished faces. Try first on a sample face before using on a finished one. Matte is the best finish to buy for dolls.



And Bonnie thought the apple cart was upset in the August newsletter. Ha!!! Since she last wrote they decided to build a retirement dream home in West Virginia (a major downsize from where they lived) and moved to a temporary rental home 80 miles away near where their new home will be built, while their old house in Virginia is being renovated to put on the market. After 20 years, 8 children and lots of pets, their home needed serious help, and the only way to paint and recarpet everything was to move out. However, their son is still in the basement until his home is ready the end of September. The sad thing is, all her stash will probably remain boxed until she can unpack it in a new sewing room. The rental home is tiny – three bedrooms (one an office full of boxes and one computer), one for her high school daughter, and a master bedroom that barely fits their bed. Her new home should be finished sometime this winter, and it will be like Christmas to unpack all her doll things again. She had to give her kiln and doll molds to her daughter in Boston, and they also took the ferrets since no pets are allowed in the rental home. Her daughter Amy is a senior at a new high school in West Virginia. She can't wait until We Folk to be with dollmakers again!

Mary Ann is busy working on all the final preparations for We Folk. One of the largest projects is putting price tags on the huge inventory of patterns that we take with us. She also will be putting her home on the market and moving shortly after We Folk. But, no matter how much life tries to get in our way we somehow manage to stay on our Dollmaker's Journey!



Great site with fun tips for dollmakers by one of my favorite doll artists, elinor peace bailey

 Gloria Mimi Winer has a lot of good advice on her site; her patterns are full of excellent instruction as well.

You can see some of her patterns at

Complete directions on how to make felt:

For ANYONE interested in all kinds of wooden dolls here is a FABULOUS site!


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Copyright 2002 Dollmaker's Journey

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