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Dollmaker's Journey

May 2005 Issue 44

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Dollmakers Journey

May 2005 Issue 44


Copyright 2005 by Dollmakers Journey

Dollmakers Journey Customer Connection newsletter is a free e-mail newsletter.  Tell your friends, family and fellow dollmakers about us, and feel free to forward this newsletter to those who might be interested.  You can visit our companion website at:

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Dear dollmaker friends,

We are deeply saddened to report that Judy Waters, founder of the National Cloth Doll Makers Association and the extraordinary organizer of Doll University for a number of years, died last weekend.  She will be sorely missed.  Her son Mark has contacted us looking for a charitable organization to which the family can donate her extensive stash.  We would love to know if you have anything to suggest.  Please drop Bonnie a line at if you have an idea for us to pass on.

We just finished Shirley and Sadie, the Red Hat Ladies and it is available on our website.  This pattern is over 41 pages long, with many techniques we taught at We Folk of Cloth in 2002, along with some new projects and a Caucasian companion.  In addition to two delightful dolls with contemporary costumes, we have included directions for all their accessories, including hats, gloves, handbags, jewelry, shoes, stockings, and underwear.  We also have extensive kits with over 30 items to create the hats, shoes, handbags, gloves, and some surprises too.  The kits include lots of leather (red and purple), buckram, wire, trims, etc.  They do NOT include the pattern, which must be purchased separately.

The May costume pattern for our Doll for All Seasons is also ready.  She is Adrianna Springtime Fairy.  Originally she was going to be Guinevere on a swing, but after seeing the Angelina Fiber at the AFIC Convention and watching the students in Allison Maranos class creating amazing woodland pixies, she decided that she needed wings and a tree stump instead.  It didnt hurt that when I got home from the convention, we discovered four blue eggs in a nest built inside our gas grill.  They have since hatched, and we have four of the tiniest baby birds with fluffy grey wings and yellow beaks.  In their honor Adrianna is holding a nest with three eggs and a bird is perched on her other hand.  You will still need the original Doll for All Seasons pattern to complete the doll, but the May pattern will explain how to use Angelina fiber for wings and clothes, and it has extensive directions on how to create woodland setting for a doll.  This pattern also answers burning questions such as:  Do fairies wear underwear?  Do fairies have belly buttons?  After extensive research we are ready to share the answers with you. See Adrianna at  A few kits are also available that include grapevine wire and Angelina fiber, along with gorgeous trims and other goodies.

Weve decided to have a HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST for our Doll for All Seasons.  Were inviting you and challenging you to create the Halloween costume of your dreams to fit our doll body.  Of course there will be lots of prizes and a surprise for everyone who enters.  Send pictures to Bonnie Lewis at before October 15th.  Our customers will help choose their favorite costume.  We would also love to see pictures of any of the dolls you have made from this pattern to date.  Were dying to get them in our Showcase for everyone to enjoy.  Please send them to Bonnie also.  If you want them entered in the Halloween contest, just put Halloween contest in your subject line in your email.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Mary Ann and Bonnie


Dont forget that JULIE MC CULLOUGH is our May Designer of the Month. We have added two more of her patterns - Cherry Blossom - a simple but elegant Asian doll and Frogsuit - a wonderful whimsical character.  Enjoy 20% off these and all of her patterns all month long.

Our May Doll for All Seasons pattern is now available.  You can purchase the costume for Adrianna Springtime Faerie for $4.50 (half price) until the June pattern is released.  Dont forget, in addition to this costume pattern you will need the original Doll for All Seasons pattern to complete the doll.  There are a limited number of kits also available which have 14 hard-to-find items including grapevine wire and Angelina fiber.  Check them out at


Were back from our wonderful trip to the AFIC conference with patterns from three more fabulous designers. The amazing ARLEY BERRYHILL kept his students mesmerized the entire weekend!  His Le Femme is a most graceful classic doll body with many posing possibilities.  La Mode Oriental is a fanciful harem costume for Le Femme and we also have his Art Deco Tassel Doll.  Arleys pattern presentation is the most thorough we have ever seen.  Do treat yourself to one of these terrific projects.

We are delighted to be adding two more wonderful designers to the site. 
RUTH PREST -  We have CHRISTINES full line of exotic characters with fabulous faces and unique costuming and RUTHS famous Erma the Elephant as well as three terrific human character designs. 

There is a very interesting article on Cynthia Howes Miniature website on printing your own fabric.  Quite often you cant find the perfect small print in the right color.  Just follow these directions to create the perfect fabric for your doll on your computer.


Purse Challenge from Sew News Magazine
Deadline:  June 20, 2005
Go to and click on the purse for details.

Challenges In Time: Japonism
Deadline:  June 30, 2005
For details go to:

Anything Goes Handbag or Miniature Quilt Challenge for Kaufman Fabrics
Deadline: August 1, 2005
Go to and click on "anything goes"

Hoffman Challenge 2005
Deadline:  August 5, 2005
Go to

2005 Second Annual All Dolled Up: Beaded Art Doll Competition
Deadline:  August 15, 2005
Theme: Over the Rainbow
For more information go to:

Adventures of the Gypsy 2005 Treasures of the Gypsy Challenge
Deadline:  October 1, 2005
Details will be included in your entry package of goodies. To participate in this unique event, sent $15.00 for US participants and 18.00 US for participants from Australia to:
Pamela Armas
Treasures of the Gypsy
P.O. Box 748    Mountainair, NM 87036

Doll for All Seasons Halloween Party Challenge
Deadline:  October 15, 2005
Send photos to Bonnie B. Lewis at
More information included in this Customer Connection newsletter or go to: and click on Halloween Challenge

Through the Looking Glass Doll Challenge (Fairfield Poly-fil Challenge)
Deadline:  December 31, 2005
For details and entry form, go to:


July 7-10, 2005 NIADA
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
For more information go to:

July 23-24, 2005 2nd Annual Faerieworlds Festival
Eugene, Oregon
For more information go to:
August 11-14, 2005 Enchanted Doll Artists Conference (EDAC)
Albuquerque, New Mexico

September 17-18, 2005 Magic Doll Exposition
Las Vegas, Nevada
For more information email Lee Bryant at
September 29 October 2, 2005 - Camp Doll U 2005
Issawuah, Washington.
For more information go to:
April 27 30, 2006 CDAA Conference
Holiday Inn Convention Center, Fort Erie, Ontario

To save yourself time and energy, get all the details on upcoming doll related events at CLOTH DOLL CONNECTION:


RUTH PREST has given us a great FREE project called Hopper.  Be sure to treat yourself to this fun project at

To see what else you can make from Angelina fused fabric, check out this delightful Spring Garden Fairy pin doll from one of our customers, Deb McKenzie, at  Check out the rest of her website too, including the Tidbits page which includes information on alternative fabric edge finishes.


One of our customers contacted me and told me that to make Kelly, a 16th Century Irish Colleen (the March doll in our Doll for all Seasons series) historically correct I need to make the cord for her dress using a lucet.   So for those of you who want to learn how to create period cord using a lucet, check out this website:
By the way, I LOVE it when readers share their knowledge and information.  I always like learning new things.  Now if I can just figure out how to carve a lucet, Ill be in business!  Actually, I can cheat on this step.  One of our designers, Patti Culea, sells lucets on her site.  Go to  and click on Tools.  You can see more of Pattis great patterns at:

Now That Ive Got It, What Do I Do With It? 
Great Ideas for Using Angelina Fusible Fiber and Createx Acrylic Textile Medium
By Bonnie B. Lewis

Angelina Fiber is a new, very fine, unique fiber.  Each strand is 4 long. Light reflective, as well as light refractive, Angelina is incredibly luminescent and yet extremely soft.  Imagine diamond-like dew drops on a spiders web and the iridescence of butterfly wings!  We carry 20 different colors of heat bondable fibers. 

The instructions for heat bonding are as follows:  The temperature required is dependent on several variables including pressing time and pressure.  Increasing pressing time and temperature will result in color shifts in the fiber.  For example, when I bonded the Enchanted Forest fiber for wings and a skirt panel, I fused the skirt for about 5 seconds.  The wings took longer.  The skirt remained a beautiful forest green and copper color, while the wings turned purple and gold. Approximate bonding temperature is around 225 degrees Fahrenheit. On most irons this is the silk setting. However, if you use an Iron Shoe on your iron, the temperature can be higher and you will still get great results.  We highly recommend you test a small amount to determine the correct bonding temperature. 

Simply place a small amount of fiber between two sheets of tissue paper.  Heat iron to silk temperature setting.  DO NOT use steam.  Gently, with little pressure, move the iron back and forth, checking frequently on the bonding process.  Be careful not to fry the Angelina fiber with too much heat or pressure.  If you iron it too long the color will not only shift, but the fiber will become dull and lose its luminescent quality.

Generally, Angelina heat bondable fiber will only adhere to itself and not to other fibers, tissue paper, or fabrics. However, if you put a layer of fiber on the tissue paper, add glitter, wire, or other fiber, and then top with another layer of Angelina, you can seal the foreign fibers inside.  Of course, this leads to exciting possibilities.  The fairy wings for Adrianna have wire and glitter sealed inside. 

Mix and match the different colors to create fantasy fabrics.  You can also embroider on top of Angelina, as well as paint.  We will soon have a new book called Between the Sheets with Angelina by Alysn Midgelow-Marsden that is full of lots of fun ideas and projects you can try.  Remember, the more fiber you put down, the more opaque the resultant fabric will be. 

Another possibility is to remove a small clump of fibers from the package, get ends even, and just fuse one end.  You can use this like wefted hair to create magical locks for a lucky fairy, or embellish a hat with a wisp of sparkle.  Remember, you can also use the fiber as is without fusing it, mixing it with mohair or yarn for a touch of glitz.  We would love to see pictures of things you create with this wonderful new product.  It is available at

Due to popular demand, we are adding Createx Acrylic Textile Medium to our supply list. Createx is non-toxic, waterbased, and permanent when dry. It can be used on cotton, leather, natural fibers, and most synthetics. It can be thinned with small amount of water. Originally designed to be mixed with acrylic paints, it is also perfect for sealing and blending doll faces. Gloria Mimi Winer uses it on each of her dolls.  Here are some ideas you can try.

Silkscreening or Painting on Textiles:  Add Acrylic paint or Pure Pigment Color to Textile Medium to create your own ready to use screen-print color.  Control color strength by moderating the amount of Pure Pigment Color added.  Recommended mixing ratio is one parts Pure Pigment Color to 25 parts Textile Medium.  Maximum ratio is 1 part Pure Pigment to 6 parts Textile medium. Acrylic paint can be mixed half and half (50% paint, 50% Createx).

By mixing Createx with acrylic paint you create a textile color with a Soft Hand:  This flexible, transparent medium allows pigments to work the fibers without forming a stiff feel.  When creating the grass for my May fairy, I found adding Createx to the paint allowed the fabric to remain soft.  If the project you are making will be washed, you need to heatset the finished project.  Allow paint to dry thoroughly.  Heatset by ironing on a high setting for 2 minutes.  Use a protective cloth.  Wait one week before washing. 

Createx Used on Dolls:  Just as you apply foundation to your face, apply Createx in a thin layer to the cloth doll face.  This seals the fabric and prepares the face to receive color (make-up).  Once the face is painted, use Createx to seal the face.  When face is heat-set the color is permanent.  Createx keeps fabric soft and pliable. 

We always use Createx on the seams of hands when sewing tiny fingers.  It stops the fraying and remains soft and easy to turn.  Apply Createx with small brush on OUTSIDE of fingers along stitching line.  Be sure you put some of both sides of the fabric.  Turn fingers while Createx is wet or dry. 

The following is advice from Gloria Mimi Winer:

Apply Createx with stencil brush put on paper plate so it is not contaminated.  DO NOT CONTAMINATE what is in the jar or it will mold.

Apply Createx to whole face like cold cream. Scrub in with brush. Createx blends, enhances, seals and removes pencil marks.  Gloria uses colored pencil (Berol Prismacolor) to shade the whole doll body.  Then she applies Createx to blend the pencils and seal the body.  Try applying Createx to the face BEFORE painting.  This minimizes bleeding pen problems and enhances the color you add. Create face with Sakura pens.  Color and shade with Beral Prismacolor pencils.

For a wonderful book to help you create fantastic faces check out Portraits in Colored Pencil Step by Step.  It is Glorias favorite book.

Creative Uses for Createx: My son Michael used Createx on his cut-off jeans.  No more fraying.  He also put it on his Sunday silk tie, which was beginning to fray around the edges.  The tie now looks like new.  Best of all, both fabrics stayed soft.  The jeans have now been washed several times, and no fraying is evident. 

Just a health hazard note: This product contains no material in sufficient quantities to be toxic or injurious to humans, or cause chronic health problems.  Use safe handling practices.  Avoid contact with eyes.  Wash hands after using.

You can now buy Createx in 2 and 4 oz. bottles at


After making their debut at AFIC Shirley & Sadie - The Red Hat Ladies are now available on the site.  This comprehensive 41 page pattern covers the material we taught in a three day course at the last We Folk along with updated clothes and a new friend for Sadie. The full-figured doll body has 2 different heads, a unique bust construction, several arm/hand options and directions for two complete costume ensembles including underwear, clothing, hats, shoes, bags, gloves, and jewelry. Along with the pattern we are providing an optional kit that includes 32 items needed to complete the doll and her accessories.  The kit includes red and purple leather for hats, shoes and handbags; Sculpey for high heels; buckram, wire and Dip 'n Drape for hats; and everything you need to complete their stunning jewelry, along with a few surprises. 

This month our Doll for All Seasons transforms into Adrianna -  A Springtime Faerie.  Not only will you be creating her beautiful costume, but youll learn to make the realistic stump shes seated upon as well as the dazzling wings made from fused Angelina Fiber.  As always, this COSTUME ONLY pattern debuts at half price - $4.50.  A limited number of kits are also available.

CAROLINE BARNARD has found a fabulous way of combining a variety of arts that many of us enjoy with her Dollscapes.  From the first pattern you can make three different characters that are then framed and incorporated into a quilted wall hanging.  We also have her very whimsical Frogscapes for creating a charming amphibian scene.  We know you are going to love these projects!

Two of our talented Australian Designers have new offerings this month.  DIANE EVDOKIMOFF has a gorgeous Russian Fairy Princess called Latanya,
and MICHELLE MUNZONE treats us to a beautifully embellished dancing gypsy called Zingara.

We are delighted to now have VIRGINIA ROBERTSONS classic Making Faces booklet along with her charming Red Hat Ladies Pin.



Many of our customers have been waiting patiently for more of our favorite Grrrip Glue to come in.  We re-ordered back in March and are still waiting.  Mary Ann talked to the factory this past week and they said they are waiting for an essential ingredient to arrive so that they can make more.  They said it would be another couple of weeks.  Were keeping our fingers crossed.


Q:  I couldnt access the free patterns for chemo hats at Nancys Notions mentioned in the April newsletter.  Help!

A:  Pamela - I included the link directly to the project.  Since that didn't work, try this:
Go to
Click on online extras
Click on free projects
Click on Creative kindness
Ignore any pop-ups that request security clearance.  Just say you want to continue running the program.
Click on projects
In addition to the turban and beret, there are several other projects for cancer patients.  Hope this helps, and thanks for reading our newsletter.


We just got in 2 bolts of White Craft Velour for an exciting unicorn project that designer LAURIE TAYLOR will be releasing soon.

Bonnie has been reformulating the fabric dyes and we are once again able to offer you three African shades of our Ethnic Fabric in Light, Medium and Dark.

Beads accepts small orders and has a wide variety of beads


Marcia Acker-Missall is teaching a two day workshop at the Crystal Creations Bead Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida on June 25 and 26.  Students will learn to make her Story Telling Amulet Necklace.  For details and to see the necklace go to:
The class will be repeated July 29-31 at the Northeast Quilt Association Festival in Farmington, Connecticut.  For details go to:
You can see more of Marcias fabulous designs at


Bonnie injured her knee the night before the AFIC conference in Ohio, but she and Mary Ann went anyway and had a wonderful time.  It was so exciting to meet some of our designers and customers in person.  Mary Ann was chosen to model an original Japanese fashion created from napkins, wire and other assorted junk.  She looked fabulous!  While there we picked up some Angelina fiber, and the May Doll for All Seasons, instead of being Guinevere on a tree swing singing Its May, Its May, the lusty month of May, turned into Adrianna, a springtime fairy with gorgeous Angelina wings perched on a tree stump.   Some dolls just have a mind of their own.  Her daughter Caralee is expecting a little girl before May 30th, and Bonnie will drive to Boston to help with her other three children.  Meanwhile, yesterday two of her daughters were involved in a three car collision on the way to work, (they were hit by a speeding car from behind) and life has been a series of x-rays, chiropractors, and doctors ever since.  Fortunately, injuries were slight, and the car wasnt even damaged.  Who knows what excitement next month will bring?

Not too much new and exciting at Mary Anns house except for the constant challenge of finding spaces to store all of the new products weve been getting in.  Our assistant Kelli is a whiz at keeping things organized which really helps.  Mary Anns daughter Ana is getting married in September so the seeds of wedding gown creation have been planted.  Given that Ana is Hawaiian/Japanese/Irish/Slovak and her fianc Nik is Indian its going to be quite the multi-cultural event.  Instead of bridesmaids Ana and Nik will each have their brothers stand up for them.  Nik is an identical twin so hopefully shell marry the right one!  Ana is determined to have the color red incorporated into her dress.  Were thinking about buying some sari fabric to work into it, perhaps as an overlay.  Stay tuned for further developments


Want to try something different?  Check here for cute elephant and bear patterns.  Best of all, they are free!

Make an adorable dress form for your dolls (it could also be a pincushion)

Cabbage Patch Dolls free patterns in several sizes

Fairy Legends and Lore

Wed love to hear your thoughts about our Customer Connection newsletter.

Contact the editor Bonnie B. Lewis at with any comments, suggestions, address changes, etc.

Please feel free to pass this newsletter on to any of your friends.  Help us spread the word about Dollmakers Journey!  All we ask is that you forward it intact, with all the subscription information included.

Thanks!  (By the way, you might want to print this out and put it into a binder to keep for reference.)


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