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Dollmaker's Journey

June/July 2007 Issue 68

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Dollmaker’s Journey
June/July 2007 Issue 68
Dream ~ Imagine ~ Create ~ Grow ~ Believe ~ Magic
at we help your creative dreams come true.

June/July 2007 Issue 68

Copyright 2007 by Dollmaker’s Journey

Dollmaker’s Journey Customer Connection newsletter is a free e-mail newsletter. Tell your friends, family and fellow dollmakers about us, and feel free to forward this newsletter to those who might be interested. You can visit our companion website at:

You can read all the past issues online. Go to:
The archives include an easy to follow index to all the past issues.

Dear Dollmaker Friends,

We’re sorry the June newsletter never got sent. As you can tell, this is a June/July issue. Family events got in the way (see News from the Home Front for details). We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The long awaited (at least by Bonnie) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie came out July 11 at midnight. The seventh (and last) book in the series will be available on July 21st. In honor of Harry’s birthday (July 31st) we are having a wonderful sale of all things magical, including elves, wizards, dragons and mythical beasts, aliens, and trolls (see below for details.)

In conjunction with this sale, we are beginning a new contest. Every month we will have a question (usually doll related, but not always). Check below for the question. We will have a drawing of everyone who answers the question correctly, and one lucky person will receive a gift certificate from Dollmaker’s Journey. Check the newsletter each month for the latest question and answer for the previous month.

Mary Ann and Bonnie


Everyone knows that Bonnie is the without question the world's biggest Harry
Potter fan! In honor of the upcoming release of the last book and the 5th
movie we are putting all things relating to Harry Potter characters on sale
in July. That means you'll enjoy a 20% savings on all of the following
categories: ELVES/WIZARDS, DRAGONS/MYTHICAL BEASTS, TROLLS AND ALIENS! Be sure to treat yourself to something from this huge collection of patterns.


This month there are two questions, and the last will need to be confirmed once Book 7 “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” comes out on July 21st, although Bonnie thinks she knows who it is.

What was Albus Dumbledore’s brother’s name? (Albus Dumbledore was the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.)

Who is R.A.B.? Clues in book 5 and 6, answer in book 7.

Everyone who emails in correct answers by the end of the month (July) will be entered into a drawing for a $10 gift certificate to Dollmaker’s Journey. The winner will be announced in the next newsletter. Email your answers to Bonnie at Put July Quiz in subject box.


We recently got a letter I would like to share with all of you.

To whom it may concern,

I wanted to make soft dolls to be given to women who need to know someone out there was thinking of her when she arrived at a Women's shelter so I blogged it. In no time I had several ladies wanting to make "Comfort Dolls" for my cause. That was last week. Today I thought I would check online for free doll patterns to share with the ones who are donating dolls and I found your site. I was browsing and choosing dolls that looked easy, and scrolled down to learn that you are a supporter of charity dolls and you mention so many causes. Here I thought it was my idea, and you have been doing this for a long time. How wonderful to know this. I decided on women's shelters because of abuse many of us have shared and at times didn't know where to go or if anyone cared. Your site has given me much needed information on our dolls recipients. I have been emailing shelters in my state but no one has answered yet.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your site, free patterns, and for supporting such great causes. I will let you know how we do if you like.
Warmly, Pat Winter

Check out our charity corner at for patterns and suggestions on contributing charity projects.


We recently received a question about wire size: “I've been using 1/8” diameter and 3/16” diameter aluminum armature wire for the wings on Judith Prior dragons. How does your 11.5 gauge aluminum sculpting wire compare in thickness to these sizes?”

I believe our wire would also work, although it isn't as thick as the wire mentioned. Here is a handy chart converting wire gauge into inches for future reference.


Who Am I? Challenge by Sherry Goshon has ended. Check out the 29 original entries and vote for your favorite.

Hoffman Challenge 2007
Deadline: July 27, 2007

Annual Australian Cloth Doll Challenge from Western Dollmakers
Deadline: August 3-5, 2007
Theme: Tree of Life
For information and entry forms:

16th Annual "Dimensions in Dollmaking"
Theme: History in the Making
Show will be August 22-25, 2007 in San Diego, California
Promise forms due by July 19 and dolls by August 1, 2007
Forms and more information at:

All Dolled Up: Beaded Art Doll Competition 2007 – Theme Celestial Reflections
Deadline: August 31, 2007For more information go to:

“Gypsies of the Sea” 2007 sponsored by Treasures of the Gypsy
The challenge packets are available now, and finished dolls are due in September. To enter next years challenge, send $15 to:
Pamela Armas/Treasures of the Gypsy, PO Box 748, Mountainair, NM 87036.
You will receive a packet of fabric, trims, and trinkets to use on you Gypsy doll. You may add additional fabrics of your choice to your doll.

"THE ANTIQUE WOODEN DOLL Re-creation in Cloth"   Cloth Doll Challenge
Deadline:  September 15th
Sponsored by Judi Ward and Doll Net Market.
Great Prizes!!!!
For more information go to...


July 19-22, 2007 - Enchanted Doll Artists Conference
Embassy Suites, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Also EDAC website has info on the Gypsy challenge.

August 9-12, 2007 - Doll University presents Camp Doll U
Trinity Lutheran College, Issaquah, Washington, U.S.A.

August 16-20, 2007 - Tidewater Treasures: Doll Artist’s Journey to the Chesapeake Bay
The Queen’s Ink in Savage Mill near Baltimore, Maryland
Classes from Sherry Goshon and Jean Bernard
For more information, email, or call 877-661-1559. Information can also be obtained at the web site,

August 16-25, 2007 – Master’s at Marooochydore (MAM) 2007
Beerwah Q., Australia
Fabric figures and character artists from Australia and Canada
Applications closed June 1, 2007
Website: for on-line application & general information

May 13-20, 2008 (tentative date) – WOW New York
New York
More information will be forthcoming

To save yourself time and energy, get all the details on upcoming doll related events at CLOTH DOLL CONNECTION:

By Bonnie B. Lewis

Since there are so many conventions available this summer, we thought we would share information on how to travel with a sewing machine (especially if you are flying).

First, if you wish to carry on your machine, remove any needles or sharp instruments (such as a seam ripper) from the case and pack them in your checked luggage. Then consider getting a small sewing machine that will fit into the overhead luggage compartment. One lightweight sewing machine that several people used at the AFIC convention recently was by Brother - available at Walmart for only $199. It weighs only 7 pounds and can be carried on. It is useful to have an open toe foot if possible, which makes sewing accurately around freezer paper templates a breeze.

Deb from Kansas writes: Years ago when I first had to take my then new Janome on a plane trip, I talked to my dealer about it. She said that she has shipped many machines with the other luggage. She just puts them back in the original box with the Styrofoam packing that it came in. She says that protects it very well. That is what I have done with no problems. I also have a small fold-up "dolly" or cart that I strap it to. The plane folks will probably make you take it off the cart at check in. Depending on the size of the box, you may fit it into a suitcase on wheels

Dru Essinger writes: I found the easiest way was to ship my machine ahead to the hotel I was staying after getting the hotel's permission. This way it was insured and I didn't need to worry about the machine. If the class I was taking required any sharp tools like for use with clay I shipped those also-- I didn't want to lose them. You know what I have been known to ship my dirty clothes home and pack my beautiful new fabric in my suitcase! Before the clamp down on number of suitcases we used to each take an empty one with us to bring back our goodies. I would always pack my dolls in my suitcase and then I would use all of my clothes as packing around the dolls. Dolls in your suitcase make for one light suitcase! If you can get a heavier machine for your regular use and then get a small, lighter machine on sale for sewing in class.

By Mary Ann Kaahanui

For those of you who don’t know, we began our business in the summer of 1998 when we collaborated to write our Shoe Book. We wanted to learn how to make realistic looking shoes for our dolls. When we couldn’t find the books we were looking for we decided to write our own. Once the material was written we taught it first as a class at Internet Visions’ Crafty College. When we were sure our methods worked as well for others we pooled our money and self-published 100 copies. We actually picked them up on our way to the We Folk of Cloth Doll Conference that October. With the books stuffed into gym bags we sold them in the hallways, elevators, at the dinner table – everywhere. (We sorta felt like drug dealers!) They were all gone in a day and a half and we took the proceeds and had 200 more books printed. As time went on we thought we should have a website to facilitate sales. Mary Ann was already designing patterns and we decided to purchase patterns from our designing friends to sell as well.

We continued to print and sell the Shoe Book and later our Hat Book – “Creating Heavenly Hats for Discriminating Dolls” for several years. Eventually our time, energy and printing funds were needed to be spent on our rapidly expanding pattern and supply business and we made the decision not to reprint any more books. Lately there has been quite a bit of inquiry about the Shoe Book in particular. We are prejudiced for sure, but we think it is the most comprehensive shoemaking book for the vast variety of ways shoes can be made for dolls from appliquéing fabric, to painting, to every type of removable shoe imaginable for any size, shape or material of doll foot. There are over 100 different shoes included, with instructions to make them fit any doll or teddy bear. We always laugh when we are working on a project and have to get the book out to read our own instructions!

We wanted to let you know that our original Creating Fabulous Footwear online course will soon be available to you again. The world’s greatest webmaster – our dear Paul Phalen – has dug it out of mothballs and is getting it ready to appear at The course is the exact same material that was in the book only we colored in the drawings. (We didn’t have the money or the means for photography back then so there are hundreds of very detailed drawings.) We think this is the best way for us to make the material available to you. The course will be self-paced and we will ALWAYS be available to answer any questions you may have. As soon as we know the start date we’ll let you know. It never hurts to keep an eye out for the many incredible doll classes at Crafty College!


Free wing tutorial which you print on acetate. Instead of Diamond Glaze, try crystal lacquer sold at Dollmaker’s Journey.

There is a new free pattern called "Gigglebug" by KATE ERBACH! It includes a boy and a girl cute...and great for charity dolls!
See Kate’s wonderful patterns at:



To use the Dream Seamer place a thin pencil in the hole (mechanical pencils work great!), place the Dream Seamer on the edge of the TEMPLATE pattern (which is usually made of plastic or cardboard so there is a raised edge) and roll the Seamer around the pattern piece. You will get a perfect 1/4" drawn seam allowance. Originally this was designed to be used by quilters to add 1/4" seam allowance to quilt patterns, but it works well with doll patterns also. The Dream Seamer is especially helpful when you are enlarging or reducing patterns. You need to remove seam allowance before doing this (because the seam allowance will enlarge or reduce) and use a Dream Seamer to add the 1/4" seam allowance back to the altered patterns.


We're delighted to finally have BARB AND DOUG KEELING'S newest book "Focus
on 14 Fairy Faces." Whimsical, charming and above all - versatile - you
can't go wrong with their expert guidance for painting and shading perfect
faces every time. "Marina" is joining our collection of popular Keeling
Face Stamps along with another terrific chair pattern "Cute Chairs."

We have a great new item from ELINOR PEACE BAILEY called "Dollmaking, A Body
Language: Using the Human Form as a Pathway to Self Expression." EPB has
much to say in this thought provoking 30 page booklet about positioning and
adapting body parts to achieve meaningful expressions. A worthy addition to
your reference library!

You're going to love the bead joints in EDWINA SUTHERLAND'S very colorful
"Jolly Jester." Stop by and take a look.

We have two wonderful patterns from MARY TRESSLER'S Spanish Angel series -
"Paz" and "Vida." Each has distinctly different costuming that will get
your creative juices going. Then as a counterpoint, we have her "Hattie" a
seductively sassy witch. Stop by and take a peek at these and the rest of
our expansive collection of Mary's patterns.

From Down Under and across the sea comes a beautiful new fairy named "Caelia" from the talented DI EVDOKIMOFF. Get out your organza, ribbons and
silk and get ready to learn some wonderful techniques.

VICKI RILEY has done it again with her precious new baby pattern - "Angie
Baby." This delightful doll looks great with or without hair and with eyes
open or shut. You're going to love it!

JEAN and SHERRY GOSHON will be teaching a class in Reno using SHERRY'S new
mold "Luna." Another lovely alternate face for the "Blossom" body.

You're going to love learning how to make fabulous wings and clothing using
a paper sack in KERRY SEYMOUR'S newest pattern "Lyla and Lilly" a delightful
mother and baby troll.

Australia's JUDITH PRIOR has become quite the dragon maven and her newest
Chinese Dragon "Fu Lung" is a fantastic project. Take a look at how
different color choices produce dramatically different effects. Her "Sandy"
the sand lizard is not only quick and easy but would be a terrific pattern
for teaching a young person to sew.

Congratulations to artist/designer LI HERTZI on the publication of her
fabulous new book - "Art Doll Adventures - Exploring Projects and Processes
through Cultural Traditions." Get ready to take a wild ride through a
variety of colorful, energetic projects incorporating a huge array of
techniques that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.


Q: I have just started making dolls for children and I am concerned about washing the hair. I am using regular yarn but am afraid it will be a mess once it's washed. Is there a way to prevent the hair from going crazy? Also how should I stitch it on to be more secure?

A: I have made many dolls for children, and here are some suggestions. First, back stitch the yarn hair in place after you have wefted it. Wefting means to simple sew down the middle of yarn strips to connect strands together. (For a great tutorial on wefting doll hair check out If I want curly hair I will use a hairpin lace loom (available at Dollmaker's Journey) which can create curls 1/2" to 2" in diameter. The loom is adjustable from 1" to 4" wide. The hairpin lace loom will create loops of yarn that look like curls when sewn close together. You can also cut the loops for a straight little boy or pixie look.

Decide on the width of curls (for 1/2" curls set the loom to 1" wide), and wrap yarn around the rods until the loom is full. Narrow zigzag down the center with matching thread. Remove one end of loom, slide off loops, replace end, and continue wrapping yarn and sewing until you have a long enough strip to wrap around head several times. Draw hairline on doll head and begin sewing hair to head, sewing on stitching line. I usually begin at the center back of the head. Sew hair around in a spiral about 1/2" to 1" apart, depending on size of curls. At center front of head I will sew the second row close to the first, but the rest I will space out. It is helpful to draw a spiral line on the head before stitching. If you use a backstitch the hair will even be more secure. Check out Gloria "Mimi" Winer's directions in our March 2003 Customer Connection newsletter (

For straight hair follow Gloria's directions and weft the yarn. I usually wrap the yarn around a book, put tape where I want the part to be, and sew along the edge of the tape. Sew hair on using the back stitch.

As for washing cloth dolls, place a knee high panty hose over doll's head and hair before washing by hand or on a gentle cycle in the machine. If the doll is small, tie the stocking around the neck to keep in place. Dry doll leaving the stocking in place. This will keep the hair from getting "messed up."


STUFFING FORK - We are happy to report that JUDITH PRIOR’S popular Stuffing Fork Sets (so lovingly made by her husband) are now back in stock.

FACE MOLDS - We have some great new face molds for you at Dollmaker's Journey. From JEAN BERNARD we have "Kali Rose" and the ethereal "Oliva." Just think of the fabulous dolls you can make with these molds! HGTV came to film at Jean's house the other day. Can't wait to see the results!

FACE STAMPS - . "Marina" is joining our collection of popular Keeling
Face Stamps.


This has been a very eventful time for both Bonnie and Mary Ann. Bonnie’s mother JUNE BABBEL passed away May 23rd in her sleep. She told everyone several days before that Fred (her husband who died 6 years earlier) was coming to get her. The funeral was in Utah June 4. She was 89. While Bonnie was in Utah handling funeral arrangements her youngest daughter met a young man she hadn’t seen for 2 years and decided to get married. They eloped two days after Bonnie returned from the funeral. Her daughter stayed long enough to finish finals (at college) and then flew out to join her husband in Utah where he is employed. Sometimes the world turns upside down.

Mary Ann actually snuck out of town with Jim and took the first real vacation she’s had in the nine years since we established our business. As luck would have it, Jim’s niece Kathy Reiderer decided to wed Tim Cole in Honolulu, Hawaii on June 30th. If you are going to go that far away you may as well stay and have some fun! Accompanied by 4 of Jim’s 5 cherubs and 3 of their significant others the happy gang of 9 rented a fabulous house in the town of Kailua and had a magnificent time attending the wedding, touring Oahu, visiting the famed Polynesian Cultural Center, the Arizona Memorial, hiking, swimming, enjoying Waikiki nightlife and so much more. Jim took a side trip over to the island of Kauai with daughter Kate for the spectacular helicopter ride along the Na Pali Coast. It was very nostalgic for Mary Ann to revisit the military housing neighborhoods she had lived in for 8 years. The trip was without question all that Mak and Jim hoped it would be. Many thanks to our very capable assistant ANDREA GODLA for doing such a tremendous job holding down the fort and keeping the orders filled.


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