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Dollmaker's Journey

February 2005 Issue 41

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Dollmakers Journey

February 2005 Issue 41


Copyright 2005 by Dollmaker’s Journey

Dollmaker’s Journey Customer Connection newsletter is a free e-mail newsletter. Tell your friends, family and fellow dollmakers about us, and feel free to forward this newsletter to those who might be interested. You can visit our companion website at:

You can read all the past issues online. Go to:
The archives include an easy to follow index to all the past issues.


Dear dollmaker friends,

When we created our Doll for All Seasons pattern, we decided to create a holiday related costume pattern each month. Every pattern will include something for her head, a new hairdo, unique shoes, a fabulous outfit, and at least two accessories along with new techniques to improve your dollmaking skills. January’s Snow Queen has been replaced by February’s Queen of Hearts. Here you will learn invisible appliqué techniques, how to make a silver serving tray with faux embossing, sculpt tarts with realistic glaze, create two-tone court shoes, make a molded crown and filigree necklace, along with a gorgeous gown with medieval sleeves. Her pantaloons are pin tucked and embroidered, and so is her matching slip. Inspiration for her outfit came from an early woodcut for a children’s nursery rhyme book. You will need black curly hair for her wig, felting needles, Bo-Nash powder, pipe cleaners, and turning tubes. We have created a limited number of kits that contain some hard-to-find items including everything you need to make the shoes (Ultrasuede, ultra leather and jewels), necklace, and we’ve thrown in gold lace and jewels for the crown. In March we will introduce 16th century historical costuming for our Irish Colleen Kelly, named in honor of our new assistant, Kelli Zingler, here at Dollmaker’s Journey.

Mary Ann and Bonnie


There is still time to enjoy 20% off all of Patti Culea’s patterns, our February Designer of the Month”. “Princess Moonbeam and Her Starbabies” has just arrived. Now is the perfect time to treat yourself to her book, doll patterns and the “Stargaze Stitchery Tome.” All of her items along with the Bo-Nash Powder she recommends will be 20% off all month long.

Don’t Forget the Queen of Hearts costume pattern for our Doll for All Seasons is half price until the March pattern arrives.



Business has really been booming at Dollmaker's Journey and we needed more hands to get the orders out every day. We are so blessed to have Kelli Zingler, an old friend of Mary Ann's join our team. Mary Ann and Kelli met in 1990 when they both were living in Gaeta, Italy only to find out they were from the same hometown in New Jersey! Not only that, their Moms are in the same prayer group at church. Now they've ended up living 2 miles apart in Virginia. Kelli has lived and traveled around the world as a Navy wife and is the mother of 16 yr old Ashley and 10 year old Patrick. We are thrilled to have someone so enthusiastic and competent to help us grow and evolve so we can serve your dollmaking needs better.


Several months ago I gave you a website for some awesome wing instructions. That site has been closed down. The new website is:
Check it out. You’ll love it!



Ever wonder how to do a ladder stitch (useful for closing up doll body parts), make a Turkish or quilter’s knot, or create a fanciful doll accessory using embroidery? Check out the Embroiderer’s Guild website at
You will also find lots of great project ideas here.



Fantasy Guardian Angel for Quilting Arts Magazine Challenge
Deadline: March 1, 2005
Information appeared in their Winter 2004 magazine, including possible pattern.
For more information email them at:

CC23 CostumeCon Doll Costume Competition 2005
Convention dates: April 29 – May 2, 2005 in Ogden, Utah
For general information about CostumeCon visit their website at:
For information about the doll competition, go to:
Color Challenge dolls MUST pre-register. They will give you two colors to use in costuming your doll.

Challenges In Time: Japonism
Deadline: June 30, 2005
For details go to:

2005 Second Annual All Dolled Up: Beaded Art Doll Competition
Deadline: August 15, 2005
Theme: Over the Rainbow
For more information go to:

Through the Looking Glass Doll Challenge (Fairfield Poly-fil Challenge)
Deadline: December 31, 2005
For details and entry form, go to:



April 16, 2005 – Cloth-A-Dollics of Victoria BC Spring Luncheon
Princess Mary Restaurant in Victoria, BC
All Northwest Cloth Dollmakers invited. For more information email:
Barb Swain or Michèle Ashmore

April 28 – May 1, 2005 – Santa Fe International Figurative Art is cancelled

April 28 – May 1, 2005 - 6th Annual Canadian Doll Artists Association Conference
Holiday Inn, Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada
Call 519-539-7598 or visit their website at:

April 28 - May 1, 2005 – Artistic Figures in Cloth (AFIC)
Columbus, Ohio
Dollmaker’s Journey will be venders at this event, and we will have a free gift for everyone who purchases something from us at the convention.

April 29 – May 1, 2005 – Doll Art Workshops
Mineral Point Living Arts Center, Mineral Point, Wisconsin or call 608-987-3292 for class schedule. Register early!

September 17-18, 2005 – Magic Doll Exposition
Las Vegas, Nevada
For more information email Lee Bryant at

To save yourself time and energy, get all the details on upcoming doll related events at CLOTH DOLL CONNECTION:



Kerry Seymour, one of our designers, created a Valentine pin doll for a swap and decided to put it up as a free pattern. Click on the free pattern button at:
You can see some of Kerry’s other designs at:

And speaking of FREE we have a terrific new project from JUDITH PRIOR called “Fancy Nancy” that’s quick, easy and oh so much fun to make.



The editor of Doll Costuming sent me the following guidelines for anyone who has created a wonderful costume, pattern, or article they would like to publish in a magazine.

Doll Costuming Submission Info

Costume Gallery
This gallery features costumes created by the readers. For submissions, send in 4" by 6" glossy prints or high resolution digital images on CD. Include your name, address, doll's name, height of the doll, and a description of the costume. Prints and images must be labeled with the costumer's name, preferably with a self-adhesive return address label applied to the back of prints and on the CD. Send submissions to Doll Costuming Gallery, N7450 Aanstad Road, P.O. Box 5000, Iola, WI 54945-5000, or email with the subject line "Costume Gallery."

Tips & Tricks

Send in helpful costuming and organizational hints to share with others. Each issue, one tip will be selected as our "Tip of the Month" and the lucky contributor will be awarded a prize. Send submissions to Doll Costuming Tips & Tricks at the Iola address or email with the subject line "Tips & Tricks."

Article and/or Pattern Submissions
Doll Costuming accepts all contributions for consideration. Content should have an emphasis on costuming and/or fashion. Material and patterns should be previously unpublished and original accessories should be of general interest to doll costumers and include directions. Submission does not ensure publications.

Artwork Requirements
These guidelines are for submitting photos for the gallery, feature articles, or any articles other than projects. All project photos must be professionally photographed. The editor will discuss the details of this if the article is accepted for publication. All photos should be clear, sharp, and bright.
Common Problems
There is a lot our graphic designers can do to fix a problem photo, but there are some things we cannot fix. Here are some common problems and easy solutions:
Motion Blur: This will completely distort a photo and cannot be fixed. Use a tripod or place the camera on a flat surface.
Out of focus: Many point-and-shoot cameras cannot take extreme close-up shots. Consult your camera's manual for instructions on how to take detail photos. Most manuals will tell you the minimum shooting distance; anything closer will turn out blurry.
Took dark/too light: We can usually fix this in-house, but if it is extremely dark or light it is hard to show accurate detail and colors. Take a few shots with a flash, without, and with a steady spotlight or natural light on a piece. Varying your light will increase your chances that one of the shots will be properly lit.
Busy background: A subject can easily be lost in a busy background. A solid colored fabric will make the subject stand out. Use a color that doesn't clash with the item being photographed. White is always a safe color.
Print Photos
Slides, transparencies, negatives, or good quality glossy color prints are acceptable. Do not write directly on the back of the photo. Write on a label or sticky note and attach it to the back. Any writing can indent the paper and appear when scanned. Be sure to include your name, phone number, and identify the subject and size of the doll in the photo.
Do not use paper clips on photos.
Digital Photos
All digital photos should be sent in as raw, unedited image files, not as printed photos. However, it is helpful if you send a printed copy along with CDs for reference only, especially if there is more than one image saved on the disk.
Acceptable formats include: jpg, psd, and tif. Files can be Mac or PC format.
Resolution is very important. We require at least 300 dpi for all images at full size (generally 4" by 6" or larger). A photo with lower resolution may look okay on screen, but will look grainy in print.
Files should be saved to a CD, emailed directly to the editor, or uploaded using the FTP site.

For more information, contact:
N7450 Aanstad Road
P.O. Box 5000
Iola, WI 54945-5000
Sarah Gloystein Peterson
Editor, Doll Costuming



The trumpets are blaring to announce the grand entrance of the very regal QUEEN OF HEARTS, our February costume for our “Doll for All Seasons.” For this project you will learn to make two-toned jeweled court shoes, molded crown and veil, miniature glazed tarts, a silver tray and much more. As an Introductory Special this $9 pattern will retail for half price - $4.50 until we release the next costume, so be sure to get yours early.

We have four more all-time favorites from the JULIE McCULLOUGH Magic Threads collection the “Secret Keeper,” “Widget,” “Holly May,” and the beautiful “Razzle-Dazzle,” winners every one!

From SUSAN BARMORE we have 2 very exciting painted muslin projects a magnificent “Red Phoenix” and the very intriguing “Mermaid on Rock.” Stop by and take a peek

From Down Under we have the newest creation from MARILYN HALCOMB “Miss Matilda” a very charming old Cat Lady with tons of personality. You’re going to love her!

That amazing MARY TRESSLER never sits still and we’re delighted to have two of her terrific new patterns “Fantine” and “Lola Palluza.”

Australia’s MICHELLE MUNZONE treats us to 4 new patterns “Neptune” a mighty King of the Sea, a Good Luck witch named “Margreth,” “Sabine” all dolled up in ruffles and lace and a darling little dragon named “Piccolo.” Stop by and see these and all of Michelle’s wonderful pattern collection.

You’ll be using wire, batting, clay and your most extravagant fabrics and embellishments to make the four fabulous new projects we have from JACQUE UETZ “Molly Muse,” “Gypsy’s Secret,” “Jillian Jester” and a very whimsical Kitchen Witch named “Hazel.” These wonderful new projects are guaranteed to tickle your creative fancy.

ALLISON MARANO delights us with her amazing new doll called “Elfshot.” Just take a look at the photo and you’ll be hooked!

Last, but never least, another great pattern from SHERRY GOSHON “Friendship Angel with Hearts” a terrific wall doll.



Q: I am having trouble with ink bleeding on my fabrics when I try to draw faces on it. Is there anything I can treat the fabric with that will prevent this?

A: If you lightly spray the fabric with Krylon Workable Fixative, hair spray, or paint on a light coat of Createx and then use your fabric pens, they won't bleed as much. Try this on a scrap of fabric first. What kind of pens are you using? Gel pens don't bleed. Zig and Pigma pens don't bleed if you use a light stroke. Sharpie pens bleed no matter what you do. Also, the kind of fabric you are using is a big factor. Dolskin bleeds a lot more than the ethnic fabric we sell that is 100% cotton. Sometimes the best solution is to paint the face on with a very fine (10 O) brush instead of a pen.



Mary Tressler is an extremely talented designer. Her body designs are the absolute best. You will find tons of information at her web site: Look under Basics 101 for many wonderful tutorials and dollmaking tips. Also, Mary is wonderful about helping new doll makers. Her VIP online course is unbelievable.
You can see more of her patterns at



Our web master, Paul, has recently been helping around the house. He writes: Well I have come to my wits end trying to prepare meals that are nourishing and taste good. I am stuck in the hamburger, macaroni and cheese (yes boxed), baked chicken (well... shake and bake) and spaghetti rut! So I sat down and did a Google search for new ideas. To make a long story short I never found much good information but ended up on e-bay and purchased my own recipe program/website.

I have setup this site as more of a Help/Tip site and thought we could all have fun with it plus get a little help at the same time. I figure with 2,000 dollmakers with kids, grandkids and great-grandkids any problem I run into must have been solved at least a 1,000 times before. The site is not commercial. I has some google ads that might cover part of the hosting fee and I put the Doll Net as a sponsor so everyone knows it is not just a crackpot running the site

I will add a "Just for Fun" section at the end of the FOCD ad and put a new Question/Problem each week.

The site is (shameless name!)

First Question is:

Vegetables!#&%@?? How do you get kids to eat vegetables? Any good recipes? Tips on how to cook them?



We are about to launch a major expansion of our Supply Department to facilitate your one-stop-shopping and provide the materials we are using in our Doll for All Seasons projects. This week we’ve added the black Curly Hair ( ) for the Queen of Hearts and the silver Rub N Buff for making her tray, along with black and white Sculpey III, our favorite silver and gold metallic Lumiere Paints, chenille stems in packs of 100 and white Floral Tape for making perfect hands and arms. We’ve added John James straight and curved beading needles and a fabulous set of five Gelly Roll pens. (Mary Ann uses her terra cotta one for everything!)

Having a hard time finding everything to create the Queen of Hearts and Snow Queen outfits? We now have a limited number of kits that include some of the very hard-to-find items, including jewelry, trims, and shoe fabrics. We have raided our stash to share special treasures that are no longer available in stores. Check out our kits at

We are tickled pink to have BARB AND DOUG KEELING’S delightful “StamPin Kits.” You’ll be stamping up a storm with the 4 different rubber stamp faces, fabric, pin backs plus complete instructions for painting/shading faces and directions for making face pins and other fun projects.

The Freezer Paper Sheets are now in the Supply section pre-cut, heavy duty paper that is perfect for your printer and countless projects.


From one of our favorite designers, Judi Ward (Her patterns are now available at

I want to pass on a tip I just started using yesterday for paint water. I always used a Styrofoam cup so it is easy to fill, clean and toss when is wider at the top than at the bottom so I occasionally tipped it over. I was eating some Yoplait yogurt yesterday and thought!!!! Wow! The cup is wider at the bottom than the top, so won't tip. Washed my cup and filled it with water and it is ready to be useful. I have used bigger things too, but I tend to not dump and clean them so the water is dirty all the time. I think the yogurt cup will be the answer.



Bonnie has been busy creating costumes for the Doll for All Seasons. She is happily working on the March costume, and has created several different sock and shoe options. In the March Newsletter you will get a little taste of history in the 16th century. For those of you visiting Washington, D.C. between March 5 and April 24, several of her dolls, including the Queen of Hearts, the Snow Queen, our charity dolls, and her great-great grandparents on their wedding day, will be on display at the Washington, D.C. Mormon Temple Visitor’s Center in Kensington, Maryland as part of Women of Faith – Works of Beauty Invitational Textile Exhibit. Hope to see some of you there.

Mary Ann snuck out of town for a few days at the end of January to visit her son Michael in Southern California where he has just purchased his first home. Mike works at the Pala Resort and Casino and he treated Mom to her first massage. It was fabulous! Her favorite singer Al Jarreau was appearing there and not only did she get to enjoy his wonderful show, but she was able to meet him afterwards. Mike did a super job of spoiling Mom rotten.

Another treat was a delightful afternoon visit with the amazing Barb and Doug Keeling in their "House of Whimsy." Every nook and cranny of their home holds a fascinating display or collection or doll. There was so much to savor and enjoy. Then M.A. got to drool with envy over Barbara's new studio - it was just to die for! Yesterday she finished and sent off 30 Bereavement dolls to Peoria, IL where they will be used in the areas first Rachel's Vineyard Retreat. ( There's never a dull moment, that's for sure.



Great site on wire armatures -

Article on Doll Armatures:

This is a great web site for those wanting to make puppets.....

We’d love to hear your thoughts about our Customer Connection newsletter.

Contact the editor Bonnie B. Lewis at with any comments, suggestions, address changes, etc.

Please feel free to pass this newsletter on to any of your friends. Help us spread the word about Dollmaker’s Journey! All we ask is that you forward it intact, with all the subscription information included.

Thanks! (By the way, you might want to print this out and put it into a binder to keep for reference….)


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