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Dollmaker's Journey

October 2005 Issue 49

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Dollmakers Journey

October 2005 Issue 49

Copyright 2005 by Dollmakers Journey

Dollmakers Journey Customer Connection newsletter is a free e-mail newsletter. Tell your friends, family and fellow dollmakers about us, and feel free to forward this newsletter to those who might be interested. You can visit our companion website at:

You can read all the past issues online.  Go to:
The archives include an easy to follow index to all the past issues.


Dear dollmaker friends,

Our Halloween Costume Contest has ended, and the dolls are ready for your vote.  Please check them out and vote before October 31 ( ).  On Halloween we will announce the winners on our website and also at FOCD, and I will give you more details in the next newsletter.

Our entry for the Halloween Doll for All Seasons is very unusual.  She is Chinese, her name is Mei Long, and she is the Mistress of Dragons.  Because of the contest where you were supposed to design your own costume, we didn't create any kits this month.  However, in November we will have a wonderful kit which will include a special surprise from the Plymouth Plantation (hopefully in time for Thanksgiving!)  You can see Mei Long and her faithful companion, Hua Lung, a Chinese Imperial Dragon (pattern sold separately), at:

Everyone who entered our Halloween contest will receive both patterns free, in addition to any other prizes they have won.  Congratulations, ladies, on a job well done.

Mary Ann and Bonnie


October Mei Long, Mistress of Dragons
We tried to come up with something different for Halloween, and the result is Mei Long, ancient Chinas Mistress of Dragons.  Learn how to make an authentic Chinese costume, complete with fusible appliqus and piping.  Create miniature Chinese ball and loop fasteners, traditional wig (even if it is purple), hair picks, beaded slippers, and a magical dragon scepter.  Special head pattern and directions for creating a Chinese face are included. This costume will fit both a standing and seated doll.  This pattern will be half price until the November dolls are available.

 Hua Lung Chinese Imperial Dragon
A partner to Mei Long, Mistress of Dragons, Hua Lung is a true Chinese Imperial Lung Dragon, complete with wired whiskers, beard, feathered tail, and fully armatured body and claws.  36 long, from nose to tip of tail, he can be posed in many different ways.  Learn the secret of wired claws and whiskers, pearl teeth, fantasy eyes, feather dyeing, animal sculpting and trapunto mask as you create this celestial protector of the Chinese Gods, a symbol of the East who represents the sun.  This pattern will be 20% off through the end of November.

Weve just created a new Face Making category on the site filled with wonderful books, stamps, transfers and more to help you make wonderful faces.  Then we thought it would be a great idea to put everything on sale!  So, our October Sale is 20% off everything in the Face Making category.  Be sure to treat yourself!  Go to and click on GO under the "October Sale" heading.

Beginning November 1 ALL our dragon and mythical beast patterns will be on sale for 20% off, including Hua Lung Chinese Imperial dragon. 


We are happy to report that the Grrrip Glue is back in stock!!


Shelley Hawkey of Abra Creations has a free pattern for a doll she calls Lil Luv.  These dolls are designed for Women's shelters, Children's Hospital, and victims of catastrophe. It's a small thing, but when everything else has been taken from you it makes a difference. Please feel free to make as many as you want and share with whom ever you
choose.  She also has put her doll 'Hope' on the Home page. She is the 'Spirit of Hope'
and was created to show that we always have each other in the face of disaster. She exemplifies how people come together when in need. The sale of 'Hope' will go to charity.  See both dolls at
See more of Shelleys creations at:

Fiberart for a Cause - Fabric Postcards/American Cancer Society
Virginia Spiegel is a quilt artist who has organized an on-line sale of fabric postcards, which has already raised over $13,000 for the American Cancer Society.  You can see some of them at:
Kathie Briggs shows you how to make these postcards in this free tutorial:
You can see more of Kathies wonderful designs at:


Q: I have stitched up your pattern Doll of all seasons but put a hole through the fingers.

A:  Just wanted to pass on a useful tip I learned the hard way.  When you poke a hole in a finger or have a torn blown seam, just put a little Grrrip or white glue on a needle or pin and gently press fabric frayed ends into the finger or seam allowance.  It will dry and you will never know a hole was there.  Also, if the hole is in the area of a fingernail, Crystal Lacquer will seal the tear very nicely.


Art Doll Challenge: Celebrity Look-Alike Dolls
Deadline: December 12, 2005
Submission requirements on back of Summer 2005 Art Doll Quarterly
Direct questions to Sharilyn Miller, Editor-in-Chief, ADQ, 22992 Mill Creek, Suite B, Laguna Hills, CA 92653 or e-mail

Through the Looking Glass Doll Challenge (Fairfield Polyfil Challenge)
Deadline:  December 31, 2005
For details and entry form, go to:

Party Time Challenge from Doll Crafter & Costuming Magazine and Sherry Goshon
Challenge appears in February issue of Doll Crafter Magazine which comes out November 21, 2005. Embellish the doll or create a costume. Winning dolls will be pictured in the magazine.
Free pattern and details on their website in December at:


November 11-13 Rivercity Dollmakers 8th Annual Gallery Show and Sale
1 Levee Way, Newport, Kentucky or call 1-866-538-3359
January 13-16, 2006 Southern Doll Conference
Holiday Inn, Deland, Florida

April 27 30, 2006 Canadian Doll Artists Association: Celebration 2006
Holiday Inn Convention Center, Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada

May 6, 2006 - Calgary Doll Club Spring Sale
North Glenmore Park Community Assoc., 2231 Longridge Drive SW
Calgary, Alberta
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Admission:  Adults $3.00, children under 12 free
For more information call Marina at (403) 243-6479.

July 27-31, 2006 NIADA Conference 2006
Bloomington, Minnesota

To save yourself time and energy, get all the details on upcoming doll related events at CLOTH DOLL CONNECTION:


Designer Ute Vasina has several "free" pin patterns, including a pumpkin just in time for Halloween.  Just click on the "Free Stuff" tab at
You can see Utes delightful trolls at

Deb McKenzie writes: Just wanted to let you know that I just uploaded a new pin doll pattern to my web site.  This one is a little different---simple but a great way to stretch creativity and use your imagination!  Take a peek at:

By Marcia Acker-Missal

This article was written for all of you creative spirits who want some hints right away
about supporting your dolls on stands that are not store bought and often not
appropriate for your work.

I think that you will find some great ideas for supporting a doll through the leg and other areas with interior support structures in the wonderful book by Susanna Oroyan- "Anatomy of a Doll" or her other book, "Designing the Doll".  (Both books are available at

Consider this method for supporting a doll:

1 - Buy a hollow brass tube and another hollow or solid brass tube that will slide inside the wider one.

2 - Coat thinly the outer surface of the larger tube with some glue and then insert it up through the bottom of the foot & leg or appropriate body part of the stuffed doll leaving the bottom end of hollow tube easily seen.

3 - Let the glued tube dry.

4 - Drill a small hole into the chosen base to accommodate the narrower brass tube. Make sure the base is heavy enough and wide enough to support the weight of your doll.

5 - Insert narrow tube into drilled hole. Make sure it's a snug fit and hole is deep enough to hold the tube securely in place.

6 - Now hold the base in your right or left hand and insert the narrow tube inside the wider hollow tube that you placed inside the doll earlier.

7 - Place the doll on the stand onto a flat surface and you should have a very pleasing and successful result.

Alternative Method:

1 - Use a thin wooden dowel or bamboo skewer. Sizes chosen depend on size and weight of doll.

2 - Sand the surfaces smooth and sand a nice sharp point onto one end. This end will get inserted into the doll's leg through the foot or other area as needed.

3 - Leave about 1/2" to 1" of dowel extended out through the foot. Drill a hole to proper size of the dowel used into a sturdy wooden base.

4 - Now insert the exposed end of the dowel coming out of the doll into the hole in the base. This should do it for you.

Resources for supplies:
Train hobby shops are perfect for obtaining the hollow and solid brass or steel/aluminum tubes that usually come in 12" lengths. They can be cut with a simple tube cutter also available at hobby shops.

I do hope that this helps gives you a head start.

You can see Marcias fanciful patterns at
Also visit her website at for her teaching schedule.


SHELLEY HAWKEY has a delightful baby gargolyle named Galin that youre just going to love.

DE RUE JOHNSON specializes in Mystical Creatures and this week we are introducing her Geenomuns and Big Little Kitty Fey.  Why dont you click here and check them out

BILLIE HEISLERs newest pattern Dragonfly Riders is just darling.  Why not take a peek.

Miss Lillian Frogett by CYNDY SIEVING is a perfect project for new doll makers or anyone who loves a colorful character.

Englands JANET CLARK has yet another lovely felt doll for your enjoyment called Sunday Best featuring a cloth over technique.  Stop by and take a peek.

Its hard to believe the holidays are just around the corner.  Weve got a great new Santa pattern from SHELLEY HAWKEY to get you in the mood.

JULIE McCULLOUGH fans are going to be delighted with her three terrific new patterns.  Flower Girls are painted and sealed so they can live outside in your garden.  Thisbee is a whimsical character and Jack Flash is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Australias SUZETTE RUGOLO has just released her lively Red Hat Lady Esme that has one of the best aged faces weve seen yet.


Sherry Goshon discovered that if you put water in the press mold and then empty it, and then put the polymer clay in, its a great mold release.  We love it when she learns something new!  See Sherrys great molds and patterns at:


They meet the second Wednesday of every month 6-8 PM at:
Quilting Adventures
Dumbarton Square Shopping Center
7121 Staples Mill Road
Richmond, VA  23228


For your shopping convenience we now have Coats & Clark 100% Polyester Threads to match our fabrics.  A quick click will save you a trip to the store!


KATHLEEN CHRISMAN, editor of Dolls United Interactive Magazine, just got official confirmation that her doll Cira won Second Place Professional (doll category) in the Sulky 2005 Challenge. She is also the cover doll for the Celestial Issue of Dolls United.  You can see her at
Check out Kathleens wonderful patterns at:

ANNE HESSE is participating in an Artisans United, Inc. Invitational Guild Exhibition running from September 22- November 2, 2005 at the Artisans Center of Virginia in Waynesboro I-64.   Along with dolls the exhibit features art glass, baskets, ceramics jewelry, hand-painted porcelain, wearables, weaving, wood turning and carving. 
Check out Anne Hesses patterns at:


This month has been very busy for both of us.  Bonnie has spent most of her time designing three new patterns.  In addition to Mei Long Mistress of Dragons and her companion Hua Lung Chinese Imperial Dragon, she has created a four foot crocodile for her grandson to wear around his neck.  He wanted to be a crocodile hunter for Halloween this year and requested Grandma to make him one.  Hopefully she can put this free pattern on the website along with pictures in case anyone else wants to make a four foot crocodile that is kid proof.  It also makes a great pillow!

Mary Ann is using every spare minute to complete two portrait dolls of a couple she has been commissioned to make for their 65th wedding anniversary as gifts from their son. The woman has a very vivacious Auntie Mame like personality which is making the project challenging and fun.  As soon as shes done itll be time to finish up the male doll for the Doll for All Seasons project.  No rest for the weary!


Carve a pumpkin for Halloween

Halloween hangman My kids loved it!

Lovely period costumes and patterns to download and make:

An index of websites with free vintage patterns:

Free tutorial for making a wig will work with fleece that we sell at Dollmakers Journey:

Wed love to hear your thoughts about our Customer Connection newsletter.

Contact the editor Bonnie B. Lewis at with any comments, suggestions, address changes, etc.

Please feel free to pass this newsletter on to any of your friends.  Help us spread the word about Dollmakers Journey!  All we ask is that you forward it intact, with all the subscription information included.

Thanks!  (By the way, you might want to print this out and put it into a binder to keep for reference.)

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Copyright 2005 Dollmakers Journey

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