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Cloth Doll Books,
Tutorials, CDs and DVDs

The "How To's" Of Dollmaking!

"Cloth Doll Mermaids" with Patti Medaris Culea Cloth Doll Making DVD
Cloth Doll Mermaids
DVD by Patti Medaris Culea

Patti Culea is back again and this time she is taking us on a voyage to the deep blue sea! Cloth Doll Mermaids is a 2+hour DVD available from Patti featuring all of her signature teaching techniques as well as many new ideas to get the most out of your mermaid. Here's a brief list of what's included:

DVD Highlights:

- Introduction / Things you will Need
- Making the Mermaid's Body
- Laying out the Pattern
- Sewing & Stuffing the Mermaid's Body
- The Mermaid's Face: Draw, Sculpt & Color
- Embellishing the Mermaid's Body
- Coloring the Lacy Tailfin
- Organza for Tail Flukes
- Adding Her Hair and Headpiece
- Pulling her all Together
- Displaying your Mermaid / Making a Perch
- Conclusion / Where to go from here

Join us on this wonderful journey as we learn to make
"Cloth Doll Mermaids" with Patti Medaris Culea.

DVD • English Language • Universal Playback / All Regions
English Audio Track • DVD Made in the USA

DVD Retail Price - $35.00 - Qty

"Cloth Doll Mermaids" with Patti Medaris Culea DVD

Cloth Doll Making DVD by Patti Medaris Culea

Patti Medaris Culea explores and shares the world of Cloth Doll Making in this exciting new 2-Disc DVD from Studio Galli Productions. Nearly Five (5) hours of step-by-step instructions in how to make cloth dolls that are as unique and individual as you are.

DVD Highlights:
Also See Video Below For Highlights!

• Drawing Flat & Dimensional Faces
• Adding Facial Features & Highlights
• Coloring with Shiva Paintstiks
• Wiring & Sculpting the Hands
• Dyeing the Doll Body & Lacey Trim
• Painting Clothes and Shoes
• Sewing the Head, Body and Hands
• Sculpting the Head and Body
• Adding Hair & Wigs
• Adding Clothes and Accessories

Bonus Doll Pattern Included.

2- Disc Set • 285 Minutes • Worldwide Play
English Audio Track • DVD Made in the USA

Temporarily Unavailable

$45.00 - Qty: 

Cloth Doll Inspirations DVD
Cloth Doll Inspirations DVD
By Patti Medaris Culea

In her 2nd eagerly anticipated DVD, Patti Medaris Culea provides a fantastic variety of creative ideas for cloth doll makers. Working the same doll body three different ways she takes inspiration from old fabrics and lace, popular doll-making themes and childhood dreams.

More than 5 hours of detailed instructional workshops on 2 DVDS! Perfect for all skill levels and ages.

Click HERE to See DVD Index!

2- Disc Set • 317 Minutes • Worldwide Play
English Language Audio Track • DVD Made in the USA

$45.00 - Qty: 

Cloth Doll Artistry
CLoth Doll Making Book by Barbara Willis

Signed by Barbara Willis!

Cloth Doll Artistry - Book by Barbara Willis - Design and Costuming Techniques for Flat and Fully Sculpted Figures - Cloth Doll Making Book

In this unique and beautiful book, beloved doll-designer Barbara Willis guides readers through various approaches to doll design and basic and advanced construction techniques. Through the creation of three complete step-by-step projects with 200 photos and illustrations, readers will develop color boards, learn to use vintage images, create both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional cloth dolls, learn sophisticated costuming techniques, and gain knowledge of elaborate soft sculpting. A gallery shares the inspirational work of several well-known doll artists who have created their own versions of each project. Complete patterns and templates are included.

Signed by Barbara Willis!

Price: $24.99 Qty: 

DVDs and Books by
Antonette Cely

Click on picture for larger view.

Customizing Doll Patterns
by Antonette Cely

In her first video, NIADA doll artist Antonette Cely shares all the secrets of customizing doll patterns so you can make the cloth doll of your dreams! This 88 minute DVD will expertly teach you how to take any pattern, even one you've created yourself, and accurately alter it to fit any pose!

DVD Format - REGION 1 - USA and Canada DVD Players
(or Multi Region DVD Players)

$39.95 - Qty: 

The Bent Arm: An Excerpt from "Customizing Doll Patterns"
by Antonette Cely 


CSs and DVDs by

Gloria J. "Mimi" Winer

Mimi's Mannequins and Pattern Draping DVD

Mimi's Mannequins and Pattern Draping DVD

Mimi's Mannequins and Pattern Draping is finally finished and it is spectacular! We have condensed the 4-day dollmaking workshop and the 2-day pattern draping workshop into almost 6 hours of classroom video full of techniques for dollmaking. We began this project almost 5 years ago, and we got interrupted by cancer. Now we're back on track with the best dollmaking workshop ever.

Mimi's Mannequins presents quarter-scale male and female mannequins as separate patterns with a single set of instructions for both. The Mannequins workshop is all about techniques and the similarity of the human form. Mimi's Pattern Draping shows you how to create patterns for clothing that will fit your own dolls. It uses the mannequins as tailor's dummies for draping the clothing patterns.

In addition to the video, Mimi's Mannequins includes:

  • A Shopping List e-book that you can copy to your phone or tablet (or print out) to take to the crafts store with you.
  • The pattern sheets can be printed on your own printer, or you can take them to an office supply store or copy center.
  • After watching the videos, you can use the included step-by-step, photo-by-photo storyboards on your phone, tablet, or computer to make the dolls and clothing. You can refer back to the video anytime you need it.

Who is it For?

The go-at-your-own-pace, step-by-step, picture-by-picture storyboards make Mimi's Mannequins & Pattern Draping suitable for all levels of doll makers from beginner to advanced. You need some hand sewing and machine sewing experience, and it's not really for first time (novice) dollmakers. It is particularly good for those who have trouble fitting clothes on dolls.

Temporarily Unavailable

Mannequins DVD  $40.00 - Qty:

DVD Format - REGION 1 - USA and Canada DVD Players
(or Multi Region DVD Players)

Mannequins DVD by MIMI

Mimi Winer's Storyboard Workshop CDs

Techniques You Can Apply to All of Your Dollmaking

Each workshop has complete step-by-step construction photos
with written instruction for each photo.

You will LEARN HOW to make beautifully constructed dolls and get a treasure trove of Mimi's TIPS and HINTS for making it easier.

Universal Toddler CD

Learn how to needle sculpt beautiful facial and body features with this updated classic pattern that comes with complete instructions for 9 different sizes from 12" - 36" along with Mimi's Tubtime Toddler Clothing, a variety of hairstyle options and much more.

Back in Stock

$20.00 - Qty:

Earth Angels CD

This updated CD provides a comprehensive doll making course for a beautiful, full figured fashion doll that comes in both 17" and 24" sizes. A complete wardrobe is included along with instructions for ethnic variations.

Back in Stock!

$25.00 - Qty: 

Needle Modeling Knit Dolls CD

Get BOTH the Universal Toddler and Earth Angel on one CD along with a third BONUS pattern – Adam & Eva – 14" and 16" baby dolls with optional sexing and complete layette that includes clothing, a bunting and beautiful crocheted sweater set and blanket.

Back in Stock

$45.00  - Qty: 

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Mimi's Modular Mermaid DVD
By Gloria “Mimi” Winer

Now you can take a private, 6-Day Dollmaking Workshop with Mimi with no travel required!

6 DVDs — 20 Lessons — 163 Chapters

12 Hours 58 Minutes of Classroom Video!

Click Here! - New!

Here are just a few of the many HOW TOs included in the instruction:

  • Precision machine sewing.
  • Stuffing smoothly and firmly using the right tools.
  • Make your seams beautiful so that they are part of the design
  • Make hands that can grasp objects.
  • Make webbed hands without having to turn fingers
  • Make and needle model a lovely female torso.
  • Make 3 types of poseable hands and arms.
  • Make 4 different poseable tails.
  • Make 3 different types of flukes.
  • Create many different poses using modular arms, tails, and flukes.
  • Needle model a female face.
  • Use dyes and watercolor effects to paint mermaids.
  • Bead a stuffed figure.
  • Weft mohair and other fibers for wigging a doll.

Suitable for all skill levels, this classroom on a DVD
will take your dollmaking skills to new heights!

DVD Format - REGION 1 - USA and Canada DVD Players
(or Multi Region DVD Players)

Mimi's Modular Mermaid DVD:
$50.00  - Qty: 

DVD Trailer Below:

DVD Sample
Wefting Fibers for Doll Hair

All About Hands Tutorial
All About Hands Tutorial
By Sharon Mitchell

This is a 13 page tutorial for making cloth hands for a cloth figure. The tutorial features two hand designs for practicing, in two different sizes. It shows all the tools required to make them and explains the use of each one. Essential to the tutorial is how to turn the fingers, what can go wrong and how to make it right. Woven fabric was used in the making of this tutorial but the same techniques apply for knit fabrics as well. How to detail the hand and how to needle sculpt it, is also included. Hands can be just as important as the face when it comes to making a good doll.

$10.00 - Qty: 

Fabric Printing At Home
By Julie Booth

Learn how to print your own custom fabrics using everyday items from the kitchen and around the house! With tons of color photos, step-by-step instructions, and helpful hints, you will be crafting your very own fabric designs in no time! Learn to make print blocks, rubbing plates, stencils, and fabric resists from a wide range kitchen materials. See how your favorite fruits and veggies create perfect shapes and texture patterns for your fabrics and how to upcycle simple materials for surface design. This family-friendly guide shows how to make fantastic, colorful fabric designs with accessible, non-toxic materials. 

$22.99 - Qty: 


Fabric Printing At Home

NOTE: Julie is a personal friend and one of our designers. It has been thrilling watching her develop the material for this book and supporting her through the process of getting the book published! If you love to CREATE, you will have a ball with the projects in this book.

Thoroughly Modern Millinery
PDF File - Email
Patterning & Construction of Period Hats & Headpieces from Unorthodox Materials

By Stephen A. Rausch

Based on his popular hat making classes, this amazing Tutorial contains 8 Lessons over 67 fully illustrated pages that will walk you through the design, construction and embellishment of a variety of exquisite hats for your dolls. His foundation material of choice is fun foam and you will be amazed at the wonderful effects you can get with it. This perfect addition to every dollmakers reference library will have you making hats like a professional milliner in no time! 

PDF Download File Emailed to you -
$20.00 - Qty: 

Also available on Etsy as Instant Download...
Click HERE!

Thoroughly Modern Millinery CD

20 to Make Felt Christmas Decorations
By Corinne Lapierre

The twenty projects in this book include a range of decorations suitable for Christmas, including hanging tree decorations, a Christmas wreath, an advent calendar garland, free-standing felt ornaments, a Christmas cottage storage box and a bottle gift bag. You'll find step-by-step instructions for each including templates and a beautiful photo of the finished piece. There is something very soothing about hand sewing felt! 

$12.00 - Qty: 
20 to Make Felt Christmas Decorations

20 to Make Felt Christmas Decorations

Simple Cloth Daisy Dolls
By Wenche O. Steensen

An irresistible, super-cute collection of soft, cuddly dolls, the charming characters in this book are all based on just one simple design. Gorgeous in their simplicity, the dolls personalities are created cleverly with different hairstyles, clothes and accessories. The basic model measures 16-18 inches in height and the materials used are pure cotton jersey and wool with very simple stitching to define the shapes. Suitable for beginners, the book includes detailed step-by-step photographs showing how to make the basic doll, and beautiful close up photographs of the finished dolls and their wardrobes. All the patterns are full size and the author offers lots of good tips and advice throughout. 

$19.95 - Qty: 
Simple Cloth Daisy Dolls

Storybook Toys
Storybook Toys
By Jill Hamor

Make a cherished companion for your little one.

Inspired by vintage patterns from the 1940s, these 16 projects include loveable dolls and softies, pillows, puppets, and even a little girl's first handbag. Learn lots of toy-making tips and tricks to give your creation some personal style and a sweet disposition. Have fun making outfits for your dolly with novelty prints, scraps from your stash, or even upcycled bits from old clothes. Share the love of handmade with your whole family...the young and the young at heart, too!

$25.95 - Qty: 
Storybook Toys
Storybook Toys
Storybook Toys

Creating Fabulous Footwear for Fantastic Dolls CD
Creating Fabulous Footwear for Fantastic Dolls CD
By Bonnie B. Lewis and Mary Ann Kaahanui

Originally published in 1998 and now reproduced in its original form on CD, Creating Fabulous Footwear for Fantastic Dolls by Bonnie B. Lewis and Mary Ann Kaahanui is the most complete and unique book on shoemaking for dolls on the market today. Learn how to make over 50 different types of shoes, including slippers, boots, high heels, moccasins, fantasy, sandals, sport, oxfords, traditional and modern, with styles for child and adult, male and female dolls. Finished shoes will fit any doll (wood, porcelain, cloth, clay, vinyl) perfectly. Directions are included for painted, appliquéd, and removable shoes, with hundreds of detailed drawings. Included is a comprehensive index, glossary, bibliography, and resource guide.
A must for every doll maker's reference library!

$24.95 - Qty: 

Creating with Transfer Artist Paper
by Leslie Riley

TAP into your creativity!

You'll learn everything you need to know about how to use Transfer Art Paper through the 15 different projects in this marvelous book, including treasure boxes, collages, dolls, quilts, and jewelry. Unlock your inner artist with Lesley's romantic ideas and accessible techniques while transferring your art onto a wide variety of surfaces.

$19.95 - Qty: 

Tutorials, Workshops, Classes by
Kat Lees
"Designs by Kat"

Doll Face Painting Basics Class CD

Acrylic Paint Doll Face Painting
Face Painting Basics Class CD
By Kat Lees  
This amazingly comprehensive workshop will take you brush stoke, by brush stroke through creating a face with acrylic paints. You'll find detailed instruction about the use of different fabrics and textures, feature placement and then painting and finishing the face. You'll definitely take your skills to another level with this awesome CD!

$25.00 - Qty: 
Examples from CD

Creating Doll  Faces with Chalk CD
Creating Doll Faces with Chalk CD
By Kat Lees  
Shading and blending color is a breeze when you learn the secrets of using
chalks to create beautiful faces. Kat's detailed step-by-step instruction
and over 60 photos will guide you expertly through the process.

$20.00 - Qty: 

Creating Doll Eyes - Those Beautiful Eyes CD
Those Beautiful Doll Eyes CD
By Kat Lees  
With Kat’s expert and thorough instruction you are going to discover just how easy it is to create gorgeous, lifelike eyes for your dolls in a variety of ethnicities.

$20.00 - Qty: 

Printing Doll  Faces on Fabric CD
Printing Doll Faces on Fabric CD
By Kat Lees  
Discover the secrets of transferring painted faces or photos to fabric in
this comprehensive tutorial that will expand your face making options.

$20.00 - Qty: 


So You Want to Make Cloth Dolls
by Sherry Goshon

Geared to the beginner dollmaker, Sherry's self-published book in both print and CD formats will guide you through all the fundamentals of doll construction from the basic tools you'll need, fabric choices, stuffing and jointing options to the application of the faces, hair and costuming.

You will work along with her as she creates two very different doll bodies and learn lots of valuable techniques along the way.

CD Format - $25.00 - Qty: 


Art + Quilt: Design Principles and Creativity Exercises
by Lyric Kinard

Let your inner artist blossom! Even though this book is aimed at art quilters, you will learn to understand, appreciate, and create works of art one step at a time. Brush up on the basic elements of art, and then learn the principles of design that will strengthen your artwork. Work through homework assignments and field trips that harness your inspiration, then direct that creative energy into your work. Do you say “I wish I had more time to be creative?” Then this book is for you! Whether you create as a hobby or as a professional artist, Art + Quilt will help you clarify your goals and take your craft to the next level through design and composition.

$26.95 - Qty: 


Focus on Faces 2 CD
Each of the 14 faces on this CD comes in two formats – flat face and center seam – to give you endless creative possibilities. Thorough instruction and lots of color photos will guide you expertly through the face coloring and shading process. A great bonus body pattern is included with a variety of clothing suggestions. A must have for your reference library! 

$19.95 - Qty: 

Double Loop Knot
Sewing Tip by Leslie Molen

Booklet, CD & Mold
Leslie Molen

Needlesculpting in Cloth CD

Leslie finds that turning a flat piece of into a three-dimensional face is magical!

In this CD version, Leslie has included a complete lesson with 19 detailed color photos to guide you to a beautifully sculpted face with eyes open or closed.

Includes bonus face painting instructions.

Temporarily Unavailable

Please contact at
to be put on a waiting list.
Thank you.

$18.00 - Qty: 

The Gossips CD and Pattern

You will get five complete lessons with hundreds of detailed color photographs for making this entire project from the covering of the face form, how to put the head together, step-by-step face painting instructions to create a beautiful professional face, the construction of the cloth body with armature to create a free standing 20" doll with hands you can pose. Purchase of the face form is necessary to complete the doll.

$26.00 - Qty: 

The Gossips Face Form

3" liquiche completed face form used for both the Gossips dolls.

$20.00 - Qty: 

Cloth Doll Booklets/Tutorials and Books
By Virginia Robertson

Needle Sculpting Cloth Doll Faces
By Virginia Robertson

Packed with color photos, this book walks you step-by-step through face sculpting and painting using a variety of doll making materials including several kinds of knits and woven fabric. Special attention is given to drawing dark doll faces. A wonderful basic doll pattern is included along with a step-by-step tutorial on finger turning. No question about it – this book is a MUST HAVE for your reference library.

$25.00 $19.99 - Qty: 

Needle Sculpting Cloth Doll Faces - Book

Wing It
By Virginia Robertson
You’ll find a ton of ideas for creating the perfect wings for your fairies, angels and other mythical creatures in this well written book. Among the many techniques presented you’ll learn shadow appliqué, machine appliqué, wire armatures, fabric painting and quilting. Several sizes and styles of wing patterns are included for your use. 

$20.00 - Qty: 
Wing It - Instructinos on making wings for dolls - Book

Those Hair Raising Experiences
By Virginia Robertson

This little booklet is jam packed with solid instructions and tons of helpful illustrations for creating a variety of hair applications for your dolls using roving, yarns, mohair, Tibetan Lamb or even appliquéd fabric. A very handy reference guide! 

$12.50 - Qty: 
This little booklet is jam packed with solid instructions and tons of helpful illustrations for creating a variety of hair applications for your dolls using roving, yarns, mohair, Tibetan Lamb or even appliquéd fabric

Booklets by
Maggie Baggett
Jeannie Rigby

Creating Depth
How to Apply Face "Paint" to Soft Dolls and Animals
Learn to use a variety of coloring agents from paint to applique fabrics to give your dolls and animals depth and believability. (12 pages). 
$12.00 - Qty: 


20 to Make Needle Felties
By Susanna Wallis

Needle felting is a hot trend and Susanna Wallis has designed twenty cute and funny characters that are easy to make. All you need for this appealing craft is a felting needle, a foam pad and wool, and once the basic techniques are mastered, the rest is simple.

Susanna Wallis is a member of the International Feltmakers' Association and craft designer whose work has appeared in "Country Living" magazine. She is the author of "Beginner's Guide to Needle Felting." 

12.00 - Qty: 


20 to Make Needle Felties - Book


Creating Time: Using Creativity to
Reinvent the Clock and Reclaim Your Life

by Marney K. Makridakis

Creating Time: Using Creativity to Reinvent the Clock and Reclaim Your Life

50% Off!

Most of us have said, "If only I had more time," as a way of explaining why we aren't leading our most fulfilling lives. This book turns the concept of time management upside down by presenting exciting new tools for viewing and experiencing your time. Creating Time combines creativity with science in a gorgeous colorful format that presents a fascinating adventure in which you will imagine, create, and completely reshape the way you experience time. Each chapter presents a shift-making concept illustrated by real-life examples, step-by-step introspective processes, and powerful creative projects that inspire a new sense of time, a liberating view of self, and a fresh perspective on the meaning of being human, empowered, and fully alive.

50% Off - Sale Price $9.84 - Qty: 


Sock It To Me: Creepy, Crazy & Strangely Appealing • 16 Projects Sewn from Socks

Sock It To Me: Creepy, Crazy & Strangely Appealing • 16 Projects Sewn from Socks

Brenna Maloney’s back with 16 all-new sock creatures to stitch in this irreverently inspiring follow-up to her best-selling books, Socks Appeal and Sockology. Key-stealing gremlins, killer snowmen, ssslow sloths, evil clowns and more pop off the pages in this fun and colorful book. They’re creepy and crazy, weird and wicked…but still pretty darn cute! Projects range from super easy to satisfyingly complex and can be made by hand or by machine. You’ll learn about all the right tools, techniques, and of course, socks. Let your imagination run wild as you embellish all your beautiful beasts and make them each one-of-a-kind. 

Price $12.00 - Qty: 


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