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General Dollmaking Supplies

Doll Making Embellishments

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~ Feathers ~ Sequins ~ Beads ~ Rusty Bells ~ Mini Light Garland ~ Jump Rings ~
~ Raffia ~ Jute Cord ~
~ Pom Poms ~ Glitter Eyelash Yarn ~ Craft Boas ~ Steampunk ~ Chenille Stems ~


Industry Tested Since 1934

This flexible, white craft cement is tacky on contact, dries crystal clear and is perfect for nearly all your doll making needs. Our hands down favorite!

Recommended for fabric, decoupage, felt, most plastics, metals, paper, glass, ceramic and etc.

Flexible, Dries Clear, Non-Flammable, Non-Toxic Solvents,
Non-Penetrating and Stays On Surface.

Everyone's Favorite Glue is Back in Stock!!!

4 Fl. Ounce Bottle - Price $8.99 - Qty:   


Seam Strengthening Technique

Taught by Judy Skeel and Gloria “Mimi” Winer

Because Grrrip Glue is a little stretchier than other white glues when dry, it is the perfect substance for strengthening any seam in a doll body, particularly those subject to extra stress and blowouts such as the fingers and the center seam of the face.  

  1. Transfer the Grrrip Glue into the applicator bottle.

  2. Apply a tiny line of glue directly onto the thread line.  Don’t use a lot, but be sure it is a continuous line from wrist to wrist going along all the fingers. This is also how you repair a clipped a thread from trimming the fingers.

  3. With your thumb lightly apply pressure on the thread line and pull away to the edge of the seam allowance to spread the glue. This will make a thin coating of glue embedded into the fibers to strengthen the seam allowance that will still have a little “give” when turning and stuffing. Repeat for the second side.

  4. Allow the fingers to dry before trying to turn them so you don’t glue them closed!

  5. Follow the same steps for the center seam of the face and you’ll be amazed at the difference this makes in strengthening the seams and helping the center face seam to be less obvious.


Fabric Tacky Pack

Fabric Tacky Pack

Five 0.66 fl.oz. miniature bottles of Aleene's adhesives in a variety of formulas. Includes 1 each of Fabric Fusion, Flexible Stretchable, Ok To Wash-It, Jewel-It and No-Sew Fabric. A great way to sample glues you haven't tried!

Back in Stock

$4.99 - Qty: 

Diamond Glaze – 2 oz

Diamond Glaze – 2 oz

This multi-purpose dimensional adhesive dries to a clear, glass-like finish. Perfect for applying gloss to eyes and lips, gluing glitter, beads, glass, plastic and vellum to paper. Diamond Glaze is also mixable with dye-based inks, watercolors, pearlescent pigments and more.

Back in Stock

$6.25 - Qty: 

1-1/4 ounce Applicator Bottle
with 2 Tips
1-1/4 ounce Applicator Bottle
Perfect for precision applications of glue, 3D Crystal Lacquer, paints and other substances.

$8.75 - Qty: 

Bo-Nash 007 Refill Kit

  • One 2 oz. container of Bo-Nash 007 Bonding Powder and full written instructions.
$9.95 - Qty: 

Bo-Nash 007 Refill Kit

Crafter’s Pick Ultimate Glue – 4 oz.

This non-toxic, water based super glue bonds to metals, plastic, painted surfaces, glass, wood, leather, fabric and more! Usable as liquid glue or as contact cement when both surfaces are coated, allowed to dry clear and then pressed together.

This glue is used by SHERRY GOSHON for all of her pressmold projects.

Temporarily Unavailable -
Try GRRRIP GLUE - Available Above.

Crafter’s Pick Ultimate Glue – 4 oz. 

Fabric Glue Stick

Water soluble instant glue perfect for basting fabric layers and for positioning trims and appliqué. A very handy item for your sewing box!

Price $2.99 - Qty:
Fabric Glue Stick

Mini Light Garland

Mini Christmas Light Garland
This mini 6 ft. garland features 5/16 inch (8 mm) Christmas lights strung together on a small Green cord.

Note: Light bulbs are decorative and do not light up.

Temporarily Unavailable

$3.99 - Qty: 

Stitch Witchery Fusible Web
1/4" x 20 yds

Bonds two layers of fabric together when activated by a steam iron – perfect for doll clothes!

Price $3.39 - Qty
Stitch Witchery Fusible Web

Bean Bag Fill

Plastic Pellets

Bean Bag Fill Pellets

Bean Bag Filler Pellets. 8 ounces per package.

Perfect for weighted dolls.

Price $3.49 - Qty
Bean Bag Fill Pellets For Cloth Doll Making

Buttons for Jointing

All Sizes Now In Stock & 2 New Large Sizes!

Covered Buttons for Doll Jointing
Covered Buttons for Doll Jointing
4 per package 1-1/8", 7/8", 3/4"or 9/16"

Select size below

Large Assembled Covered Buttons!
Hard to Find Buttons for Large Dolls and Teddy Bears.

Large Baby Doll and Bear Sized Covered Buttons for Doll Jointing
Available in 1-7/8"and 2-12" Sizes
2 already assembled buttons per package.

Select size below

These large buttons are recommended for large dolls and teddy bears. Judi Ward's 9-12 Month Baby Doll uses these buttons - See Judi's patterns HERE.

Invisible Jointing!
by Judi Ward

Check out Judi Ward's designs --> HERE.

Also Available for Doll Joints...

Plastic Doll Joints... Go HERE!

Wooded Beads for Jointing... Go HERE!



Pellon Basics -Cheese Cloth
36" x 3 Yards. - 100% Bleached Cotton

Price $5.49 - Qty:   

Dritz Cheese Cloth
Harvest Mummy
Harvest Mummy

By Michelle Allen
Fun pattern using Cheese Cloth!
And Rusty Bells (Available Below)
Click HERE!

Rusty Bells

Rusty Bells for Doll Making

9 mm Rusty Bells - Package of 24
Perfect for your rustic holiday project.

The also make great spiders as seen on the "Harvest Mummy" pictured above next to the cheese cloth.

Package of 24 Rusted Bells - Price $2.99 - Qty:   

For Decorative Use Only - Not a Toy

Chenille Stems

6mm x 12” White

White Chenille Stems - 25 pack (6mm x 12")
$1.39- 25 pack - Qty: 

White Chenille Stems – Box of 100 (6mm x 12”)
Price $3.99 - 100 pack - Qty: 

3mm x 12” White

White Chenille Stems - 25 pack (3mm x 12")
$1.39- 25 pack - Qty: 

White Chenille Stems – Box of 100 (3mm x 12”)
Price $3.99 - 100 pack - Qty: 

Chenille Stems

6mm x 12" Black
Chenille Stems - 25 pack

Retail $1.49 Sale Price $1.26 - 25 pack - Qty: 
Chenille Stems

Chenille Stems

Home For The Holidays
Chenille Stems - 8mm - Red/White Twist - 12 pieces

Red and white twisted chenille stems. 12 inches x 8mm.

Easy to bend and mold to create a variety of crafts. 12 pieces per package.

Retail $1.49 Sale Price $1.26 - 12 pack - Qty: 


Apoxie® Sculpt
(Available in White only)

This easy to mix and use self-hardening synthetic clay combines the features and benefits of clay with those of epoxies.
  • Non toxic and waterproof
    Flat finish to make repairs and painting easier
  • Simple water clean-up 2 part product (A+B) must be mixed thoroughly Working time 2-3 hours Cures to a hard waterproof finish overnight 0% shrinkage Can be tooled before or after set up Can be sanded, drilled, carved or lathed after setup without chipping or cracking
  • Adheres to vinyl, plastic, resin, wood, metal, ceramic, glass, foam, fiberglass and more

1/4 lb. $10.00 - Available!

1 lb. $18.00
- Temp. Out.

Select size below

Apoxie® Sculpt

Creative Paperclay®

Creative Paperclay

16 oz Size

This unique air hardening modeling material requires no firing in a kiln or baking in an oven. Clean, odorless and easy to use, it feels similar to earthen clay; however, it contains no clay in it at all!  It can be sculpted, molded or shaped while it's moist and it accepts and retains fine details. It adheres easily to wood, canvas, and most surfaces without glue!  Lightweight and durable, it may even be carved or sanded after it has hardened.

Dried Creative Paperclay® can be painted with any kind of paint; it's just like painting on wood or paper. If you prefer, water based paint may be kneaded into the Paperclay® while it's still moist. We recommend protecting your finished projects by sealing them with a coat of lacquer or varnish.

On Sale!

Select size below


Air Dry Modeling Compound, 3-Ounce, White

Air Dry Modeling Compound, 3-Ounce, White - Delight

Delight(TM) is an exciting modeling medium. It is pure white in color and extremely soft and easy to shape or mold. This non-toxic material is super clean to work with and picks up details beautifully.

Delight(TM) holds its form while shaping and then air hardens to create an extraordinarily lightweight (about ½ the weight of Creative Paperclay® by volume) and durable finished piece. Water base paint can be kneaded into Delight(TM) very easily and without mess to make an infinite range of colors with which to work. You may also colored with any kind of paint after it's dried.

Delight, 3-Ounce, White - Price $6.00 - Qty:

La Doll Premier Lightweight Stone Clay
Premier Polymer Air Dry Clay - 10.58oz.

La Doll Premier Lightweight Stone Clay

ACTIVA-LaDoll Premier Natural Stone Clay
Imported From Japan

Being an air dry clay that allows for very fine detail, is lightweight to use, and dries to an exceptional strength it is the Doll artists choice for excellence. Colors can be added and kneaded with this clay to make any color you wish.

Being extremely pliant it can be worked indefinitely by keeping it moist. It will adhere to any core material (wire, mesh, rigid wrap, paper, glass, plastic, wood, Styrofoam and more) and can be stamped, carved or sculpted with exceptional detail.

The clay can be drilled, sanded or sculpted when dry. This clay will also accept acrylics, oils, water based paints, as well as dry finishing powders.

Additionally the clay can be dissolved in water and used as a finish coat or soaked with paper or cloth to form into shapes.

Dries with minimal shrinkage and a fine smooth texture.

Premier Clay, 10.58oz - $13.89- Qty:

Doll Joints

Plastic Doll Joints

  • 20mm Doll Joints - about 3/4"
  • 30mm Doll Joints - about 1-1/4"
  • 35mm Doll Joints - about 1-1/2"
  • 45mm Doll Joints - about 1-3/4"
  • 55mm Doll Joints - about 2-1/4"

2 CompleteJoints per Package
(2 posts, 2 washers, and 2 lock washers per package)

Select Size Below...

Also Available for Doll Joins...

Buttons for Jointing... Go HERE!

Wooded Beads for Jointing... Go HERE!


Doll Glasses - Acrylic Lens

Doll Glasses - Acrylic Lens

Note: Size of glasses are the overall width of the glasses.

4 Sizes:

  • 2.25 in (5.72 cm) - Round Lenses
  • 3 in (7.62 cm) - Oval Lenses
  • 3-3/8 in (8.57 cm) - Round Lenses
  • 4 in (10.16 cm) - Oval Lenses

Select Size Below...


Black and Brown Doll Eye Lashes

Brown and Black Doll Eyelashes

Strands 7-1/2" long with lashes 3/8" in length - slightly curved lashes.

With these DIY synthetic eyelashes, you are able to cut to the perfect size, and
have enough for several dolls. These eyelashes are real texture and are perfect
for any art doll or Ball-Joint Doll (BJD).

7-1/2" Stand - Price $2.49 each  - Qty:

Doll, Cat, Animal Eyes

New Colors... Green and Yellow!
Colors Pictured Below Available in All Sizes

(Black Eyes only in 4.5 and 6mm sizes)

All Above Eyes in 4.5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm and 13.5mm Sizes!

Doll/Animal Eyes

Packages of 4 Eyes and Washers

Sizes Include:
6mm, 9mm, 12mm and 13.5mm

Select Size and Color below...


Black Eyes in 4.5mm
and 6mm Sizes Only

Cat Eyes

Cat Eyes - Tiger Orange (9mm)
Cat Eyes - Tiger Orange (9mm)

Cat Eyes - Green (9mm)
Cat Eyes - Green (9mm)

Select Color Below...


Bead Eyes

Black Beads For Doll Eyes

Black Beads For Doll Eyes

Sizes 4mm and 6mm. 12 Beads per package.

These beads are used for eyes for very small dolls or as accented pupils for dolls as seen in many designs by Jill Maas (See pictures below).

Price $1.19 per Package (12 beads)  - Qty:

Bead Pupils Example - 4mm Tulip Girl
Bead Pupils Example - 4mm
Tulip Girl
by Jill Maas

Bead Pupils Example - 4mm - Mother of the Bride
Bead Pupils Example - 4mm
Mother of the Bride
by Jill Maas

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Black Beads For Doll Eyes

Round Pearl Beads For Doll Eyes

Sizes 6mm. 12 Beads per package. White

These beads are used for the whites of eyes and are accented with black beads for pupils.

12 Beads per package - Price $1.24 - Qty: 



Double-Sided Fusible Stiff Interfacing
Craft Pack Standard Weight
One sheet - 14" x 18"

Fusible on both sides to save you time.
Easy to mark, cut and sew.
Perfect for fabric and paper.

Use for:
Fabric bowls, boxes, and vases
Purses, totes, and bags
Kids crafts
Art quilts
Hats, caps, and more.

Price $9.95 - Qty: 

Floral Tape

White Floral Tape - ½"x 30 yds.

$1.99 - ½"x 30 yds - Qty: 
White Floral Tape

Freezer Paper Sheets

Freezer Paper Sheets - Heavy Weight
8.5 X 11" sheets for instant use in any printer.  54 lb paper prevents rolling and curling.

Perfect for dollmaking uses as well as for making stencils for decorating clothing, house hold textiles or quilts.

Use these blank freezer paper sheets with an inkjet printer to transfer designs and patterns.

$9.50 - 50 sheet pack - Qty: 
Freezer Paper Sheets For printing and doll making and other crafts


Sprocket Gears – PKG 12
Any Steampunk Ideas?
Gear assortment in three different finishes – brass, nickel & copper – in three sizes from ¾" – 1"

Price $5.99 - Qty: 
Sprocket Gears – PKG 12

Steampunk Gears and Trinkets
Perfect for Steampunk Art Dolls!

Steampunk Gears for Art Doll Projects

~ Bronze ~ Silver ~ Gold ~ Plastic ~

Steampunk Trinkets for Art Doll Projects.

~ Nautical ~ Pirates ~ Mystical ~ Whimsical ~

Steampunk Accessories
Steampunk Accessories
Perfect for Art Dolls and Jewelry!
Clocks ~ Keys ~ Sewing


For grommet insertion instructions click HERE.

Grommets for Sewing and Dollmaking

Instructions Included

Packages of 50 - $3.00

1/8" sized - Qty: 
3/32" sized - Qty: 
1/16" sized - Qty: 

Iron and Craft Sheet

Giant Non-Stick Ironing & Craft Sheet

This incredible 18" X 11.9" coated fiberglass non-stick ironing and craft sheet is big enough for any ironing or craft project. Nothing sticks to it ... fusibles, paints, varnishes and glues just peel off so you can use it over and over again. A must for pressing ANGELINA FIBERS. Transparent enough for applique projects. Starch and Sizing just wash right off. A great press cloth that allows you to iron over embellishments like iron on transfers, glitter paints and delicate fabrics. No sewing room should be without it!

Temp. Out of Stock

Price $12.99 - Qty: 
Giant Non-Stick Ironing & Craft Sheet


Lutradur Mixed Media Sheets
10 Sheets – 8.5” x 11”
5 regular (70 gram)
5 Heavyweight (100 gram)

This versatile cross between fabric and paper is easy to print on, fold, cut, stitch and embellish. Perfect for ink-jet printers or all-in-ones. Create delicate translucent effects with paints, inks, dyes and stamps. The creative possibilities are endless.

Price $10.95 - Qty: 


Lutradur Mixed Media Sheets


Erasable Markers

Air Erasable - Purple

Fine Line Air Erasable Marking Pen

The extra fine purple line made by this pen is perfect for placing facial features. The marks will vanish without washing.

Air Erasable Pen - Price $6.99 - Qty: 
Fine Line Air Erasable Marking Pen

Water Erasable - Blue

Fine Line Water Erasable Marking Pen

The very fine bright blue line made by this pen is perfect for placing facial features. Easily removed with plain water.

Water Erasable Pen - Price $6.99 - Qty: 
Fine Line Air Erasable Marking Pen

Vanishing Fabric Marker

Marks will normally disappear within 48 hours or can be removed earlier by simply washing with cold water.

Price $5.29 - Qty:
Vanishing Fabric Marker


  ~  Pilot FriXion Ball Erasable Gel Pen    ~ 

Black Pilot FriXion Ball Erasable Gel Pen

Purple Pilot FriXion Ball Erasable Gel Pen

Red Pilot FriXion Ball Erasable Gel Pen

Pink Pilot FriXion Extra Fine Point Erasable Gel Pen
Pink - Extra Fine Point

The needlepoint tip creates clear precise lines and the thermo-sensitive gel ink formula disappears with an iron, hair dryer or clothes dryer. The pen can also be erased from paper with the attached erasing tip. Great for tracing around templates or marking sculpting points.

Price $2.75 each  - Qty:

Customer Sue Daniel drew a mustache on a cotton face using several layers of ink. She used a regular hair dryer set on high for a few seconds and the ink disappeared completely.

Chaco Liner Chalk Wheel - White

This quality chalk wheel marker smoothly traces fine lines on your darker fabrics. Chalk washes or brushes away. Another one of Mary Ann’s favorite marking tools!

Back in Stock!

Price $7.35 - Qty: 
Chaco Liner Chalk Wheel

Muslin Dolls - Natural

For the projects that require ready-made doll bodies.

Muslin Dolls - Natural - Pre-Made
14” Bendi Doll (wired arms and legs), 12" and 5" Muslin Dolls.

Select Size below...

Pin Backs

Steel Pin Back 1.5" 10pc/pkg

Price $1.65 - Qty: 
Steel Pin Back

Pine Plaques

7" by 9" Wood Plaques

7" by 9" Wood Plaques

Unfinished traditional wood plaques measuring 7 by 9 inches.

Perfect for a table base or wall hanging backing for your doll or other art creation!

Wood surface is ready to paint, stain, decoupage, woodburn or embellish

Rectangle Plaque - Price $3.69 - Qty: 

Oval Plaque - Price $3.69 - Qty: 

Fancy Plaque - Price $3.69 - Qty: 

Traditional Plaque - Price $3.69 - Qty: 

Click HERE for
Wooden People, Wooden Beads and Wooden Hang Tags!



Acrylic Pom-Poms - White
Great for inserting into the tips of noses or doll breasts!

Acrylic Pom-Poms
3 Sizes of White Pom-Poms
1.9 cm (3/4 inch) - 45 pieces
10 mm (.39 inches) - 100 Pieces
7 mm (.28 inches) - 100 Pieces

Acrylic Pom-Poms
Black Pom-Poms - New!

10 mm (.39 inches) - 25 Pieces

Select Size and Color below...



White - 1.25 inches - 2 Pieces

Price $1.24- Qty: 

These Styrofoam Balls are required for "All About Eve" pattern by Sheryl D'Ath (pictured below.)

All About Eve - The pattern for this beautifully designed and constructed 19" body has a wealth of detailed body sculpting techniques to produce this exquisitely formed, anatomically correct figure.
All About Eve

Click HERE for More Information.


19-1/2" x 1 YD
This lightweight water soluble stabilizer can be used as a design template, as a patterns guide and a stitch support piece. Perfect for free motion embroidery projects.

Price $2.99- Qty: 

Solvy Tutorial
by Stephanie Novatski --> Click HERE!

Super Solvy
19-1/2" x 1 YD
Twice as thick, heavy and strong as the original Solvy.

Price $4.99 - Qty: 
Super Solvy

20" x 1 YD
Fabric-like stabilizer that provides the supple feel of fabric with the easy
removability of a water soluble stabilizer.

Price $4.49 - Qty: 


Steam A Seam 2
Double Stick Fusible Web

Sticky on both sides, this great fusing material allows you put everything where you want and hold it firmly in place, but isn’t permanent until you steam it.

Price $4.95
Pkg. of five 9”x12” Sheets
- Qty:
Steam A Seam 2 For Cloth Doll Making

TAP (Transfer Artist Paper)

TAP Transfer Artist Paper 5 Pack

You can inkjet print, paint, stamp or draw your images onto TAP then with a hot iron transfer your images to virtually any surface - fabric, paper, wood, glass, canvas, metal & more. You'll get crisp, colorfast results every time and it's washable and crack resistant on fabric. This amazing art material comes with complete instructions and is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

**** Update: Sorry... Sold Out... This product is no longer being made.

TAP Transfer Artist Paper 5 Pac

Thread Heaven

Thread Heaven
For beading, quilting, cross-stitching and more - this fabulous thread conditioner keeps your threads from tangling or fraying. A must for every sewing basket.

**** Update: Sorry... Sold Out... The company making Thread Heaven has closed and the product is discontinued.

Sewing Thread Heaven


Timtex Craft Pack
15" x 18" sheet

Firm, yet flexible interfacing is perfect for shaping into purses, bowls, and other 3-dimensional crafts. Easy to cut, mark, sew and steampress.

Price $7.95 - Qty: 
Timtex Craft Pack



Tyvek Sheets

Kick your doll embellishment skills up a notch with this strong, lightweight, flexible material!  Made from high density polyethylene fibers, Tyvek ® is extremely versatile, offering a balance of physical characteristics that combine some of the properties of film, paper and cloth.

Price $3.95 - 8.5" x 11" sheets - Package of 10 - Qty:

Click here to learn some of the many ways it can be used.


Floral Paddle Wire - 22 gauge - 38 yards

Perfect for patterns calling for Floral Wire.

Price $2.75 - Qty: 
Floral Paddle Wire - 22 gauge - 38 yards

20 Gauge Wire - 8 yds - Silver Color

Used for a wide variety of doll making needs - a supply everyone should keep on hand.

Price $3.65 - Qty: 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

26 Gauge Wire - 30yds - Silver Color

Price $2.75 - Qty: 
20 Gauge Wire - 8 yds

16 Gauge - Aluminum Wire - Silver - 3 yards

Silver aluminum wire. Lightweight wire that is malleable and easy to work with.

Price $2.75 - Qty: 


16 Gauge - Aluminum Wire - Silver - 3 yards - Doll Making Armature Wire

12 Gauge - Aluminum Wire - Silver - 3 yards

Silver aluminum wire. Lightweight wire that is malleable and easy to work with.

Price $2.75 - Qty: 


12 Gauge - Aluminum Wire - Silver - 3 yards - Doll Making

Aluminum Sculpting Wire - 11.5 Gauge

New Size -> 4 oz. spool (37 ft.) - $9.99 - Qty: 

16 oz. spool (148 ft.) - $19.99 - Qty: 
Aluminum Sculpting Wire - 11.5 Gauge


Angelina Fiber

Angelina® Heatbondable Fiber

This unique, new, very fine fiber is light reflective as well as light refractive. Angelina is incredibly luminescent, while it has an extremely soft hand. All of the colors below can be bonded together with the application of heat to form a remarkable cloth.

Simply place a small amount of fiber between two sheets of tissue paper. Heat iron to silk temperature setting. Gently, with little pressure, move the iron back and forth, checking frequently on the bonding progress. Be careful not to "fry" the Angelina fiber with too much heat or pressure and a too long dwell time.

Generally, Angelina heat bondable fiber will only adhere to itself and not to other fibers, tissue paper or fabrics, but you can sandwich some other materials between them such as glitter. You can also take tufts of the fiber and fuse just the ends together to use the fiber for hair and other costuming applications.

½ package - .25 oz – of Enchanted Forest was used to make both the wings and the front panel of the dress in the photo to the right.

Example of Wings and Front Panel of
Dress Made from Fiber.
Angelina® Heatbondable Fiber
Adrianna - Springtime Fairy

Select Color Below:
$5.59 per .5 oz bag -
Qty Bags:

Angelina® Heatbondable Fiber
Aurora Crystalina
Green, red and gold flashes on a clear base

Angelina® Heatbondable Fiber
Blue Magic Crystalina

A hint of blue on a clear base

Angelina® Heatbondable Fiber
Almost Black

Angelina® Heatbondable Fiber
Holly Berry

Angelina® Heatbondable Fiber

Angelina® Heatbondable Fiber
Silver Iris Mix
Angelina® Heatbondable Fiber
Gold Iris Mix
Gold with iris sparkles - Wow
Angelina® Heatbondable Fiber
Angelina® Heatbondable Fiber
Cobalt Sparkle
Green, gold and red sparkles on an ice blue base
Angelina® Heatbondable Fiber
Lemon Sparkle
Temp. Out
Gold, Red and Green sparkles
Angelina® Heatbondable Fiber
Angelina® Heatbondable Fiber
Peacock Green Flash
Temp. Out
The name says it all! The base is a dark grey

Angelina® Heatbondable Fiber
Blue/teal sparkles of color on a dark grey base
Temp. Out

Angelina® Heatbondable Fiber
Angelina® Heatbondable Fiber
Citronella Fluorescent
Green and orange on a fluorescent yellow base

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