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Doll Hair

Tibetan Lamb

Tibetan Lamb - Perfect for Doll Hair

Tibetan Lamb Skin plates make perfect hair for your art dolls. Plates are available as 6" x 10" cuts or 6" x 5" cuts and may be comprised of several skins sewn together.

The locks measure about 4" - 5" in length. Tibetan Lamb is a natural product, and variations in texture should be expected.

6" x 5" Cut: $11.00

Select Color Below:
- Qty:

6" x 10" Cut: $22.00

Select Color Below:
- Qty:
Tibetan Lamb - Doll Hair - Dark Auburn
Back in Stock!
Light Auburn - Tibetan Lamb - Doll Hair -
Back in Stock!
Tibetan Lamb - Doll Hair - Dark Brown
Back in Stock!
Tibetan Lamb - Doll Hair - Light Brown
Temp. Out
Tibetan Lamb - Doll Hair - Silver Grey
Back in Stock!
Tibetan Lamb - Doll Hair - Fire Orange
Back in Stock!
Tibetan Lamb - Doll Hair - Natural
Back in Stock!
Tibetan Lamb - Doll Hair - Bleached
Back in Stock!
Tibetan Lamb - Doll Hair -  Medium Blonde
Small Pieces Only
Tibetan Lamb - Doll Hair -  Medium Blonde
Back in Stock!
Tibetan Lamb - Doll Hair - Black
Back in Stock!

Tibetan Lamb Makes Beautiful Doll Wigs
An Example...
"Queen Ann Style" Doll Wig (Pictured Below)

Queen Anne Style Jointed Cloth Doll
Queen Anne Style Jointed Cloth Doll
Master Series on CD

20" Historical Doll in Cloth by Leslie Molen.

Click Here for More Information!

Braided Wool
Curly Crepe Hair

Braided Wool Curly Crepe Hair for Doll Making.

These 12” braids of beautifully dyed 100% wool twisted around twine become wavy and thick expanding about three times in volume when untwisted.

Used for doll hair and beards as well as by professional makeup artists.

Natural and Easy to Use!

*** New Colors Now In Stock! ****

$5.95 per 12" braid

Select Color Below:

Those Hair Raising Experiences
By Virginia Robertson

This little booklet is jam packed with solid instructions and tons of helpful illustrations for creating a variety of hair applications for your dolls using roving, yarns, mohair, Tibetan Lamb or even appliquéd fabric. A very handy reference guide! 

Temporarily Unavailable

$12.50 - Qty: 
Those Hair Raising Experiences

Feather Craft Boa

Feather Craft Boa

Great for a quick and easy hairstyle or costume embellishment! Craft boas are full of airy feathers that are characterized by their extra soft texture.

Pink Marabou Feather Craft Boa
36" Pink

Select Color Below:

Brown and Hot Pink -
72" Long - $4.99

All Other Colors
36" Long - $3.75

Red Feather Craft Boa
36" Red
Brown  Feather Craft Boa
72" Brown
Hot Pink Feather Craft Boa
72" Hot/Candy Pink
Black Feather Craft Boa
36" Black
White  Feather Craft Boa
36" White

Craft Fur

Sew It ~ Glue It ~ Fold It

Doll Hair or Animal Fur

Craft Fur
Short Pile Fur
Fur Length - 1/4" - Very Soft

100% Polyester

9"x 12" Sheet/Piece - $3.75

Select Color and Pile Below:

Long Pile Fur No Longer Available.

Craft Fur Doll Hair  White
Brown Craft Fur Doll Hair

Coming Soon! New Soft Fun Fur Cuts!

Curly Hair

$2.99 per ½ oz. package

Select Color Below:

Curly Hair - Doll Making
Curly Hair - Doll Making
Curly Hair - Doll Making
Curly Hair - Doll Making
Strawberry Blonde

Kidassia Goat

This item has been discontinued.

For the best natural fur for doll hair please check out our
Tibetan Lamb
Click HERE!

Synthetic Hair

No synthetic hair available at this time.


Wool Roving

Wool Roving - Several Colors
12" Piece

Wool fibers for needle felting and doll hair.

Approximately 1/3 ounce package.

Select Color Below:
$3.40 per Package - Qty:

Wool Roving Natural
Wool Roving - Walnut
Wool Roving - Beige
Wool Roving - Seal Shell Stripe
Sea Shell
Wool Roving - Fall Harvest
Fall Harvest
Wool Roving Furry Friends
Furry Friends

Wool Roving - Mixture Packs


Pick a solid color for your hair or add dimension and interest to your hairdos with the wonderful variegated wools!

$5.95 per 1 ounce package

Select Color Below:

Straight Wool - Chestnut
Pink Blend
Pink Blend
Straight Wool - White
Coral Blend
Coral Blend



Create a variety of hair styles with this wonderful textured yarn. Also perfect for beautiful, flowing animal manes & tails as well as Santa beards.

No Longer Available.

Martha Stewart Glitter Eyelash Yarn

No longer made. Sold Out.

A fabulous fiber for creating amazing wigs for your dolls!

See "Making Doll Wigs with Eyelash Yarn"  video below colors!

Tricks of the Trade: Making Doll Wigs with Eyelash Yarn
(Click HERE for handout described in video)

Hairpin Lace Loom
Adjust the rods from 1" - 4" to make looped hair.

$5.50 - Qty: 

Hairpin Lace Loom
Hairpin Lace Loom
Loom being used with
Martha Stewart Glitter Eyelash Yarn.

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