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Featured Designers Below! - Popular and Active!

During the Lock Down many of our most popular patterns went Out of Stock. We are restocking as fast as possible!

See Below For Back in Stock Patterns!

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Back in Stock... Popular Bears, Gnomes, Santas,
Bunnies, Raggedys and More Patterns!
Bears, Gnomes, Santas, Bunnies, Raggedys and More Cloth Doll Patterns by Maureen Mills
Maureen Mills
of Sweet Meadows Farm
Click HERE!

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The Ladies are Back!
Year of the Witch and The Diva Dollmaking CDs
"Year of the Witch" and "The Divas" CDs Back in Stock!
by Stephanie Novatski
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All DVDs Now In Stock!
Cloth Doll Making DVDs by Mimi
by Gloria Winer
of Mimi Dolls
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Back in Stock!
Ginny Lettorale
Patterns by
Ginny Lettorale
Happy Heart Patterns
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Back in Stock!
Cloth Doll Mermaids - DVD
Cloth Doll Mermaids
DVD by Patti Medaris Culea

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Designs by Melinda Small Paterson

Designs by Melinda Small Paterson
Favorites Back in Stock!

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Featured Designers Below! - Popular and Active!

To locate a cloth doll designer or specific cloth doll pattern, browse the thumbnails on this page or use the Search Tool  below.

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Slightly Weathered
Ladies and More
Jill Maas - Click HERE!
Endless Creativity From New Zealand!
~ Jill Maas ~
Click HERE!

Dragon Patterns and More!
Dragon Pattern, Fabric Sculpture - Cloth Doll Pattern 12 inches high, 28 inches long from head to tail.
~ Melinda Small Paterson ~
Click HERE!

Judi's Dolls
Judi's Dolls - Click HERE!  Sewing Doll Patterns

Babies, Antique Reproductions, Ladies, Guys and More!
~ Judi Ward ~
Click HERE!
Sweet Meadows Farm
Maureen Mills - Click HERE!
Traditional, Primitive, Country, Bunnies,
Pumpkins, Snowmen, and More!

~ Maureen Mills ~
Click HERE!
Arley Doll DesignsArley Berryhill - Click HERE!
Original Cloth Art Dolls.
Doll and Costume Patterns!
~ Arley Berryhill ~
Click HERE!
Frowning Francis
Susan Barmore  - Click HERE!

Cloth & Mixed Media Artist - Steampunk, Mermaids, Animals, Fairies, and More!
~ Susan Barmore ~
Click HERE!
Kezi's Original DesignsOriginal Cloth Doll Sewing Pattern by Kezi Matthews
One of America's top cloth doll artist and designer. A Must See!
~ Kezi Matthews ~
Click HERE!
All About Eve
Sheryl D’Ath - Cloth Doll Artist and Designer - Sewing Patterns

Beautifully designed and constructed
doll bodies, male and female.

~ Sheryl D'Ath ~
Click HERE!
Cloth Dolls With Attitude!
Sharon Mitchell - Click HERE!
Unique patterns and tutorials (needle sculpting, hands, etc) from New Zealand!
~ Sharon Mitchell ~
Click HERE!
Doll Artist
Leslie Molen O’Leary  - Click HERE!
Projects, Patterns, Booklet and CDs,
~ Leslie O’Leary ~
(Leslie Molen)
Click HERE!
Virginia Robertson Designs
Virginia Robertson  - Click HERE! - Cloth Doll Books and Patterns!

Over 35 years of sewing and design experience. Features books and patterns!
~ Virginia Robertson ~
Click HERE!

Barbara Schoenoff - Click HERE!
A varity of well-designed and detailed
cloth art doll patterns.

~ Barbara Schoenoff ~
Click HERE!

Cloth Doll Designs from AustraliaSuzette Rugolo - Click HERE!
Featuring designs inspired by characters from
history, fairytales and books. 

~ Suzette Rugolo ~
Click HERE!

Cloth and Mixed-Media
Art Dolls

Cindee Moyer  - Click HERE!

Simply Beautiful Designs!
~ Cindee Moyer ~
Click HERE!
Prairie Crocus Studio
Laurie Wagner  - Click HERE!

Mannequin doll designs with true natural proportions from a 24" to 3" miniatures. 
~ Laurie Wagner ~
Click HERE!

Raggedy Pants Folk Art Designs
Michelle Allen - Click HERE!

Raggedies, FolkArt Whimsical Dolls, Snowmen, Critters and More!
~ Michelle Allen ~
Click HERE!

Happy Heart Patterns
Ginny Lettorale  - Click HERE!

Creations to make you smile and
lighten your heart!

~ Ginny Lettorale ~
Click HERE!
Novas Blossoms Fiber Arts
Stephanie Novatski  - Click HERE!
Beautiful Original Designs!
~ Stephanie Novatski ~
Click HERE!
Magic Threads
Julie McCullough - Click HERE!

The Magic Collection!
Julie's all time favorites

~ Julie McCullough ~
Click HERE!
Blue Heron Dolls
Deanna Hogan - Click HERE!

Cloth Dolls Patterns and
Face Pressmolds.
~ Deanna Hogan ~
Click HERE!

Preemie Doll Pattern
Preemie Doll and Clothing Sewing Patterns
Includes instructions for making 13
through 40 week gestation baby dolls.

~ Sandy Eding ~
Click HERE!

Doll Artist and TeacherPatti Culea - Click HERE!
Cloth Doll Making (Sewing) Patterns,
Books and DVDs

~ Patti Medaris Culea ~
Click HERE!
Barbara Willis Designs
Barbara Willis - Click HERE!

Original cloth doll creations
by a World Leading Doll Artist!

~ Barbara Willis ~
Click HERE!
Mimi's Pattern
Gloria J.

Cloth Doll Making CDs, DVDs
and Patterns.
Very Detailed!
~ Gloria J. "Mimi" Winer ~
Click HERE!
Creative Cloth Art Doll
Laura Lunsford Original Cloth Doll Designs.  Steampunk and more!

Pirates, mermaids, steampunk, fairies and more unique designs!
~ Laura Lunsford ~

Click HERE!
The Dragon Charmer
Jennifer Carson  - Click HERE!
Dragons, Trolls and More
Unique Cloth Doll Designs

~ Jennifer Carson ~
Click HERE!
Platypusnow Designs
Colette Wolff Cloth Doll Designer

Dolls, Animals, Quilted and
Decorative Designs.
~ Colette Wolff ~
Click HERE!
Stone Cold DesignsThe Stump Sisters by Judi Wellnitz… Cloth Doll Pattern
Cloth doll patterns from the
North Pole, Alaska.

Judi Wellnitz

Click HERE!
Inner Child Creations 
Sherry Goshon - Click HERE!

Cloth doll patterns, iron faces and face pressmolds.
~ Sherry Goshon ~
Click HERE!
Red Hen Designs
Cloth Doll Designer Raewyn Parker

Easy to follow step by step instructions and figures to bring designs to life!
~ Raewyn Parker ~
Click HERE!
Paula's Doll House
Paula McGee Cloth Doll Designs

Soft Sculpture Fantasy Doll Artist
~ Paula McGee ~
Click HERE!

Reet's Rags to StitchesReet's Rags to Stitches - Rita Carl
Wool applique, quilts, whimsical wall hangings, dolls, ornaments and more.
~ Rita Carl ~
Click HERE!
Appleberry, Keeper of the Apples!
Shashi Nayagam

Unique Designs!

~ Shashi Nayagam ~
Click HERE!

Fiber Artist & Designer
Rebecca McGovern - Click HERE!
Featuring Cloth Doll & Quilt Applique Wall Hanging Patterns!
~ Rebecca McGovern ~
Click HERE!

Lilly – A Fantasy Rabbit
Teresa Pietras  - Click HERE!

Beautiful designs also include
woodland fairy busts

~ Teresa Pietras ~
Click HERE!
Doll Stuff "n" Nonsense 
Lynne Butcher - Click HERE!
Fun Designs from Australia
~ Lynne Butcher ~
Click HERE!
Linda Misa Designs
Linda Misa - Click HERE!
Fairies, mermaids, ladies and elves!
~ Linda Misa ~
Click HERE!
Arlene's Original Designs
Cloth Doll Designer Arlene Cano

Flower and Garden Fairies,
"I Love You" Dolls and more!

~ Arlene Cano ~
Click HERE!
Crystal, Mermaid of the Lake
Caroline Erbsland - Click HERE!

Detailed Patterns of Unique Designs.
Also an Apple Doll Design!

~ Caroline Erbsland ~
Click HERE!

Creative StitchesBillie Heisler - Click HERE!
Doll, Pincushion, and
Tatted Quilt Patterns

~ Billie Heisler ~
Click HERE!

Designs From Santiago, ChileCloth Doll Designer Jorge Fernandez - Spanish and English Doll Making Sewing Patterns
Genie Pattern and Face-Sculpting
Tutorial in Spanish and English.
~ Jorge Fernandez ~
Click HERE!
Jan Horrox  - Click HERE!
Fun and Unique
Doll Designs!

~ Jan Horrox ~
Click HERE!
Nancy Hall - Click HERE!
Steampunk, Flower and
Other Colorful Designs!

~ Nancy Hall ~

Click HERE!
Art Dolls by norma
Cloth Doll Designer Norma Inkster of Art Dolls by norma

~ Norma Inkster ~
Click HERE!
Dolls for All Seasons”
Dolls for All Seasons

~ Mary Ann Kaahanui
and Bonnie B. Lewis ~

Click here!
Mary Ann Kaahanui - Click HERE!

~ Mary Ann Kaahanui ~ 
Click HERE!
Karen Shifton- Click HERE!
~ Karen Shifton ~
Click HERE!
Janet Clark - Click HERE!
~ Janet Clark ~
Click HERE!
Michelle Munzone - Click HERE!

~ Michelle Munzone ~
Click HERE!
Stephen A. Rausch - Cloth Doll Designs -  Millinery
Thoroughly Modern Millinery
~ Stephen A. Rausch ~
Click HERE!
Judith Prior - Click HERE!
~ Judith Prior ~
Click HERE!

"Designs by Kat"
Kat Lees - Click HERE!
Cloth Doll Tutorials, Workshops,
Classes and Patterns

~ Kat Lees ~
Click HERE!

Patti LaValley - Click HERE!
Original Cloth Doll Designs
~ Patti LaValley ~
Click HERE!

Phyllis Scaringe - Click HERE!
Cloth Art Doll Patterns
~ Phyllis Scaringe ~
Click HERE!

Christine Shively  - Click HERE!

~ Christine Shively ~
Click HERE!
Cynthia Sieving - Click HERE!
~ Cynthia Sieving ~
Click HERE!
Edwina's Dolls
Edwina Sutherland - Click HERE!

~ Edwina Sutherland ~
Click HERE!
Azalea Hollow
Cloth Doll Making Sewing Patterns by Mark Middendorf Azalea Hollow

~ Mark Middendorf ~
Click HERE!
Jody Miller - Click HERE!
~ Jody Miller ~
Click HERE!
Judy Skeel - Click HERE!
~ Judy Skeel ~
Click HERE!
Abra Creations
Shelley Hawkey - Click HERE!

~ Shelley Hawkey ~
Click HERE!
Cold Fire CreationsCOLD FIRE CREATIONS - Click HERE!
~ Dorice Larkin and
Kareena Bouse ~

Click HERE!
Fran's Doll Land
Fran Parrigan Meehan  - Click HERE!

- Fran Parrigan Meehan -
Click HERE!
Hot Flash
Hot Flash - Free Sewing Doll Cloth Pattern by Pamela Hastings

- Pamela Hastings -
Click HERE!
Kim McDermott  - Click HERE!
~ Kim McDermott ~
Click HERE!
Barb and Doug - Click HERE!
~ Barb and Doug
Keeling ~

Click HERE!
Jean Bernard  - Click HERE!
~ Jean Bernard ~
Click HERE!
Stuffed Magic 
Meo Feroy - Click HERE!

~ Meo Feroy ~
Click HERE!
My Sister Kate Cloth Confections
Kate Erbach - Click HERE!
- Kate Erbach -
Click HERE!

To locate a cloth doll designer or specific cloth doll pattern, browse the thumbnails on this page or use the Search Tool  below.

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Retiring Patterns - Going Out Of Stock
Limited numbers available.

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