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Carnaby Cat

© Kate Erbach 2006

Pattern/Directions Below.
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Materials Needed:

  • 1/2 yd. cotton fabric for body
  • fat quarter for dress
  • small scrap for collar
  • 20 in. 1/8" ribbon
  • small scrap of white or off white felt
  • 2 - 6mm black beads
  • black perle cotton
  • horsehair for whiskers (can substitute very thin wire)
  • acrylic paint in two colors
  • gesso
  • additional colors of paint if painting on the dress
  • stuffing and stuffing tools
  • thread to match fabrics
  • sewing tools
Carnby Cat
Basic Instructions:

General: Pattern pieces are templates except for the dress pattern. Trace template pieces onto freezer paper, cut out and iron onto wrong side of doubled fabric. Dress pattern is cut first with the dotted line on the fold for the front then cut for back using the dotted line as the cut line. Repeat for lining.

Body: Sew around pattern piece leaving neck and bottom open. Set aside.

Legs: Sew all around pattern piece for each leg leaving open at top of leg. Cut out leaving a small seam allowance, making sure to clip into the corners on the heel of the foot. Turn RSO and stuff firmly to within 1 inch of opening. Baste opening closed. Mark on the leg where you want the shoe to be. Paint the shoe area with gesso and allow to dry. Paint the heel and front sole area of the shoe with a contrasting color from main shoe color, allow to dry. Paint the rest of the shoe with the color chosen for the shoe, allow to dry.

Turn bottom of body under 1/4" and insert legs into opening. Pin and sew across close to edge of fold of body. Stuff body firmly through neck opening.

Arms: Stitch around pattern piece for each arm, leaving open where indicated. Cut out leaving a small seam allowance. Turn RSO. Place a safety pin at the top of the arm to close off the tab. Stuff arm firmly, do not stuff tab. Ladder stitch openings closed.

Place tab on top of shoulder of body and pin in place. Overcast stitch arms to body around tabs.

Head: Stitch all around the head template. Cut out with a small seam allowance. On the back side only, make a slash in the lower head. Turn RSO through the slash. Stuff head firmly. Thread an embroidery needle with perle cotton and satin stitch the nose, and backstitch the mouth and under nose line. Cut out eye pieces from white felt and glue at top of head between ears. Thread a needle with strong thread and entering from inside the slash and coming out at the center of one eye, thread on a black bead, go back into head and out at center of other eye and repeat the process. Tug on the thread a bit to indent the beads and exit out the back, securing the thread near the slash. Insert the neck into the slash opening and ladder stitch the head to the neck. Thread the horsehair onto the needle and enter into the face on one side of the mouth just below the nose and exit equal distance on the other side. Cut the horsehair, rethread the needle and repeat this process two more times. You may want to add a tiny bit of glue to the entrance and exit points of the horsehair to secure. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Dress:Cut 2 on fold for front dress/lining. Cut 4 for back dress/lining. Stitch dress pieces and lining pieces together at shoulders. Sew back dress and lining to point indicated on pattern. Lay dress and lining RST and sew armholes. Starting at back seam sew up and around neck and back down other side of back, backtacking at base of dress opening to secure. Clip curves. Turn RSO. Place side seams RST on each side and sew side seams. Make a small hem at bottom of dress and machine sew or handstitch trim to bottom. Place dress on Carnaby and handstitch back neck opening closed.

Collar: The collar is a template. Trace to freezer paper and iron to wrong side of doubled collar fabric. Sew around leaving a small opening where shown on pattern. Turn RSO and press. Slip stitch opening closed. Handstitch 1/8" ribbon to each side of the collar and place on Carnaby and tie in a bow around her neck.

© Kate Erbach 2006

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