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Dollmaker's Gift


So many people have enjoyed Bonnie's colorful jacket and asked her for the instructions that we decided to share them with you here. The sky's truly the limit for embellishing this fun and oh-so-easy to make project. We'll be looking forward to seeing your pictures and putting them in our Dollmaker's Showcase.

Materials Needed:

  • 2 1/2 yards outer fabric - denim, sportswear fabrics
  • 2 yards lining fabric
  • 1 yard decorative fabric with motifs of choice
  • 1 yard Stitch Witchery
  •  matching threads
  • white marking pencil - if using colored fabrics
  • glue stick
  • newspaper - optional
WST = wrong sides together
RST = right sides together

This pattern was designed to be extra large and extra long. To make smaller sizes, cut a back and fronts out of newspaper, tape or pin together and take an inch or two off the entire length of the sides as necessary. Keep in mind that the edges of the fabric will be cut into a deep (1½") fringe later. If you would like the jacket to be shorter, take the desired amount off the bottom edges.



  1.  Use the chart to draw out one jacket back and two fronts with the white pencil on the RIGHT side of the outer fabric. Cut the three pieces apart that you have three separate rectangles to work with.
  2.  Fuse the Stitch Witchery to the wrong side of the applique fabric. Cut out the desired motifs and position them on the right side of the fronts and back of the outer fabric. Peel the paper backing off the Stitch Witchery and fuse the appliques in place. If you have a problem removing the paper, scratch an X in the paper and pull off.

   3.  Satin stitch around each applique and embellish to your heart's content with buttons, beads, bows, laces, charms, bias strips, decorative embroidery - whatever makes you happy! Appliques can also be stuffed or padded.

   4.  When the embellishment is done, lay each piece WST on top of the lining fabric and cut out on the drawn lines. Use a glue stick lightly around the edges to hold the outer fabric to the lining.

   5.  Sew shoulder seams WST 1/2" from raw edges.

   6.  From the remaining outer fabric cut six 3"x 45" (or width of fabric) strips. Fold the strips in half lengthwise WST,  matching raw edges and press.

   7.  Beginning at a front side edge (1), lay a folded strip on top so that the raw edges of the strip, match the raw edges of the jacket. Stitch the strip to the jacket about 1/8" away from the fold. Add in another strip as necessary by placing the beginning of the 2nd strip next to the end of the 1st. There is no need to sew the strips together or overlap them.

   8.  Continue adding strips on the opposite side edge (2), the bottom back (3), inside front (4), then bottom fronts (5&6).

   9.  Underarm inserts: Cut 4 rectangles of outer fabric 5"x7". Using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew 2 rectangles together RST,  leaving an opening on a 7" side. Turn right side out. On the inside of the jacket, position the rectangle at the underarm  and top stitch the long edges to the lines of stitching created from adding the strips. Repeat for 2nd side.

  10.  Pockets: Draw out heart shape for pockets on right side of outer fabric - or whatever shape you want. Apply appliques  to pockets. Place outer and lining fabrics WST and cut out pocket shapes and stitch all the way around 1/2" from raw edges. Create fringe by cutting raw edges every 1/2" to stitching line all the way around. Top stitch pockets to jacket leaving an opening at the top wide enough for your hand.

  11.   Go around the entire jacket cutting the raw edges to the stitching every 1/2" including the shoulder seams. Each time you wash the jacket the edges will fray and curl up a little more to add to the funky factor!

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