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Goddess of LOVE
by Sherry Goshon
© 2007

Goddess of LOVE

Happy Valentines Day 

Since Valentines Day is my all time favorite holiday I thought I should make a pattern for a gift for all of those who "love" and support me.

Supply List:

*Fat Quarter of fabric

*1 square of felt (I used wool felt washed in hot water)

*Skin color paint

*Any embellishments you desire

*Freezer paper

*Paint brush

*Watercolor pencils (for face)

*4" - ½" dowel

*Wood base with ½" hole drilled (this is for her stand)

*Paint for base


Paint dowel and wood base.let dry.glue dowel into base hole


Pattern available in PDF format (Click HERE) or Web Graphic (Click HERE).


Iron freezer paper onto wrong side of doubled fabric.stitch all around.leave open at bottom and where stated to stuff.remove freezer paper.clip curves and turn.stuff top 3/4 of body then insert the dowel into bottom hole and glue.then stuff remaining body.stitch stuffing hole closed.


Iron freezer paper onto wrong side of doubled fabric.stitch all the way around leaving open at top to turn and stuff.remove freezer paper.cut out and clip curves.stuff and stitch to shoulders of body.make two arms.


Iron freezer paper onto double felt and stitch around.make two.make a slit in the back side of the heart about 1" works.and turn hearts.stitch slit shut.

Finishing doll:

Paint face of doll with skin colored paint let dry.paint hands skin colored paint.

Hearts are the little vest of for doll.stitch top part of heart to make a shoulder.slip over head.then stitch to doll to keep in embellish away.

Happy Valentines Day..with LOVE Sherry

Goddess of LOVE - Free Cloth Doll Pattern by Sherry Goshon

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