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Cloth Doll Patterns and Designs by
Melinda Small Paterson

      Melinda feels her role as an artist is to transfer the images found in literature and myth into tangible characters we can hold in our hands. She has been producing dolls in cloth, polymer and porcelain for thirty years and has taught doll workshops for over ten years.

One of her must popular designs is her Cloth Dragon!

Dragon Pattern by Melinda Small Paterson

All Patterns On this Page are Printed and Mailed to You.

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Dragon Pattern, Fabric Sculpture - Cloth Doll Pattern 12 inches high, 28 inches long from head to tail.
Dragon Pattern, Fabric Sculpture
12 inches high, 28 inches long from head to tail. 

The Dragon is a fabric sculpture that represents Melinda's dedication to dragon folklore and the finest in fiber arts and dollmaking artistry.

This Cloth Dragon project is unique among cloth sculpture patterns because it has detailed instructions and hand drawn illustrations to show the way through a Dragon Pattern, Fabric Sculpture logical series of parts to be made one at a time and then assembled into a finished figure.

The finished dragon is 12 inches high, 28 inches long from head to tail with bead eyes, fiber mane and sand-filled tail using the old pioneer trick of button joints to allow the wings and legs to be posed.

The pattern contains clear instructions and generous illustrations. All you need are intermediate skills and a basic sewing machine.

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Baba Yaga and Vasalisa, Dyad Doll Cloth Doll Pattern
Baba Yaga and Vasalisa, Dyad Doll
19 inches topsy-turvy style artist doll.

A magnificent 19" topsy-turvy doll with both characters from the Vasalisa Folk Tale: Baba Yaga the wild woman and Vasalisa the maiden

Baba Yaga and Vasalisa, Dyad DollThis project features face masks created with a trapunto quilting method. Melinda's purpose was to design a cloth face without a seam down the middle of the forehead and nose and instead all the seams are in places where wrinkles naturally occur in the face. The details are sewn by machine first on flat fabrics and stuffing in varying densities between fabric layers brings the mask into a 3 dimensional face. Creating the mask eliminates exact needle sculpting through the entire head.

Baba Yaga and Vasalisa, Dyad Doll Sewing Pattern The pattern for this award winning doll includes detailed instructions for the doll faces, the body and arms, the costumes and hats, and the torch and broom. Also included is the 26-page story book containing the Vasalisa folk tale and an exploration of the symbolism and the meaning of intuition. The story is printed for you to cut and fold into a book, 3 inches by 5.5 inches.

Anyone with intermediate sewing skills can finish their own well made doll. In addition there is information about ethnic and folk costuming.

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$12.00 - Qty: 

 Vasalisa Cloth Doll Pattern  in 7” and 5.5” sizes
Vasalisa, Intuition-In-Your-Pocket Doll Pattern
A 7 inch and/or 5.5 inch cloth doll.

Inspired by the Russian folk tale of Vasalisa the Wise who carries her intuition doll in her pocket on her heroic adventures in the forest to earn the "fire" she needs from wild Baba Yaga (Pattern Below)!

This is an original pattern designed by Melinda Small Paterson with complete instructions to make Vasalisa in 7 inch and 5.5 inch sizes, her "skull" torch, the story book and a pocket to carry them in.

This is a great project for mothers and daughters to do together. The Intuition Doll also makes a great gift for anyone celebrating a "coming of age" event or transition. During life's trials the doll can be a constant reminder to trust your own intuition.

$12.00 - Qty: 

Miniature Topsy-Turvy Folk Doll Kit - 2" Tall
Miniature Topsy-Turvy Folk Doll Kit - 2" Tall
Kit includes actual size illustrations complete instructions, fabrics for heads, arms, dresses, aprons, scarf, bandanna, hem lace, bunka thread for hair, and beads for heads.

This is a miniature dolls and is only 2 inches tall.

Rag dolls were made from scraps, no two are alike, none are perfect, and all are lopsided and flawed, so this can be a relaxing and enjoyable project. As you work, think small and in a few hours the doll will be done!

$6.00 - Qty: 

Miniature Topsy-Turvy Folk Doll Kit - 2" Tall
The Americana Rag Doll Kit
Miniature dolls - 1.25" tall.

Kit includes materials and instruction to complete 3 miniature dolls. Styles include Native American, African American, and Raggedy Ann.

These are miniature dolls and is only 1.25 inches tall.

Each kit includes all the fabrics you need for the dolls, twill tape for arms and legs, and floss for hair. Instructions include actual sized drawings.

Each hand stitched doll can be completed in about an hour. You will need scissors, needle, thread, tacky glue, and acrylic paint & brush to complete this project.

$6.00 - Qty: 

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