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Pin Doll
by Jevne Eilts

Material list.

  • 3"-3 1/2" silk flower (or several)
  • Low temp hot glue gun & glue
  • Scrap of fine yarn for hair (I used Lil' Loopies by One & Only Creations, available from and sometimes at Michaels)
  • Pin back (craft stores)
  • Acrylic paint blue, white, black, clear varnish
  • Micron pens fine point brown and black
  • Red or pink colored pencil for lips
  • Terra cotta colored pencil for shading
  • 2" x 4" flesh colored muslin
  • Powdered blush for cheeks
  • Heavy thread
  • Small amount of polyfil stuffing
  • Air eraseable pen (quilt shops)
  • Small piece of freezer paper
  • Krylon fixative spray (craft shops)
  • Small round paintbrush

Place freezer paper, shiny side down, over head pattern and trace. Cut out, leaving a margin of at least 1/4" all around. Fold muslin in half and with a dry iron on wool setting press the pattern (shiny side down) to the fabric. Set your sewing machine to very short stitch (20 per inch) and sew around the head exactly on the traced line. Leave open at top where indicated. Carefully tear off the freezer paper on the outside of your stitches, then carefully remove the pattern piece from the muslin and you'll be able to use it again. (And again!) Press. Trim seams to 1/8" and turn right side out. Cut across top even with stitches. By hand, with heavy thread, sew a running stitch around the top opening about 1/8" from edge. Do not fasten off.

Place a flat layer of polyfil in the front of the head. Holding your head face side down, continue stuffing on top of the first layer. This will assure that your face is smooth and any lumps will be on the back side. Stuff the head very firmly, pull up the running stitch tightly and fasten thread, don't cut. Poke the raw edges down into the head through the center of the gathers (I use manicure scissors or a nut pick) and hold with a couple stitches over the top of the hole.

With your eraseable pen, draw the features onto the face. Trace lightly with very sharp terra cotta pencil. Wait for the purple lines to disappear or spritz lightly with water and dry with a hair dryer. Mix two drops of white paint with a drop of textile medium and mix well. With small round brush paint the entire eye area. When paint is dry, paint in the iris with blue paint. Add white paint to blue and paint a light highlight in a half moon shape at bottom left of each eye. When iris is dry, paint pupil with black. Dry. Carefully paint only the pupil with a small amount of clear varnish and let dry (it has a tendency to bleed, so don't brush onto the iris). When the varnish has totally dried, spray with Krylon fixative. Trace around the iris and along the top lash line with black Micron pen. With brown pen, draw in the crease at the top of the eyelid, the eyebrows, nose, and lips. Shade with terra cotta pencil around eyes, sides of nose. Using pencil, color in lips. Blush her cheeks with a cotton swab and powdered blush. Spray with Krylon. Paint another coat of clear varnish over eyes. When dry, add the pupil highlight using the eye end of a needle dipped in white paint.

Wrap the yarn around your fingers 10 or 12 times. Tie at center with piece of yarn. Glue to head where front hairline would be. Arrange around the face. If there is a round plastic piece in the center of the flower, pull it out. With hot glue, glue the face in the center of the flower. Remove the flower from the stem. With a craft knife, trim the plastic on the back of the flower to create a flat surface. Attach pin back with hot glue.

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