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Swinging On A Star
A Five-Inch Pin Doll

©2005 by Hull by Hand


Scraps of pink broadcloth, sequined fabric, silver metallic fabric, and sequined chiffon; stuffing; acrylic paints or fineline permanent markers.


Trace the star pattern onto doubled silver fabric and cut out, leaving a 1/4-inch seam allowance outside the traced line. Stitch sections together, leaving open between x's. Turn right side out and stuff; stitch opening closed.

Trace head, body, both legs and an arm from doubled pink cotton fabric. Stitch pieces together on traced line. Cut a slit in the back of each piece where it won't show, for turning and stuffing. Cut blouse from sequined fabric and glue or sew onto upper part of body. Stitch or glue straight leg onto placement line on the body, on the left side (or underneath the body). Glue bent leg on top of the body. Place the arm on the left shoulder of the body with the hand "hanging on" to the top of the star, and attach doll to star.

Paint facial features with permanent fineline markers or acrylic paints. Glue a little bit of hair onto the head. Paint shoes. Gather a small strip of chiffon and stitch it onto the body for a ballerina skirt. Add beads or glitter as you wish. Sew a hanging loop at the top of the star or glue a pin back onto the back of the star to wear as a pin doll.

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