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What's She Thinking?

Last summer I made a doll for IOLCC's Dimensions in Doll Making exhibit called "Savoring the Moment". My goal was to achieve an expression on the doll's face as if she was having a delicious thought. It's up to the viewer to determine what might be tickling her fancy. One secret about the doll has to be revealed and that is that in my haste to get her sent off to the exhibit she doesn't have on any underwear. 

I received a delightful variety of responses. Even Paul Phalen's (our webmaster) children offered their ideas. Carey (8) and Henry (6) decided she is:
Laughing inside in a "I told you so" way at one of her kids who has just had something happen to them that she knew would happen but they insisted (ie "I can do it") that it would not happen.

Here is a slightly edited collection of thoughts and opinions on the matter. The ideas are often surprising, imaginative, a little bit naughty and above all humorous. One respondent, Barb Thomas of Australia was moved to write an incredible little story about the character that I will share with you in its entirety.

· With a wicked sense of humor she's obviously thinking about what her mother would say if she knew that she had gone out without any nickers on...imagining the look of shock on her mother's face if she discovered this fact in the middle of the shopping center. 

· She is savoring the fact that she has no underwear and is thoroughly enjoying the cool breezes. Plus, she is thinking that what a delicious surprise it will be for her DH when she cuddles up to him while they are out to dinner, with the long tablecloth present to hide their surreptitious play.

· Just been propositioned by a man 15 years younger and is having "Mrs. Robinson" thoughts

· Has greeted a classmate at the door and knows she looks much better

· Is watching her child discipline a grandchild

· Has caught husband in the act and can now get her divorce

· Look of pride attending a child's graduation or marriage

· Looking in crib at new grandchild 

· Someone just told her a naughty joke 

· A teacher of early grade school who has just presented her young students with a bit of a challenge and is stepping back to savor the "OH, I get it moment" not only with this group of children, but many others before them. 

· She is smiling so serenely because she found out she is pregnant after trying with husband Dick for 11 years. They have adopted; 2 cats, 1 springer spaniel and 2 pair of love birds but that just hasn't fulfilled the
maternal instinct...she is ecstatic! (After all these years, Dick, would just like to forget it all except the trying!)

· Looks like she's dressed up for an important company function--maybe she's the head of a department, but has caught her male CEO in a compromising position with a young woman from the secretarial pool. She's thinking "Now I have the dirt on this guy!" 

· Old age and treachery shall overcome youth and skill! (tongue in cheek)

· She just was selected for the job over all other candidates. 

· I'm going to be a Gramma! 

· A mother looking at a sleeping baby

· A mother watching her children playing with their Father. 

· Son or daughter has just made a major mistake with THEIR child. She knows the child will come running to her, and eventually so will the parents for advice. 

· There sits an irresistible mound of a chocolate cake in front of her, and there is no one around to see her snitch a piece for herself! 

· She looks like a woman who tells the hubby that there is something wrong with the car and it runs perfectly for him and he just can't hear that little noise she keeps telling him the car is making, and then one day he goes out to use the car and it doesn't work for him and makes that funny little noise for him too, sort of like the cat that swallowed the canary.

· She just had a breast reduction or she had an implant. 

· Some nice looking gentleman complimented her.

Hi Mary Ann.... I love your doll "Savouring the moment"... I notice she is a mature, respectable, working woman, having held down her front desk job at a Dr's Surgery ever since the children left the nest. Her loving husband never forgets to see that she receives a lovely piece of gold jewelry each birthday or wedding anniversary....and she wears it well. Of course... he is not privy to the reason she has that self satisfied, knowing smile on her face.....and it is probably wise that he never finds
out !

She has noticed the sweet young "Muse" that is residing just a few scrolls below her, (in the Dollmaker's Journey Showcase) and recalls vividly the night, as a sweet young thing herself, she was attending a social event of some importance..... she has ALWAYS mixed with the "right " crowd....and even tho' she had been warned by her loving and caring Mama to .."watch out for the "Demon Drink".... young ladies can be taken advantage of by hormonal charged young males of the species, my dear" ..... she found herself in just the same position as this luscious sweet thing "Muse" is in now.... after not taking heed of her Mama's good advice and had just a too few too many of those delicious, tongue tingling mint  Juleps.....mmmmmmmmm....she can taste it now......!

Little did she realize just how wonderful it would be to be driven home by the most eligible man in the room, to be taken back to her room, and in her heady state of euphoria, laid upon her own pretty bed, have her jacket and shoes slowly and gently removed........aaahh...the feel of the satin sheets and pillow case on her sensuous soft skin..... the smell of his after shave cologne lingering in the air around her face..the feel of his tender kiss.....the touch of his firm,strong hand....
the cozy feeling as the feather quilt was pulled up and tucked ever so gently under her chin.....and then the relaxing sensation of her head slowly spinning in ever decreasing circles as she drifted off to sleep, ......sweet,sweet contented sleep......until she awoke in the morning with the same smile of contentment on her pretty face, and his cologne still lingering in the air around her......her hand still feeling his strong, firm one in hers.......her skin tingling with the feel of his kiss..... But where was he... this Prince Charming...???.... this Knight in Shining Armour...??

OH YES !! OH JOY ... YES !!!

She had been right in her female intuitional assumption of this most eligible man in the room.... her little ploy had worked..!
How was he to know that she really had taken heed of Mama's sensible advice.... and had poured most of the Mint Julep's into a nearby potted plant..(hoping that it would not suffer for it ) and was really only pretending to be a little out of control, and knew she had been successful with it when he offered to take her home.
She knew, too, that she would be safe in those firm, strong hands of his....
She knew that he would take her home and be the gentleman that she knew he was....
She knew that he would love her as she loved him.....
She knew they would marry and he would always treat her with that same gentle manner .....
She knew she would always love working with him....her husband the Doctor !

And she has always been most thankful of her dear Mama's advice......of
which she has just this very night passed onto her own sweet daughter......
"MUSE".... as she was off to a social event of some importance....!!

Barb Thomas

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