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Cloth Doll Patterns by
Judi Wellnitz
Whimpey Dragon, Giraffe & Horse Cloth Sewing Doll Animal Pattern

New Designer @ Dollmaker's Journey!

Free Pattern for Card Holder (pictured above)
at Bottom of this Page!

Judi has been making dolls since 2001 up in North Pole, Alaska.  She has been featured in books and magazines and has taught classes in doll making. She loves sharing her knowledge with new and seasoned doll makers.   If you buy one of her patterns please keep in mind that she is just a mouse click away if you need help.

All Patterns On this Page are Printed and Mailed to You.

If you like PDF Download Cloth Doll Patterns you will find all Judi's patterns in our Etsy Shop for easy download. For Downloads from our Etys Shop go HERE!

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Ruby of the Sea 10" Mermaid Cloth Doll Sewing Pattern
Ruby of the Sea
10" Mermaid Cloth Doll Pattern
by Judi Wellnitz

Ruby of the Sea is a mermaid business card holder. She is 10" long from head to tail.

She is easy to make a great project for a beginner doll maker.

Instructions include face sculpting, face coloring, how to use fancy fibers (yarn) for hair, and how to make the illusion of costuming. The pattern also includes a flat face option.

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$6.50 - Qty: 

Severed Hand Pincushion Pattern Sewing Pattern
Severed Hand Pincushion Pattern
by Judi Wellnitz

There are 19 step by step photos in this pattern. You'll make the hand, dye it bloody with Jacquard dye-na-flow fabric paint, make the glove, and do the fingernails. If you make it with felt it can be a pincushion; make it with cotton and it can be a creepy Halloween decoration. And yes it is life size! Fun, fun, fun!!!

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$6.00 - Qty: 

The Stump Sisters…  Ingrid & Emmaline - Cloth Doll Pattern by by Judi Wellnitz
The Stump Sisters…
Ingrid & Emmaline
by Judi Wellnitz

Instructions are included for both 14" dolls and their accessories. There are 3 pages of color photos that teach how to draw and color Ingrid's face. In depth instructions on how to sew, turn, and wire fingers are included. This pattern has been tested by beginner, intermediate and advanced doll makers and they all loved it!

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$8.00 - Qty: 

Zippered Box Pouch Tutorial Sewing Patterns
Zippered Box Pouch Tutorial
Fully lined, no unfinished seams.
by Judi Wellnitz

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make these fabulous zippered pouches. What makes this bag tutorial different? The bag is completely lined, there are no unfinished seams on the inside. This gives it a beautiful finished appearance. The bag has tabs on each end to help with opening and closing the zipper and it has a handle to carry it with.

This large bag when finished will be 10.5" x 9" x 4". You can stuff a lot in these bags! Included are instructions on how to make other sizes too.

These make great for gifts and can be easily made in about 2 hours by all levels of doll making skills.

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$5.00 - Qty: 

Magnetic Chart Holder Pattern Fabric Sewing Pattern
Magnetic Chart Holder Pattern
by Judi Wellnitz

This is a fabulous project that can highlight a great piece of fiber art on the cover. It has a pocket on one side to hold your pattern and a flat side that contains a piece of sheet metal to hold your chart. Craft magnets are strong enough to hold two pieces of paper even through the fabric.

The holder can lay flat in your lap or stand open in two different positions. It measures 9/12" x 6" closed and weighs about 8 ounces. Nice and light and portable!

Tested by experienced and novice sewers ... easy to understand instructions ... you can make this!

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$8.00 - Qty: 

Headdress eBook (PDF file Only)  - Cloth Doll Hats and More
Headdress eBook (PDF file Only)
by Judi Wellnitz

If you don't want to mess with doll hair, make a headdresses instead!

This was originally an online class converted into an eBook.

This eBook includes 6 different headdresses, with variations for a couple of them. The eBook contains about 26 pages with lots and lots of photos. 

This is NOT a printed pattern. It will be emailed to you as a PDF (e-file). If you would like to download it instantly please go to our Etsy Shop - Click HERE!

E-Mailed - PDF eBook - $5.00 - Qty: 


Free Pattern!

A Fabric Business Card Holder - Free Pattern!
Judi Wellnitz presents
A Fabric Business Card Holder

Make a portable business card holder that reflects you! Easy, quick and fun!

Click HERE to Download Pattern (PDF)

Free Pattern!

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