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We wish to congratulate everyone who entered our Annie La Bouche Challenge and thank those of you who took the time to vote.

And the Winners Are...


  • 1st Place - Maiden U’Essay by Andrea Luliak (#23)

  • 2nd Place – Porphura by Leota Webb (#8)

  • 3rd Place – This was a tie!
    Annie Mae by Kathy Jackson (#3)

    Annie LeFleur by Jeanne Hughes (#34)

Vintage – Designer’s Choice
Dorthy Fay by Nancy Goodrich (#10)

Colorful – Designer’s Choice
Maggie Mae by Deb Jensen (#28)

All dolls below are made from the FREE pattern ANNIE LA BOUCHE by KATE ERBACH (Pattern Still Available - Click HERE).

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Entry #1
"Celebrating Annie"
by Linda Rosan

Annie is all dressed up at a party celebrating with a glass of bubbly.


Entry #2
"Liberty Ann"
by Rose

I made her with Americana fat quarters so she is very patriotic. I used vintage buttons for her joints, vintage muslin for her pantaloons and a wonderful eyelash yarn for her hair.

Entry #3
"Annie Mae"
by Kathy Jackson

Popular - 3rd Place Tie!

This is Annie Mae from the great corn state of Indiana. She is all dressed and ready for the harvest festival season. She is with her best friend “Cacklin Joe” and a basket of goodies for him (to keep him out of the festival’s food displays). She has on her new jumper Mama just made for her, and her favorite petticoat to add fullness to her skirt. (Of course she still has to wear hand-me-down bloomers from her older sister. Darned old things!) From her pumpkin colored hair, to her Indian-corn toes, Annie Mae is ready for her favorite fall season!

Entry #4
"Vellma Vintagé"
by Madge Powis

The body is made using an old “homespun blanket that was in bad shape, so it was cut apart and the fabric was used to make bodies for several dolls. For the most part everything about her is vintage. The fabric for her dress is from the 30's. Her hat is an old crocheted flower rose. Her petticoat is back lace stripped together and her shoes are old ribbon pieced together. Her buttons are all vintage and even her bottle of cognate is over 40 years old and yes it is still full. At least, I hope Vellma will leave it that way. What makes this a fun doll for me is that I don't drink alcohol, but I couldn't resist Vellma wanting to be born. I am a new dollmaker, and this is my first challenge.

Entry #5
"Tex-cana Tessie (Tessie is the name on the pin)"
by Patricia Pae

The doll’s hair is a bright red and she has cowgirl boots on and a feather in her hat. Her pins are antique and her pinafore is made up of Children's cowboy handkerchiefs that came from the handkerchiefs factory where my grandmother worked.

Entry #6
"Apple Annie"
by Mardelle Johnson

I found out about the challenge late and decided to see what I could do with the pattern in two days' time. To save time, I used fabrics and supplies that I had on hand. I still think the doll turned out pretty well. I didn't have the gel pens, etc. to make the face according to the pattern, so I embroidered the features.

Entry #7
by Barbara J. Mowery

Entry #8
"Porphura (por-foo-rah)"
by Leota Webb

Popular - 2rd Place

Porphura is the Greek word for "purple." She developed into a doll who loves purple, as you can see in the pictures. I started with her striped stockings, and then I had to use purple, orchid, yellow, and teal to complete her. She loves her purple earrings, her orchid necklace, her purple ultra-suede shoes, and her straw hat decorated with lilacs and little yellow flowers. Her apron is made from an old cut-work napkin which I found recently in my aunt's cedar chest after she died.

Entry #9
"Annie LaBouche on Pointe"
by Judy Klem

This little dancer, my entry for the Annie LaBouche Challenge, was really fun to

Entry #10
"Dorthy Fay"
by Nancy Goodrich

Vintage – Designer’s Choice

You asked for the doll to be made of vintage goods and other than the stuffing she is all vintage. Her face body and hands are made from a pink linen napkin. Arms and legs are from a Missouri hanky, her slip and petticoat a slip, and her dress and collar an apron. Her shoes were cut from a pair of yellow leather fashion gloves and her hair a chiffon neck scarf. She is trimmed and has flowers made of tatting from another hanky. She was wonderful to make. Dorthy Fay was my Mother-in-law and all the things used in this doll belonged to her. She passed away 7 years ago at 80.

Entry #11
"Annie LaBouche Gets Ready for Halloween"
by Betsy Orlando

Entry #12
"Annie LaBouche Gets Ready for the Fourth of July"
by Betsy Orlando

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There are 3 Pages of Pictures. Make sure you view them all!

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