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Entry #25
"Farmgirl Annie"
by Brenda Nicholson

This is “Farmgirl Annie”. I was reading MaryJane’s Ideabook-Cookbook-
Lifebook, for the farmgirl in all of us while I was planning this doll, so Annie became a farmgirl to me. In one photo she is holding a bouquet of lemon thyme that “she” harvested. In the other, I tried to show the apron detail a little better. Her button heart says “Bee Happy”. She is wearing work boots instead of her leather slippers, as this is more appropriate for spending time in the dirt. This challenge has been a lot of fun! I don’t usually make raggedy dolls.

Entry #26
"Playful Annie"
by Rebecca Rulo

She is made of modern fabrics. I used bright and cheery colors. I made 2 dolls
and they have become hide and seek dolls. I hide one and my daughter takes the other one to find her friend, then we switch taking turns at She does have pantaloons.

Entry #27
"Party Annie"
by Christine Leonard

Party Annie is all dressed up in her best party dress. Her hair is made of curling

Entry #28
" Maggie Mae"
(I know it should be Annie but she insists her name is Maggie Mae!)
by Deb Jensen

Colorful – Designer’s Choice

Her apron is made from a tea towel I picked up in Chicago 's Chinatown years ago!

Entry #29
"Annie in the Garden"
by Rebecca Rulo

I used the oldest scrap of fabric in my stash for the trim, pockets, and vest of dress.

Entry #30
"Annie LaBouche"
by Phyllis Groves
Entry #31
"Annie Le Pooch"
by Jeanne Hughes
Entry #32
"Sunshine Annie"
by Jeanne Hughes
Entry #33
"Babysitter Annie"
by Jeanne Hughes

Entry #34
"Annie Le Fleur"
by Jeanne Hughes

Popular - 3rd Place Tie!

Entry #35
"Sunshine Annie"
by Laurie Taylor

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There are 3 Pages of Pictures. Make sure you view them all!

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