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Here's how you can make a truly realistic looking wristwatch for
any doll, no matter what the size or composition:

Mini Wristwatch

Supplies needed:
. A picture of a watch face(s) cut out from a magazine or
catalog in a size appropriate for your doll
. Index card or scrap of cardstock
. Glue stick
. scissors
. 3D Crystal Lacquer (available on our website at
/supplies.html )
. scrap of gold or silver metallic poster board

Note: It is a good idea to do several watch faces at a time.

1. Roughly cut out around photo(s) of watch face.
2. Glue to index card or cardstock.
3. Coat selected watch faces with 3D Crystal Lacquer. Let dry
and apply several more coats to create a watch crystal.
4. Put metallic poster board scrap underneath watch face,
wrong side of paper together and cut out selected face and
backing together.
5. Create a watchband with narrow trim, ribbon, strip of leather
or ultrasuede, beading - -whatever you desire.
6. Sandwich the center of the strap between the watch face and
the poster board backing.
7. Glue some tiny trim or braid around the watch face with
appropriate glue.

You can see this wristwatch on Mary Ann's doll "Savoring the
Moment" in our Showcase.

  Mock Silver Tray

FREE PROJECT! Nun Doll Accessories

Bonnie Lewis played Sister Sophia in The Sound of Music.
She decided to make 7 nun dolls to present to the Director, Assistant
Director, Producer, Mother Abbess, and several of the nuns. Click
on the link below to see how she created the accessories for each
doll. /newsletter/nunaccessories.html


As many of you know, we are working on another book--Creating Artful
Accessories for Amazing Dolls" or maybe "Creating Amazing Accessories
for Artful Dolls"--we can't get away from that alliteration thing!
Anyway, we'd like to start sharing various projects with you. We'd
certainly love any feedback you'd care to offer. As always, if you
try any of our projects and send us pictures, we'll be happy to
display them and brag about you in the Showcase. Just click on the
link below.



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